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whatnosheep chapter 36 . 4/12/2014
This story is epic! Its really awesome! Love the way its seen from the boys perspectives. Really wish there was a sequel!
Frakking Toasters chapter 36 . 12/28/2013
I can't tell you how awesome this story is. I've lost a LOT of sleep reading this pretty fast lol! I really couldn't put it down, and as you are WELL aware, it's way long! So congrats. This must have taken a huge effort and it really is appreciated. I'm really looking forward to the sequel if you've gotten that far yet. I haven't checked. But either way, STILL awesome! xo
Frakking Toasters chapter 16 . 12/27/2013
I really wanted to kick Dean's arse in this chapter. What a hypocrite with his secrets and lies about Sam's own life. Talk about double standards. I love that he cares about his brother so much, but sometimes it's in a really unhealthy way. Poor Sam getting a smack in the face for no good reason when Dean's secret is way worse and actually IS Sam's business.

BTW...this story is most compelling lol! xo
claudi chapter 36 . 9/29/2012
Dear Elizabeth,
your story is amazing - exciting, long and in her much Sammy and Dean - super! Lisa not surprise me - the same as in the SNP! I'm glad that Sam put together with Sara - even SNP I really liked, but unfortunately, I'm sorry you had to kill her - honestly - better Lisa. The poor Sammy is it too - a little more luck. And what about Cas? The ending was not close enough - the sequel? And that is the story? If you can send me a link to a-meil:
Sorry for the mistakes, but I can not English - unfortunately ;(
THANKS :))))))
C chapter 36 . 7/20/2012
OMG Great ending to the story can't wait for the sequel soooo excited ;)
Guest chapter 29 . 6/30/2012
I am thoroughly enjoying this story you should definitely write a sequel;)
dulcinea54 chapter 36 . 6/21/2012
This is a wonderful story! I want to thank you for this great job!
YellowReader chapter 1 . 6/20/2012
I really liked this story! Loved the Abdiel character, I thought you did an excellent job of fitting him into the story line. Bravo!
SPN Mum chapter 36 . 6/19/2012
Awww, I just knew that Sarah wasn't going to make it. As sorry as I am to see her go, I am so happy that Faith and Aaron are okay. I couldn't have stood it, if they died too. I just knew that Sam's family would be targeted by that demon, cause it just seemed too coincidental that the demon was attacking families of four people. Dean was living alone, with just S.J. coming over, so I knew those two would be safe. I don't think Cas is around at the moment, ever since Michael said Cas would be the one to hurt Sam and Dean, I just knew something bad would happen. :( I hope that Sam either moves closer to Dean, or that he goes to Bobby. He really shouldn't be alone. His kids need to be near family too. I hope they will all get through this loss.

Thanks so much for dedicating this chapter to me! I am so honored! :D I look forward to whatever you write next, and I shall keep my eyes open (and alerts on) for anything new. Take care!
SPN Mum chapter 35 . 6/18/2012
Well, I have felt that Cas was walking a thin line, with Michael, all this time, but now it has been proven. Michael really needs a visit from his Father! He is just as bad as Lucifer ever was! Poor Sam doesn't realize just how much Michael has it in for him. It appears that Michael wants to torture Sam indefinately. God picked a really bad time to go on walkabout. The least he could have done was to bring Gabriel back, or at least made Cas as powerful as Raphael and Michael. I have a feeling things just went from bad to worse! O.o
SPN Mum chapter 34 . 5/31/2012
I'm so glad that Abdiel is finally free! He has to hide from Michael, but I hope he can check in with Sam now and then. I know that Sam has really grown fond of the angel, and misses him being around. I think the move will end up being good for Sam and his family, even if it takes some time to get used to their new home. It sounds like a nice house. Being close to Dean will mostly be a plus I think. lol Dean could really use having Sam nearby too.

It will be interesting to see where you leave this story, before starting your next one. I have enjoyed this AU, and I look forward to anything else you write about the boys. :)
SPN Mum chapter 33 . 4/5/2012
Poor Cas! I really wish he could be elevated to super-archangel status, so that he could take care of both Michael and Raphael. Bringing Lucifer back is not the answer. He will only mess with Sam for revenge, since Sam has always been his downfall. There has to be another way! I really would like to see Sam and Dean truly happy, with Cas happy in heaven too. Guess that's too much to wish for. Oh well...
dulcinea54 chapter 32 . 3/12/2012
I sooooo love this story. You do a realy great job! Thanks!
SPN Mum chapter 32 . 3/10/2012
Wow...Michael really needs to be stopped! He has done the unthinkable now, by removing Belial's grace. What is he going to do with it? God really needs to make an appearance, or at least give Cas and Abdiel some extra power, so that they can beat Michael and Raphael. Heaven is a mess these days, and there isn't anything that can be done about it, it seems. Sam was almost killed (again) and Dean was too far away to even help. Good thing Bobby made it there! I think Sam and his family should either move near Bobby, or move near Dean. Too many bad things out there that want Sam dead. O.o
SPN Mum chapter 31 . 2/5/2012
I can't believe Belial killed Astoreth! What will Cas and Abdiel do now? There isn't anyone left to help Sam and Dean. They are on their own, except for Bobby of course! I don't like the direction this is going. Obviously Belial wants to separate the boys, because he knows they are stronger when together. Sam seems to be smarter than Dean, cause he already figured out that it wasn't Dean. I can't believe Dean believes Sam would say those things, or believe those things. Sam left plenty of messages too. Stupid Dean!

Thanks for the update. I hope all is well with you! :D
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