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Superdani4Ever chapter 13 . 9/30/2011
I'm here!So sorry for taking this long.

Jax had gotten married three days earlier and her mom was putting more care and attention into this party than she had in the wedding-I knew Gemma would do somethign liek that

"We're not on the same page right now. In fact, if I'm left alone with him and cutlery we may have a dead Irishman on our hands."-oh no

his bitch ?

This was why you didn't date civilians-HEY!I didn't liek that comment

I'm not sure Gemma will like me bringing a plus one-pleeeeeeeeeeease don't

"We'll be there!"-WTF

...he got his mistress pregnant-again WTF?

"are you serious?"-gotta love Tig

I'm going to be a fashion designer-ok,are you serious?

I'm sorry...Juan!


now you're about to lose everything-let's hope for the best

I can't just believe he's so devoid of honor-sure cause getting his mistress pregnant is so honorable!
Guest chapter 13 . 9/26/2011
Ahhhh 'The Second Coming'! I love this! And it's chapter 13, which feels so eery. Ooh.

The whole premise of this fic is brilliant. Juice and Milla are still themselves, but this time their love is different. I can feel the pain of their unrequited love coming off of the page and wrapping it into a neat package with the Yeats poetry is just so fantastic. It's like Kurt Sutter quality:)

Gemma is so Gemma here with the knife idea and the planning of Little Clay's party. And I totally believe she didn't give a shit about Jax and Wendy's wedding. Her 'mom senses' are on overload when she sees her baby in pain and I was almost expecting her to pull some crazy stunt here. But I like that you took it back to Gemma of old (remember when Gemma was just flavoring in the SOA stew and everytime she popped in a scene it was like this huge "ooohhh nooo" as opposed to now where it's like 'not this bitch again'?) and made her just be like a consiglere.

Donna was so spot on here. My girl was all spine, not some insecure bitch. She supported Milla the way she supported her man. Everyone needs a friend/woman like that. I miss her so.

Oh Keegan. Stupid, stupid Keegan. Don't you know if you kill a man you've got to do it right? As for Koz beating him up, is it wrong that I'm turned on? Oh the things I would do to that man. Anyway..

The Real IRA convo was direct, to the point, just enough. So few people can write 'business scenes' but you pulled it off. Love seeing the little cracks in their army too. Father Ashby really is a snake in the grass. Jimmy has a hightened sense of self preservation.

Juice and Milla have really hit a new low. Poor Milla -having to choose between the club and her child is just a horrible position to be in. But she's cut from that Gemma cloth so of course she picks her kid. Oh Juice if you only knew...

Loved all the little gems as well-Cherish, O'Flaherty's hatred towards Jimmy, the last line about her Morrow blood. She is such a child of her parents and I love that you've taken the time to show all of us that.

Wonderful! Bravo! And there's even a follow up chapter for me to read. Sweet!
Dutch'76 chapter 13 . 9/22/2011
I have to apologize. I cheated, I read the end. I am like that, I prefer to watch movies too that I already have seen, just because I know what happens and I can relax. So I read the end and I was all upset. It took me another day to put it all back into perspective to read the whole chapter. This is so not how things should have gone! In the day that it took me to wrap my head around it, I just have to say …it couldn’t have been a better ending for this story. It was all about showing us how things could have been if Milla would have been allowed to go study in Belfast and instead of falling so hard for Juice. So you really did that in this story and it was great to read, the fact that I was muddled up from reading the end is only a compliment on how you wrapped me up in this story, hoping and wishing for things that weren’t in the cards … if things were different. So thank you for the story, you did a great job! Oh… I looked at the pictures on the website! Nearly forgot to mention that, it was really worth having a look and seeing how you picture the characters. Keegan, smiling juice and Milla. I have to say putting a picture to Milla makes me like her more. I don’t know but in one of the other stories I sometimes just … can’t connect to her, now having a face to her, makes it easier. I haven’t figured it out yet for myself, because I loved reading this one and some of the others and I do like Milla, strange… but I will figure it out and I loved the pictures.

Now let’s pretend that I was a good girl. The first bit of the story really built my hopes up, Milla openly admitting to Gemma that there were troubles in her relationship, Juice so lovingly handling little Clay and being annoyed with Cherish.

My heart was breaking for Milla when she confided inn donna about Keegan and his mistress and the baby. I was so hoping that she would have stayed in Charming with little Clay and that would be the end of it. The irony at that dinner table, where it is so clear that both Milla and Juice are tied into a relationship that they don’t want to be in. Where it is so clear that they should be together. I like Milla, she is so controlled and stands her ground. The way she handled Cherish and the glances between her and Juice just made me proud of her and love her more.

There I am … getting more determined about Milla and Juice, then Keegan pulls his stunt on Juice, trying to cause an accident and I am more and more convinced how wrong everything is. More hope filled me when Jimmy said he wanted to trade the girl back. The beating, Tig and Koz and the others gave Keegan, Juice’s words to him in the end. So confident … and so was I … if I hadn’t read the end already … Arrrgh! Milla in Juices room, talking to him, asking the questions she knew the answers to in her heart. I could nearly feel Juice’s heart break and Milla’s along with it. I always said that Milla had such a strong sense of loyalty and family. Little Clarence is her family, the top priority that she is responsible for. She had to protect her baby and this seemed to be the only way ….

Again, great story! Thank you very much!
darkfairy03 chapter 12 . 9/19/2011
Please update I am dying for the rest of this story here and I what to know if the mick is going to be dumb enough to try and take out juice or not and millia wi do if she found out and the club mainly happy and koz
Dutch'76 chapter 12 . 9/11/2011
Milla is so strong how she tells Keegan to pack his own shit and walks off to the car. She has learned to stand by her man, it is the right thing and the thing to do. I do believe that that loyalty is showing serious cracks, but damn Juice how can you mess it up! I comfort myself telling myself that if they eventually do end up together, it really is based on true love from heart, body and soul. Juice is stepping up his game, being an officer, but it has to be Bobby to comfort Milla when she returns home. It must have hit her harder since she was actually looking forward to seeing Juice. Where Juice was getting a feet in the door last time, it seems that Keegan has scored a point here, due to Juice putting one in his own goal! I like the rivalry between the two, the way Keegan is giving Juice a salute while Bobby is comforting Milla. Both guys push and (less) pull on Milla’s feelings, no wonder she is so sad now. Juice did shut him up though, nice one!

I like Gemma, you are showing her motherly nature as she would be in the club. I’d say, put your boot up both asses Gem! Just for the sake of it!
Superdani4Ever chapter 12 . 9/5/2011
i am so sorry for my delay!But IM here now

he'd been made an Officer in the Club-YAY!

The only thing he was missing was an Old Lady at his side-ok,so,that's not helping my situstion at the moment :(

"You're a big boy, you can pack your own shit."-OF COURSE!

maybe they'd have to have another "talk" about loyalty with Keegan-bless Juice!

That's how Milla found them when she walked in the door-...,forget I said that!

The three of them formed such a perfect looking family-DUH!

The look on his face when he noticed Milla was priceless and Keegan saluted him. He'd won this round-oh Juice...WORST TIMING EVER!

"You've done enough, take your girl back to the dorms and don't come out for the rest of the night."-I have to say,good job Jax
Verda Napoli chapter 12 . 9/5/2011
I don't know if this is the beginning of the end but it sure feels like it!

Wow Milla has done a number on both Juice and Keegan. Juice drowning himself in pussy and booze to forget, Keegan straying because she pushed him away. (And because he's an asshole)All the while, poor girl is miserable.

Keegan's jealousy is really coming to a head here. I love that he thinks that if he were a Son Milla would be packing bags and doling out blowjobs. As someone who's dated civilians and a 1%er it's really accurate. Not to trivialize civilian relationships, but the amount of trust, the respect, the be all, end all love one needs to endure the life makes an Old Lady and an Old Man that much closer. Someone who has grown up so entrenched in the life (Milla) probably could never respect someone who wasn't a 1%er. I LOVE it. Oh and my favorite "Keegan moment" was when he said "They won't kill me, they love you too much." I had to laugh. Ignorant McBastard.

Juice has stepped up and really taken strides towards having a Milla-free life (how sad) and what imperfect timing! Poor thing. He's really good at driving Milla back into Keegan's arms. Loved when he knocked him the hell out.

It's such a small detail, but I love the fact that you used Bobby as Milla's 'buffer'. He's so perfect for that role.

Wow Jax has got serious balls. Sister or no sister, Milla has no claim over Juice and even if he did, Jax has no place in their business like that. Stupid ass. Hopefully little Clay will start to look like Big Clay and Milla won't have to worry about him being vain.

Gemma is so Gemma here. Putting her foot in asses while serving tea and looking at family brochures. Now she's going to use her powers for good instead of evil. Thank God!

love this! Can't wait for your next update!
blondie134 chapter 12 . 9/4/2011
i am pissed off becuase i thought jucie was going to try to change and stop fucking random girls but then to do that to mila in front of her had my heart breaking and finding myself wanting to kill juice...the fucking idiot...sorry rant over becuase i really thought they were going to get together xoxo
Superdani4Ever chapter 11 . 8/30/2011
I'm here!sorry for the delay

It's a good name Milla and I'm sure he'll be a handsome little devil-of course ;0

but she'd never had a friend like Milla-yep,she's unique

Making snide remarks and downright insulting her-WTF?

Hell everyone but his wife seemed to be measuring him for a coffin or in that fella Tig's case an unmarked grave somewhere-gotta love Tig

the smile he'd learned not to trust-HELL YEAH!

the Mohawked menace-oh please!

You know you're livin on borrowed time right mick-YOU GO TIGGY

"I just need the signal and bam."-pleeeeeeeeeeeeease,do!

He'd pissed off a crazy man...a homicidal crazy man and lived to tell about it, but how long-God bles Tig!I'll enver get tired of repeating that!

I also miss having someone who understands me and I don't think anyone understands me as well as you do-almost crying here


She loved that little boy but he had horrible timing-i agree
Verda Napoli chapter 11 . 8/29/2011
Sorry I'm so late!

Yep, Trinny is Jax. Thank god for Milla or they'd all be in a shitload of trouble. LOVED Maureen Ashby and her barely contained rage towards Clay; acknowledging him as JT's killer was pure brilliance. Not forced or oddly placed. Nice timing.

Keegan and Tig..oh boy! I've been pretty vocal about not being a fan of S3 Tig, but I couldn't help loving him in this scene! He was so calculated and menacing while keeping his cool. How SAA of him. (Finally! Thank you.) Keegan probably needed to borrow a diaper after that little encounter...

Oh Gemma. Of all the times to cave, why now? Just shoot the little McBastard and get it over with. With Milla and Juice I was hoping she would use her powers of manipulation for good instead of evil. Maybe pull the same shit she did with Wendy and Tara and just force Milla to Juice. I think she'd get better results this time.

Juice is so loveable here, so selfless. It makes me sigh, it makes me swoon, it makes me want to kick him and tell him to buck up! Oh man, are you sure Juice isn't Little Clay's real father? He certainly has the same timing.

Really loving this. Thanks so much for the shoutout! This is your best work yet.
Dutch'76 chapter 11 . 8/27/2011
Sweet of you to mention me in your AN. I enjoy reading your story and I like to tell you about it, so thank you more!

Oh Milla is raised with such a sense of family and loyalty, I can nearly feel the pressure that is about to weigh on her. Most of it is still happening or being played out around her, keeping her out of it, but some things are actually already surfacing. Like her connection with Juice, the love and the bond they share, the marriage to the baby’s daddy, her new and old family, Trinity in Belfast. Oh my, I hope fate will help her in the decisions that are to come. Funny thing is, at least Gemma and Maureen agree on something, both wanting Milla to stay stateside.

I kinda noticed or got the feeling in the previous chapter that Keegan was starting to become more self-centered, wanting things for himself, not for him and Milla, talking about his son, not their son. With that the pressure is on and Keegan is starting to lash out, like how he pointed out to Gemma how the Irish law would be on his side.

I loved the play with Tig, he can be so adorably (that’s just me, I can see that little scene and it only makes me love Tig more) intimidating. Finding his spot next to Keegan, standing there all casually smoking his fag and without any effort making clear what he wants to put through. The crushing out his cigarette is one of those perfectly timed and executed things that puts more weight on his words. I bet Keeagan was shaking in his pants.

Gemma has put away all pleasantries, I don’t like you and you don’t like me, no need to pretend we do … when Milla isn’t around. Gemma will never just give in, but she is clever and a minor set back doesn’t startle her too much. It just makes her find another way to get her way. She now made a deal with Keegan, he probably feels like he has all the good cards in his hands now, but Gemma is just making sure that she will keep some control. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gemma is just making Keegan feel secure and stronger for the time being only to knock him back on his Irish arse when he least expects it. Everyone is watching him like a hawk, waiting for him to slip up (or slip off a cliff).

Juice and Milla, how bitter sweet their love is. Juice is good by giving Milla some space after their kiss. Gemma will do some damage control, grandma hasn’t played all her cards yet!
darkfairy03 chapter 11 . 8/25/2011
I really hope Tig and happy kill him soon go juice for going for millia now i know Gemma has something plan but it Gemma and she does as she pleases good chapter update soon
Verda Napoli chapter 10 . 8/24/2011
I was watching 'The Push' the other night (the scene where Tig and Koz mix it up) and when I saw Juice moving the tables out of the way the first thing I thought was "Milla has taught him well." Then I remembered that Milla isn't a part of the show:(

Wow Keegan really has some nerve. Kozik was such a perfect SAA in this scene. Keeping everyone's head in the game, calming and soothing, maintaining order. C'mon, kick Tiggy out and make him Redwood''s SAA. SOA doesn't need that stupid assface that puts dogs before club business. 'That Opie fella'-I feel wrong and oddly possessive, but I don't like that McBastard even thinking about my Opie! I'm going to chime in with Dutch here and say that Keegan's presence is 'tolerated and not celebrated'. That's perfect phrase. Who wants him around anyway?

Juice has this covered. Clarence Harry is so cute. I'll bet big stupid is mad that he isn't Clarence Jackson, but oh well. Juice being so loving with little Clay was so sweet, but the whole thing feels so doomed. It's just going to be that much worse for him to let go. And cue the McBastard. Of course he's sorry. I feel like I'm watching this from behind glass and I want to burst in yelling and throwing an angry black chick fit. Juice needs Milla, Milla needs Juice and it's all so obvious.

Yep, Gemma really is a fierce mother. She reminds me so much of my own mom in this scene. She's thinking rationally, but even her most sensible thoughts are made up of things like 'beat him with a bat'. Love it! And Clay snatching little Clay out of Keegan's arms was such a "take that!" moment.

You've carved out such a fitting role for Chibs here. Way to blend enough canon into your AU to keep it believable. I feel like I'm watching the show. I like how Chibs kind of put his boot in Juice's ass and told him to buck up for Milla's sake. They feel a little less doomed now.

Dutch'76 chapter 10 . 8/24/2011
You have to appreciate the tolerance they all are showing towards Keegan, making it absolutely clear that it is just that, he is tolerated not celebrated! Koz doing his job, keeping Keegan out for a little while longer, not being fazed by him what so ever and dropping some under the belt truths. The Sons family is putting the pressure on and I feel as if Keegan is slowly starting to show some cracks, that are filled and well cemented by Juice. The moments between Juice and Milla are tender and loving. Like Juice said, you will never lose me. He is really stepping up, without really doing so. It is just right to him to be there for her, to always be there for her even though he knows that he has to ‘wait it out’. Chibs advice was so true and it really gave Juice that extra push. I said it before, I couldn’t imagine what a life would be if Juice and Milla weren’t together, but seriously … even miles apart they are still close. I am getting really into this story!
Superdani4Ever chapter 10 . 8/24/2011
in that time who knows what lies her family had spread about him-lies?Yeah,right!

Ease up, he's been there for two days. Hasn't left her side. Like a pitbull. If you go in there like this he's liable to snap and that's the last thing Milla needs-please,LET HIM!


the world's tiniest cockblock-LMAO!

he thought that the little boy looked like his Mama and that made him beautiful-thank God for that

"What the fuck do you think you're doing? You were supposed to wait for me at the airport."-YOU GO MAMMA BEAR!


he's too cocky-I know

The boy thought he could throw his weight around without consequence-HELL NO!

Sober up, get yer shit together and do what you can fer the Club-good point
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