Reviews for Lion's Pride
shadamywolfs330 chapter 50 . 10/7
AWSOME! omg! so amazing! so emotional I have t say I cried a little at some parts like when Loke told Lucy that she had to give up Luke ovbesly tears of sadness but, when Loke got on one knee... .GOSH! I totally went fangirl!(and MAYBE JUST A LITTLE cried tears of joy for Lucy and totally fangirled over it(yep fangirled I just typed that) ANYWAYS, overall it was really good and I loved it even though at CH. 41 I quit for a bit to read some others(and some others of yours as well) but finally, today, I finished all 9 chapters I hadn't read, so now if off and going to look for my next long-term story, until I come to read some more of your stories, bye.
ANG3LBL00M chapter 9 . 9/30
So Kefira isn't Loke's sister, daughter, aunt, or mother. So... She must be his cousin!
Iyendi chapter 50 . 8/31
This story was amazing! My respect for you is immense. I was thoroughly enthralled through every chapter. I'm sure extensive research went into this story, because it really shows. All the astrology and mythology was fascinating, and if you hadn't made note of the myths you made up, I wouldn't have been able to differentiate them from the real ones. I loved how every conflict was woven together and intricately resolved. The whole thing is like a massive puzzle, everything falling into it's intended place.
All in all, I had a great time reading this.
Crazy-Cat-Lady402 chapter 50 . 8/15
I really loved you story it was so amazing
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 50 . 8/10
im glad that your family is doing better.
well, luke married his childhood friend, asuka and are taking in mage orphans. gray married juvia, shes gone. natsu married lisanna. lucy died after a long married life. she had a little girl whose name was stella. stella was a human historian, she had the key to virgo so she could go many places that were inaccessible to most people. loke and luke gave their keys to wendy knowing that when wendy found lucys essence reborn in a new baby she would inform them and give their keys to her mom. loke and luke, her two lions found themselves in a hospital room with the mom and dad of triplets. one looked like gray, one natsu and the little girl... well... excellent read. most enjoyable. hope you have luck with your book, in publishing it.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 49 . 8/10
well, a beautiful wedding with bride, groom, son, fathers of the bride, etc... when the wedding was over, and the happy couple were gone... well, it turned out to be a PARTY. with typical chaos; fights, dancing and in general having a very good time. the wedded couple went off in argo, a celestial spirit ship that can sail any where, including on land. you have your own style. must read last chapter.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 48 . 8/10
i love happy endings. even though it started with a class s mission; lucy was given the easiest demon to handle and according to murphys law, she wasnt. she called for almost all her celestial spirits and had to call leo the lion, last. the family that lucy wanted was complete; luke was of age to decide what he wanted to be... a celestial spirit, loke is the lion, and lucy the celestial spirit mage who manages to keep them all together. the happy end of the chapter is when loke asks lucy to marry him. of course, she says yes. there are more chapters in this story. i will read this tale until it is done. you have a fascination for me. the chapters meld, they make sense, at times you want to laugh, at times- cry. it works. must read.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 47 . 8/10
poor lucy, to know that you wont get to hold your son for a very long time is a horrible thing to have to do. maybe, the wish that regulus gave lucy will come true. she might be able to hold her son sooner than she thought. lucy wanted luke to grow up faster. this is a sad chapter in at the end of it, the family that lucy wished for is gone, blown away by the fact her son will die by december if not sent to the spirit world where he can heal. loke has to take him there. lucy cant see him for an undisclosed time. erg, i would say that makes it a sad chapter. you are holding it together though, hope your family is better. must read.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 46 . 8/10
well, well, well, loke finally turned into what he was all along... a awesome lion in all the trimmings, another words he got hot, (steam) now he is ready for anything. an amazing transformation that comes when his ring melds with regulus. your writing is excellent, it gives me goose bumps to realize it is fiction. an unusual way of finishing the chapter. leaves me wondering, whats next? okay in order to find out, must read more.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 45 . 8/10
a strange twist of fate, zeref helps his dad and half-brother with a spell that nullifies all demons. he leaves the rest to loke, his dad. wow, what a fight. first natsu versus loke, then kefira versus gray, then... got the picture. kefira is bad news all around. she wants the regulus key to be able to rule all of the nations, not a nice lady at all. i am so intrigued by your skillful weaving of one character over another, its just great. thank you for writing something so awesome. who will win? will lucy be able to keep luke safely on earth? will she be again reunited with loke? why am i asking you, you know the answers. grumble, must read more.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 44 . 8/10
does it matter? both are friends of each other, both care about lucy and luke, both dont want magnolia destroyed, both dont want kefira to win. you blend the prose together so well that it is amazing. lucy wants her son to grow up happy and healthy, cant do that if not in spirit world. tough decision. who will win, lion or dragon? ill find out soon.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 43 . 8/10
lol, im sorry for that mini outburst, happy is so melodramatic... im glad you are a bit better, hoping your dad, little sis and husband are doing a bit better. as well as your ulcer? ouch! dont do that it hurts.
i see that lucy and loke are talking to each other while magnolia is being besieged in the background. lucy is having a real rough time trying to decide if it would be better to give loke the regulus key rather than have magnolias battle tear up the city. at least loke got to see his son once more. i personally would slap him so hard***** no cursing on line. you have your story blending quite nicely. i like the fact that natsu shows up and is ready to go to fighting mode with loke any time. i like his style. sorry about what is happening to your family, tell them a reader of yours wishes all of them good luck.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 42 . 8/10
ouch! im concerned for you lass, sorry to hear so much is happening in your life. sounds stupid but hang in there. (daughter tells me that)
i enjoy the way that you have estranged son meet up with father. zeref in a graveyard; appropriate some may say; sad others (like me) would say. it explains so much about why zeref was such a dark mage, poor fella. no matter what he did he destroyed everything. he explained what happened to his mother, caught by kefira and tortured until she died. very hurtful to him. she thought that loke was probably captured and kept somewhere. how horrible for a little fella like zeref. i like how you surprise me by making problems so real that i think maybe i can help; a far off fantasy but still. hope all goes well with your family. must read more.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 41 . 8/10
hum, loke and piscis austrinus talking about the good old days, they are both centuries old if not millennia. i like how this blends into your storyline. very impressive, enjoy how you explain how the three royal star keys that wanted ascendance, and the other one that didnt. it was quite moving. enjoyed how you got me so involved in your tale. must go now. read more later.
wiseOldOwl2 chapter 40 . 8/10
well, at least gray admitted his feelings for lucy were more than just friendship. sorry to hear about your complications, hope youre better. soap opera, sort of, my eyes tear up when i hear about the troubles of anyone. lucy may never see loke again. her son, luke is a very sick little boy and needs to go back to the spirit world to gain back his health, or hell be dead by december. you have caught the essence of what is happening around lucy. what is she going to do? what is loke going to do now that hes with kefira? will i find out how luke is doing? will lucy have to give her son to one of her spirits to get better? must read more.
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