Reviews for Demon's Tail
I'm not ofreakingkay chapter 29 . 8/1
I have come to realize that this story is mostly about the major physical abuse to Rin's tail. Almost every chapter I have read has something to do with his tail. It's quite amusing.
Guest chapter 48 . 7/21
"I promise you on my life I will come back" never comes back
AoNoExorcist chapter 7 . 7/22
I thought the "want me to light some candles" was a reference to the training he did with Shura
AoNoExorcist chapter 4 . 7/22
Why does it say under his shirt and around him? In episode nine of the anime after his fight with Mr Neuhaus shiemi comes up when he has his tail out and he hides it by shoving it in his pants.. maybe im wrong tho..
Spiderwebofandom chapter 19 . 7/15
Everytime I get into a new fandom, you're there already with fanfiction. How?
Above the Winter Moonlight chapter 61 . 7/17
This was a good story and I really do hope that you continue it. I really wanna see Rin's and Yukio's reunion at the very least. Good side story though.
Night Hawks chapter 61 . 7/12
Please update!
aster-bunny-bee chapter 44 . 7/12
pretty love this chapter much, thankyou for the story :)
aster-bunny-bee chapter 43 . 7/11
Ah, um, hello there?
I'm Aster, nice to meet you Fairytale Warrior-san. I'm your (silent) reader till recently, and planning still to be but... I can't hold myself up to greet you and say how much wonderful and adorable story you wrote this far :)
I love how you draw Rin's (and everyone's) personality in every chapter that make me loves them more
especially for the past two chapters when Rin started to think about his fate (that is about to die soon) but how adorable he was just thought about his little brother
I do realize and agree with your sentence that rin might die and how yukio didn't think it up much, or how rin himself didn't worry about it
it makes me feel a bit angry to yukio #sorrylittlebro
anyway, I'm very sorry that this is my first review to your wonderful story :(
do I have to repeat every chapter and give it a review? i'm looking forward to your opinion about it :D
so here I am, ready to read the next chapter :'D
sorry for the bad grammar, english is not my mother language so I'm kind of embarrassed after this :"D
Homicide.and.Suicide.777 chapter 3 . 6/29
I imagine it would be damn fun to play with a Royalty High-Class demon such as Rin! It would be so entertaining, and there would be so much to discover! Only the highest classes of demons can appear fully human either via shape-shifting or full possession. It's easy to forget what an upper-level demon he is. It would be such fun! (I know exactly how Animon feels. Ha!)
mylittleworldofclouds chapter 61 . 6/28
this story is so awesome but I do have to say I was really (like rEALLY) looking forward to reading about everyone finding out Rin is alive and now I am sorely disappointed I mean you could've at least tried to tie up some of the story
Ciel-Phantomhive13 chapter 61 . 6/24
Wow... I have been reading this story over the past three days and it's been great! At first it seemed like it was a series of one-shots (In my opinion it did) but then I hung in there and it wasn't! I'm glad I decided to keep reading, this book is great! I can tell it took forever to get the book where it is now and you've been working a
hard and late. I hope you've been getting more sleep recently and that you're able to updat soon but... It's okay if you can't! It seems like you're a pretty busy author!
Guest chapter 61 . 6/18
You could've at least finished the final arc of your story. Then said, "that's it." Or at least gotten to the point when everyone finds out rin lives. It's annoying when someone puts so much effort into something and doesn't finish it. You write well. A few mistakes here and there, but easily forgivable, but not finishing is a bigger sin.
crazydutchy chapter 61 . 6/12
noo don't let this be the end! don't get me wrong it's cute but i want to know what happen to Rin and the changes that the pure flames brought. there is probably no hope any more dor that since you haven't updated this story in a while. i just found it and read it in like 2 days! i really like how you explore Rin's demon side because i feel like they really underplay that in the manga. well i really hope you pick this up again or just continue writing ao no exorcist fan fics because you are amazing! !
Aquadragonchicke chapter 61 . 5/27
I really hope you update this story I really would love to see where you could take this. I've read it multiple times now and every time I have read it I have grown more and more curious about what you are going to do with it.
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