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White Keyblade Oathkeeper chapter 9 . 10h
You turned Squirtle into Kamina, and made a Cubone Shirou (He honestly feels like he's in-between Shirou and Archer. He still has the drive to protect people, but something's clearly happened in his past to shake his world view. Although he's not shaken enough to go full anti-hero)...this is so many shades of kick ass.
Guest chapter 162 . 12h
Here's a question, what exactly happened with A.J.? You know, the guy who wanted to win 100 consecutive battles. (In episode 8, right after the water gym.) I mean I guess Ash would have avoided him in order to not crush his dreams, as he would have at that point. And without Team Rocket the big drama of that episode wouldn't have happened. But I would have thought you'd mention it? It seemed a pretty big deal to me when I watched it ages ago but that might have been because of how relatively little Pokémon I'd seen. (We bought it in a cassette and everything, which is why my memory insisted that it was actually one of the movies.) Also, you forgot the Poké in this latest chapter.
eldiar chapter 59 . 23h
Oh I was wondering if all those TMs was gonna do something interesting but I didn't expect that!
eldiar chapter 58 . 2/6
NICE JOB! Charizard fought off three super enhanced legendaries! how awesome is that! He did it by going pseudo-mega evolution too! That will certainly be interesting I'm interested to see if All of Ashes pokemon who can do mega evolution will eventually be able to *cough* Lucario *cough*.
Seimika chapter 37 . 2/6
Wait didn't ash catch a snorlax earlier?.. he had two? Did ash really have so few pokemon at the time (other then 30 toros ) he really should have caught hunter and his family the first time let alone the second time...
eldiar chapter 43 . 2/6
Oh wow that was unorthodox but so Ash. I liked the lecture on power Giovanni gave very interesting.
eldiar chapter 42 . 2/5
Awesome that's all i can say i love seeing all the complications time travel brings.
eldiar chapter 38 . 2/5
Yay Lugia soon! That'll be fun!
Guest chapter 162 . 2/5
Oh yeah, the aqua/magma episodes with the orbs. Who gets the blue orb possession this time? Will it be mawile, maybe?
Izzyaro chapter 162 . 2/5
I have to say, the first time I came across this story I was sceptical. Ash going back in time, getting a whole load of Aura powers, having Legendaries and insanely powerful Pokémon... It all seemed a bit over the top for me. Then I found the TV Tropes page, and it was so highly recommended that I thought I might as well try it. I've just finished reading for the second time this month, and can honestly say I've never been so glad to click on a story.

Technically, your writing is excellent. I've spotted very few grammar or spelling mistakes and your characterisations have been consistent throughout, which is saying something for nearly a million words. Your descriptions and dialogue are all well done, especially the battle scenes, and you're very good at pacing, even with all the different plot threads. Seriously, how do you write so much? So yes, I'm very impressed with all of that.

However, it's what you've done with the characters themselves that's really amazing. I love stories where Ash is allowed to grow and learn from his experiences, and time travel is the perfect device for that. He could so easily have become a Gary Stu, but you've kept all the things that make him Ash, from his obliviousness abysmal sense of direction to utter disregard for his own safety, and it's wonderful to see. Even better is how all his friends have been able to keep up. They've all got their own dreams and motivations, and all the character development adds so much to the story. Misty especially has been a revelation, and I like that Max was able to start his own journey. I've been most surprised by Team Rocket though, they're amazing when they're competent! I love that they're proper friends with Ash and the gang now. I like that other characters, like Casey and Professor Oak, are getting more development too.

Really though, it's the Pokémon that make the story. Having Ash and the others being able to use Aura, or the Porygons, was a brilliant idea. Your cast is ridiculously huge now but every one of them has a distinct personality and style, and you've somehow managed to give them all multiple moments of awesome. Your Noctowl became one of my favourites the second he opened his beak, and I have no words for Squirtle. They're all amazing, and the way they care for Ash and he for them is perfect. I also love Dexter and the rest of the Porygons, that was a genius idea. It'll be interesting to see if Dexter ever gets to Porygon-Z stage, especially if it carries the same problems it's rumoured to in the games. Dexter with a virus would be terrifying considering Ash can't use Aura Purge on him. Or can he? Either way, it'd be interesting to see.

I need to talk about the Legendaries on their own, because I love pretty much everything you've done with them. I was a bit surprised when Ash caught Ho-Oh straight away, but you've handled it very well. I'm actually now on Ho-Oh's side that he needs to be used more, but that would make a bit of a boring story. I love the personalities you've given all if them, though special mention has to go to Mewtwo and the Legendary Beasts. Bringing Mewtwo into the public eye was a good move, both for reducing his threat level and for the sheer amount of humour involved. His discussion with Rayquaza about documentaries during the Deoxys event was a highlight, as is anything involving Mew. I love the personalities you've given the Beasts too; I like how you've developed them, and they really feel like siblings. Speaking of which, I really liked the recent discussion between Entei and Ho-Oh about how they consider him their father; it was a very sweet moment. Of course, part of me now wants to see Ho-Oh go into full blown Papa Wolf mode when one or all if them get into serious trouble, but all interaction between them is perfect. Also, the God Squad scenes are some of my favourites. That's another familial relationship I'd never even considered but which works perfectly. And they're just hilarious.

By the way, I was reading some of your other reviews and saw that some people are complaining about all the filler episodes. Personally, while I like how you do the battles, I'm here for the character interaction, and your cast is so huge that the fillers are perfect for that. I suppose it helps that all if this is new to me though; I gave up on the anime after Johto because the inconsistency was driving me mad. Anyway, I think you balance everything very well, and I'm reasonably confident you know what you're doing by now.

Well, I'm sorry for the lack of constructive criticism. I was trying to be objective, but there are too many things I love. Thank you very much for all your work, and I look forward to reading more.
Guest chapter 162 . 2/5
So if Marshtomp was a Wartortle instead he'd be a One Punch Man addict, right?
eldiar chapter 16 . 2/4
One word. AWESOMMMMEEE! This was a great battle and they'll just get better.
eldiar chapter 15 . 2/4
Oh that's interesting have Dexter turn into a porygon! wow didn't see that coming! Anyways nice battles I think they are good for this stage.
eldiar chapter 6 . 2/4
Well I didn't see that coming with Team Rocket actually being semi-good-ish guys but okay! The fourth wall has officially been broken!
eldiar chapter 5 . 2/4
LMBO! This is awesome! Thank you for this treasure of awesomeness! That was an awesome beginner aura battle. I also love that you use the age old "The stronger you are, the crazier you are". That's awesome!
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