Reviews for Ashes of the Past
Cipher Drake chapter 282 . 11h
Yo I think I have a name for Pikachu's ability to shock ground types. It's Volt Force. Kinda like Sand Force but you know, with electricity.

Cool gym battle btw, that really cuts the mold on other battles cold. But I am a wee dissapointed in the torkoal battle. I kinda wanted for him to go willy-nilly on the field with pinball physics since the floor is Ice. Overall a great chapter and I can't wait for more.
Nightshadegirl chapter 282 . 20h
awesome, just awesome gym battle. what does iorek mean?
Nightshadegirl chapter 281 . 21h
awesome appeal that pachirsu did
that one little guy chapter 282 . 22h
Oh my God, the Golden Compass reference. I love it.
Lover of Pokemon chapter 282 . 9/20
"One of them got dropped into another universe."
i would like to see the response to that. LOL.
Ender Princess Faeron chapter 245 . 9/20
"You and Abra were doing the sweep of the lower levels, right?"
I think I either missed that line before or forgot about it since I first read this chapter because that line, in hindsight, is more significant than it looks.
Crimson Nitrox chapter 18 . 9/20

Me: ...
Crimson Nitrox chapter 18 . 9/20

Me: ...
longshoot chapter 282 . 9/19
i cannot wait for the unova region :)
JoshPlater chapter 282 . 9/19
What happened to Abomasnow? Even though its her better team it was still her signiture Pokemon.
DannyPhantom619 chapter 282 . 9/19
Guest chapter 282 . 9/19
Torkoal to Weavile: "You take slow, I'll go fast."
Scott/Ant-Man to Hope/Wasp: "I go high , you go low"
tanithlipsky chapter 282 . 9/19
Love Psycho chapter 282 . 9/18
I love gym battles! That was so darn cool! Pun intended.

-hands over platter- Magic cupcakes for you!
Sefera chapter 282 . 9/18
Very good! I look forward to more...
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