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Overthehorizon chapter 27 . 16h
Hello! I'm new to his site and I created an account just to write reviews on stories that I really enjoy. I simply love your story, it's amazing! The descriptive writing and the dialogue is absolutely brilliant. Please, oh please continue with this story as much as you can. I adore the fluff between Killua and Fern. I hope you get a lot more reviews, you really deserve them. Have a food day!
CupcakeCupidity chapter 27 . 6/30
Ahhhh I'm so glad this is back thaaaaank you Cookie Krisp! \0/ I've been reading the story since it came out, and I'm so happy you decided to continue it. Funny, every time the HxH series goes on hiatus (which is all too often THANKS TOGASHI) my interest in the fandom dies down a bit, but thank you for bringing back my interest with your fanfiction full force and more! I really do enjoy reading your story though, and I love seeing Fern's relationship with Killua. A lot of stories have Killua and the OC all over each other now, but it's refreshing to see them work out who they are and what they want before feelings completely take over. And as for their relationship, I would say on a scale from friends to in love, they're almost 20%, because they are just starting to acknowledge the feelings, but still have many doubts and the only time a manifestation of those feelings every show is if its a complete slip up or they are trying to stir a reaction from the other person. Ooor Gon interferes! Speaking of Gon, I also always thought Gon would look better with a slight mischievous side, and I think you pull it off very well! I also really like how Fern isn't always with the boys, she's got her own life and friends to deal with, and I'd like to see how her own, separated past intertwines with the friends and relationships she has now. Haha, I guess I just reaaaaally like the story and how it's progressing, and I can't wait to read more! So... even if you do start getting bored of the story, I guess just a short, final chapter would be nice? It's always so sad to see a good story either fade away into forgotten nothing or just end on an author's note T_T But hey, you're the author so you control the destiny of these fine characters! All I can say is, keep up the awesome work and I can't wait to read more! :D
kana4eva chapter 27 . 6/29
This is sooooo good~
I ship Killua and Fern so hard! But I feel like their relationship is only, like, half way to becoming a couple since they are both so dense and stubborn.
I can't wait till they get together though!
xXIvoryElephantXx chapter 27 . 6/29
"You're predictable."
I loved that line : )
I LOVED the whole chapter!
Happy you're back to business!
Kendall07 chapter 27 . 6/28
OMG THANK YOU FOR FINALLY UPDATING! AND YES, I'VE MISSED YOU! Please update again soon, I'm really loving Fern and Killua's relationship progress, KAWAII! This chapter was hilarious though and the dark ending; nice twist! PLEASE UPDATE SOON. I LOVE THIS STORY! PLEASE, for me? c;
ChocolateOrRedBean chapter 27 . 6/26
You updated again! I am so friggin happy! I like how Fern's relationship is going with Killua I think its gonna a long way till they finally realised that they like each other? I'm not sure myself, actually. But I really like this story, always make me so happy every single time you time you update a chapter.

I hope I can read more chapters soon!
ThatOneHeffalumpInTheCorner chapter 27 . 6/26
I've only recently started watching HXH 2011 but I am freaking in love with story. You need to update more! I NEEEED MORRRRE. I think that Killua's and Fern have a bit to go becuase Fern is dense and sturbborn. Anyway I love this. Keep up the good work~
ChocoKiller chapter 27 . 6/26
Hahahahhahahah! Man am I loving the new update! w)/
Though I sorta had to reread through the previous chaps to understand what was happening and all. Since you know... The update was kinda ... Late? Ah, not that I mean anything bad. I do wish u updated more often. It would be a waste to let a freaking awesome fanfic be discontinued. (plus such good fanfics are quite hard to come by now TT) and I bloody love your OC, Fern. Like seriously. XD
So hopefully you'll update again soon. . .right?
SlightlyYandereMelissa chapter 21 . 6/26
I need more explanation!
Btw I'm happy that you're updating again
PhoenixRage92 chapter 27 . 6/26
Awww, this was cute!
Killuka chapter 4 . 6/26
The story's good, but why does Fern suddenly know Gon's name in Chapter 3 (technically 4)?
Tara146 chapter 27 . 6/25
Hello Cookie! Ever since I found this story~because I love reading Killua fics~I've been a devoted follower. I just love the attitude and humor of the story, especially your oc, Fern. Although, the only thing I don't like as much is the time it takes for you to update~I end up having to read the chapter from before to understand what's going on~but I do understand that you have a life outside of your story so I won't push. Anyways, I just wanted to drop a comment to remind you to update when you have time and tell you that I really enjoy your story! Keep up the good work!~Tara
Sirenightsparrow chapter 27 . 6/25
genius Fern a genius
Hmm their relationship is in a love hate stage :P
Lahee chapter 27 . 6/25
As usual Cookie-chan your chapters never fail to crack me up!
Fern is really something, I totally love her way of thinking,
"see, it's the nature of a good pickpocket, to want to steal people's most prized possessions away, who ever knew that homeless girls would love to homewreck so much." / "no it's called resourceful use of natural born assests." XD
I find her Nen ability very interesting and unique as well, heated cooking mittens! that's awesome, but who knew fern would be a conjuror, I kinda expected her to be a manipulator or a transmuter based on her personality. Though I guess she is very smart as well so it's natural for her to fall into that category.
Nevermind that, thanks for the update again. I totally enjoyed reading this chappy. Can't wait for the next ! _
BRodyslove chapter 27 . 6/25
Great Chapter! Poor Killua is so powerful but he can be really insecure sometimes, and I loved how you showed that in the last scene. You are a really good writer. Update soon pretty please!
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