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LarxeneRipOff chapter 13 . 4/18
The plot thickens!

To be honest Eraqus i wouldn't be too shocked that he's been lying to you infact if i were you i would not treat lying to you like something out of the ordinary

so Xehanort's been visiting Sofia? why? he doesn't even like her much if at all!

ah there it is the 'attack first ask questions later' Eraqus has been missing i had hoped it would emerge sooner or later. Makes him more in character

sigh...seeds of distrust planted lets move on
LarxeneRipOff chapter 12 . 4/14
well that's a bit over-the-top all they did was go to another world and yet he thinks that warrants punishment enough to take away the KeyBlade! take away their Armor! for Gods sake not their ability to fight!

no! Eraqus! that's overreaction! maybe Xehanort is getting a little obsessed but you dont take away the KeyBlade!

oh dear god it begins

Xehanort's obsession with Darkness

to be fair he does have a few points as always which is one of the best things about villains-when they are right on occasion.

ah that last line that signifies the beginning of the end of their already?
LarxeneRipOff chapter 11 . 4/14
and Eraqus realizes he was being stupid a bit too late he better go back and apologize to Sofia

and i cant believe im saying this but he needs to apologize to Xehanort! he's not even trying to hide the fact he's jealous and going as far as to pull his KeyBlade on him solely because he's pointing out something Jesus!

what IS in the pouch? are we ever going to find out? and why is Xehanort so determined to keep Eraqus from her

oh dear they are in trouble
LarxeneRipOff chapter 10 . 4/14
...well Eraqus you are terrible with women

seriously no wonder he's single [and probably still a virgin] in BBS he gets irrationally jealous if his crush shows interest in another guy REALLY jealous

ahh to be fair Xehanort has a point about Sofia she is way too excited especially with that little chant

Xehanort's way of pretending to like her but barely tolerating her is very much in character

Eraqus just got friendzoned lets see how he deals with it next chapter
LarxeneRipOff chapter 9 . 4/14
Twilight Town really? i never would have thought of it for a guy that clings to Light so much

so this is why Xehanort wanted to visit Eraqus's the surprise of no one

Sofia seems like a nice girl but my first impression is that she's too excited and naive easy to target
she's in danger and she doesn't even know it

aw crap Eraqus is jealous i can already see where this is going
LarxeneRipOff chapter 8 . 4/14
whats with all this poor Eraqus stuff? frankly this fic shows how bigoted he becomes

Master Ixen seems to be simply spouting out propaganda and the usual 'im right your wrong' crap and Xehanort is the rebellious student [unsurprisingly] and Eraqus is the obedient student.

Xehanort's point this time was a little too over-the-top but his Master shows impatience for anyones ideas that are not his own. so far it's only Xehanort but i think i am right.

sweet KeyBlade Armor!

oh and the opposing views between the two friends come to forefront even though they end up both being wrong Xehanort so far is right Eraqus just parrots what he has been told.

no...Eraqus suggest another world! or not go at all! Xehanort would not go there unless he was after something
LarxeneRipOff chapter 7 . 4/13

ok first of all that last line Xehanort that is sexist. And disgusting. I did not need to know what you think about women for...especially when its that

yeah i can see why Xehanort considers himself a hedonist the vast knowledge of the universe does appear more interesting

oh dear Xehanort is definitely going to do something bad to Sofia Eraqus should have never brought her up now she is marked.

yeah i am certain Eraqus and his old-fashioned courting never got him a woman...unless there is something he'd like to tell Terra

i look forward to where this goes
LarxeneRipOff chapter 6 . 4/13
Does anyone have a tissue i think i might cry after that last line

yeah to be fair if you want to be a friend Eraqus you probably shouldn't regurgitate everything your Master says ok?! you look like a nerd! [..why is he talking like Yoda]

why are you happy Eraqus? one does not simply react with delight when Xehanort can wield a KeyBlade one runs away screaming to warn people

this is not going to end well...
LarxeneRipOff chapter 5 . 4/13
oh my god i just realized what Ixen means thats so clever!

Eraqus is definitely Teachers Pet! constantly parroting his Masters words believing 100% percent his teacher is right and no other opinion is! [that sounds like the Eraqus i know!]

oh yes the Dive To The Heart one of my favorite tutorials ever in a video game

Xehanort acts the way i imagine he would in this situation he has a point with the shield

oh cool Xehanort has a KeyBlade...OH SHIT XEHANORT HAS A KEYBLADE! WE'RE DOOMED!
LarxeneRipOff chapter 4 . 4/13
ah...i see where this is going [its always a girl]

yes Eraqus he is laughing at you

it is really hard to imagine Xehanort generally laughing simply because he's happy for something that is not devious or evil. he strikes me as a really silent one

this Sofia girl better run for the high heavens
LarxeneRipOff chapter 3 . 3/15
Im not surprised Xehanort is fascinated by Magic he is known to be one of the greatest Mages ever to join the KeyBlade Wielders. how do i know? i read the Wiki Page.

i suppose when you live on a naturally hot environment everywhere else is gonna seem pretty cold at first. Lord help Xehanort should he ever come across an ice world.

but now i have a few questions is the place still called Land Of Departure? if so how come Eraqus didnt model it more to his liking when his Master chose him as Successor?

ah im thinking too much into this

this appears to be the start of a beautiful friendship though i love Xehanort's last line he's so high and mighty
LarxeneRipOff chapter 2 . 3/13
and here it really does begin

it does raise some questions what was it the Master sensing within Xehanort? was it really desire?

Eraqus is going to regret that decision mark my words that man shall regret a lot of things

in the meantime lets see how this story picks up
LarxeneRipOff chapter 1 . 3/13
and so it Begins
really Eraqus you could at least change your clothes to attempt to blend in!

ah Xehanort probably would've figured it out anyway

much later Eraqus is going to realize this was a mistake but for now he's oblivious

oh well best read on good start btw
Dark Slayer's Throne chapter 18 . 6/14/2014
What's this? What's this? An update?

You've returned? I had thought you lost to the Pokemon side of things.
Thomas Drovin chapter 18 . 6/13/2014
Hey there welcome back! You can't imagine how pleased I was to see you getting back to work on this fic, and all due to the latest stuff with KH's going on. Good for you! My patience has paid off once again! I do believe that Sofia is getting a 'bad vibe' feel off Xehanort...I REALLY hope she acts on it before it's too late. I've noticed that Sofia has been a bit of a balance for Eraquas and Xehanort, she pointed out how similliar they both are. Xehanort can deny it but I think she's right.

I just wonder WHERE Xehanort want Eraqus to go off world with him to? Nothing good I'll bet! See you next update when you can manage it so I can find out! Cheers!
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