Reviews for The Reluctant Lord
Guest chapter 14 . 6/15
Your imagination of how the story should continue is terrible. Burning down the library? Destroying Hogwarts? Killing Eren? Turning Harry into a girl?! Wtf?!

I must say I am disappointed, I thought it was a smut fiction, but all I read was interesting magical theorie, forming of a coven, a ritual with no discribtion of the sex and that was it, end of the story. Actual lemoms/smut scenes would have been super.
Guest chapter 12 . 6/14
Hmm, the 'smut' scene was a total flop. He massages her, drinks a potion, alters her magic and faints, finish. If you hadn't written beforehand that they both would lose their virginity, I wouldn't have known that they had sex. No mentioning of penis, vagina, fucking, climax, orgasm, ... simply a ritual.

Damn, Harry destroyed his map? Damn.
Guest chapter 5 . 6/14
Wow... a little bit confusing at first, but good fiction, especially the 7 women coven part and Hermiones submissive side. But I am confused/sad that just 3 out of 10 of this group have a animagus form?! In nearly all other fics it states that everyone has a inner animal. And you tell me Harry has no chance to become Animagus? Disappointing and unrealistic.
knarf3 chapter 14 . 3/3
Madam Pince playing host to Voldemort? Wtf? If that is the case, why didn't she impede the study group's access to the library's books?

No, no, no, Erin is not allowed to be dead. She is a member of the coven damn it! I'll just pretend she is injured in the battle and nothing more.

Your proposed ending is stupid.
knarf3 chapter 13 . 3/3
Nooo! This story has been brilliant! I admit, the beginning of the story is a bit weird and the extremely dense explanations of the ways various components of magic work in your HP fanfic universe makes the story a tad difficult to follow at times, but overall, I'm a huge fan of this story and have enjoyed reading it immensely. I look forward to reading your other works with great eagerness.
knarf3 chapter 12 . 3/2
For Ch. 11:

It's awesome to see Harry finally revealing the group, under Lord Black's (in his capacity) protection, to the sheeple of Hogwarts. The imagined shock on Snape's face alone when he found out his vindictive point taking on Harry and his had no fucking effect whatsoever alone is worth the dramatic reveal.

Okay, I feel a bit sorry for Ginny now. She should really buck up, excel in her studies, get away from her accursed family, and make something out herself other than being known as the youngest of a family known to steal and worm their way into other people's lives. And self-mutilation isn't going to help.

For Ch. 12:

Oh shit, Daphne and Blaise should have remembered to bring Valour with them along as well.

Malfoy's and Parkinson's humiliating and painful deaths are most delicious; I have high hopes of you writing torturous death scenes for the other Death Eaters and Voldemort sympathisers.

Lavender is a stupid, weak-willed bitch.
knarf3 chapter 11 . 3/2
'"Muggleborn are spreading dangerous ideas, their views on combat and war have resulted in many, many deaths. Their influence on our society must be reigned in less they destroy us from the inside." He quoted absently. "Albus Dumbledore."' The fucking old goat is putting on the Reich isn't he.

"So you'd happily consign your children to being giftless? Little better than muggleborns in terms of magical power and ability?" What the hell? Modern purebloods don't really have much to brag about with respect to magical power and ability. Li must be really unobservant if she thinks the Weasel actually knows the cause behind Harry's 'strange' behaviours.

"Blaise's head rested against Harry's chest as he ran a comforting hand up and down her back." There, is that so hard to write? You implied that a coven bond means all the female members will be given the same amount of attention, but so far in this story, Hermione and Daphne have had the most amount of interactions with Harry. More Blaise, Erin, Padma, Susan, and Hannah time please!

"We need to find him before he makes up with her. A reaction like that can't be natural but we need to convince him it is..." Wow, give Harry a little bit of credit Su, the physical effects of a love potion is pretty easy to pick out.

Dumbledore and Snape need to die slow, painful deaths. They both actively shepard along potential sexual assaults and rapes and knowingly harbor terrorist recruits in a bloody educational facility.

"It's not Mr. Nott and Mrs. Greengrass is it?" I hope that was a slip of your tongue old man. Oh wait you sick fuck, you are into the idea of people getting raped.

"Wizardry is the application of energy through intent, will, and geometric foci." I couldn't have said it better myself!

Holy fuck, this chapter took my ~2.5 hours to read! God damn.
knarf3 chapter 10 . 3/2
"Sue de Nym" eh? Wonders never cease to exist.

Why would Harry accuse Dumbledore of molestation. As much as I despise the old coot, I'm sure he is not Michael Jackson in disguise.

Dumbledore's rambling and justifications are only truly sound to himself; to anyone else with half a brain, he is only slightly better than Riddle.

I think Harry got somewhat impulsive after the failed poisoning of Snape in the Great Hall. I don't think it's wise for Harry to let Snape know of his mental art prowess. But then again, the study group he is a member of will probably get exposed in one way or another soon enough.
knarf3 chapter 9 . 3/2
Nott is even more slimy than Malfoy. Bastards who scheme with some girl's father to force her into a marriage doesn't deserve forgiveness and second chances.

Daphne is pleased to find Harry a blank sexual canvas for her to work with, and the other six probably think so as well. They now have a boyfriend to sculpt into someone who will be able to sexually please them vigorously.

I hope the latter chapters will focus on the group's plotting and thus be able to spend more time on the girls who are not Hermione and Daphne. I don't like the thought of any of the coven being a background character.
knarf3 chapter 8 . 3/2
The background details on how the study group got to where it is today are still too scant for my taste, but it's your story, so...

I don't like the implications of Draco and his goons finding a wall relief resembling Hermione at the location of the RoR.

Great story so far.
knarf3 chapter 7 . 3/2
I think the group needs to rescue Tracey and Astoria (I have no idea where she is in your story) from the Snake Pit. The disgusting pureblood rapists and would-be-rapists entrenched in Slytherin is a disease that needs to be exterminated.

It seems Tracey and Parvati will be the first ones to figure out the study group and Harry's lordship (not the super ancient category) outside of those in the know already.

For a smart man who has never put too much stock in the usefulness and validity of prophecies, Dumbledore is sure hell bent on taking this prophecy as gospel. I don't see why someone else who is sufficiently powerful and smart cannot destroy the horcruxes and finish off Voldemort with a sniper rifle or something else unexpected.
knarf3 chapter 6 . 3/2
I think Mr. Patil will have the honour of becoming the first Indian Death Eater. Treating your daughters little chattel and his oh-so progressive views on women are right up in backward purebloods' alley.

"I did say I only took after my mother in looks." Ouch Daphne, I'm sure your mother was no bimbo.

Dumbledore has fallen so low, making excuses for Fudge's quite criminal actions in the death of Crouch Jr.

Your take on how magic works in this story is truly quite fascinating.

With Harry being so intelligent and quite powerful, why the hell is he still stuck at the bloody Dursleys every summer?

"The younger Weasleys' and Molly's presents were currently in the bin in the back garden." Good choice Harry.

That Molly bint still has the audacity to be pissed about not being able to steal money from the Potter vaults? The goblin had better be right about her dying within a year.

Why would Harry and Hermione even pretend to be Ron's friends? They should have cast a strong compulsing spell on him and told him to off himself, thus making the world a less imbecilic place to live.

What was that with Sirius reinstating Cissy into the Black family? I thought he casted her out? Granted, I don't think she has gone off the deep end, so I wouldn't mind seeing her protected by Harry.
knarf3 chapter 5 . 3/2
Riddle has his seven horcruxes, Harry has his beautiful coven.

Erin is the rune genius of the group then.

Dumbledore has indeed gone off to the deep end. Only in his and Riddle's insane world vision are there only binary factions.

You should do at least several more flashbacks showing how close Harry and the seven girls have gotten over the past five years. Your intention of not doing any more flashbacks expect for Luna and Erin joining the study group would make the coven's formation a little bit unbelievable.
knarf3 chapter 4 . 3/1
"Would you stop poking your wand into my barrier?" Lol, I cannot believe I missed the innuendo the first time I read it.

Aww Daphne, don't glare at your not-boyfriend for something he had no control over.

I don't quite understand why the goblin thinks Molly will be dead within a year, but I am guessing putting severe constraints on the Weasleys' financial transactions until scheming scums like Molly and Ron are dead will give Arthur some incentive to off those two useless redheads.

I say that Daphne's speciality includes political maneuvering as well.

I very much like the amount of world-building you have put into this story.
knarf3 chapter 3 . 3/1
Aha! So the female members of this study group do have rather pleasant designs for their male member.

"A black haired, Asian girl." Somehow, I find Blaise Zabini being Asian very difficult to believe. I'm just going to assume you were confused and meant to say "Italian/Mediterranean girl"

I'm so glad this Harry wasn't stupid enough to be manipulated by the redhead parasite into becoming his first friend. Of all the quality picks out there, canon!Harry chose to pick that disgusting vermon as his best mate? Every time I think about it, I hate JKR's choice a bit more.

"Yeah, well, with the exemption we've got I figured I'd practice my defence teacher's assignment before we went back to Hogwarts." Probably Harry then, and I'm guessing he is the alchemist as well.

From what I have gathered so far, for six members of the study group, I can either say outright or make an educated guess on their areas of specialty:

- Daphne: mental arts(?),
- Susan: transfiguration
- Harry: potions, alchemy, and defense,
- Hermione: runes;
- Blaise: charms, and
- Hannah: arithmancy(?).
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