Reviews for Ashes of the Past
guest chapter 228 . 11/27
is ash going to catch Meowth in Unova with James and Jessie’s permission
Blake5000 chapter 81 . 11/24
Quite a few legendaries are indeed Flying typed.
Blake5000 chapter 74 . 11/23
Oh you know how it is when Time just... GIVES up...
Blake5000 chapter 70 . 11/23
Ooh such a DARING assumption that there might be Lucario in the Lucario kingdom... personally I was expecting something more along the lines of Hoppip but you do you.
Blake5000 chapter 50 . 11/20
Ah yes, Ash's other powerful Flying types. I'm not actually sure if Falkner would be MORE surprised by the ultra-powerful Butterfree or by the actual legendaries...
Blake5000 chapter 37 . 11/11
I agree the first time around was a bit quick for Tracey to understand the pokemon, although I do like the idea that he learns faster than Brock and Misty due to his art and being better at the meditation sort of thing required.
Blake5000 chapter 25 . 11/10
Ok, yeah I thought the Slowbro was new I didn't remember it being there but I remember you saying earlier you wanted to scale Abra/Cubone down a little and I can see that showed up here as well! I believe it was an excellent choice as well!
Blake5000 chapter 7 . 11/7
True I still can't believe you brought about Volt Crash YEARS before the creators. Heck even when I first read it before Galar was revealed I thought it sounded real enough, and clearly is was!
christianvirtudazo07 chapter 116 . 11/4
Hoenn here we go!
christianvirtudazo07 chapter 115 . 11/4
Holy shit, Lance's Dragonite beat Lugia who fought the legendary bird trio.
Mewtwo getting challenged.
Ho-Oh time to shine
Keldeo swept lorelei and Raikou finishing it
christianvirtudazo07 chapter 114 . 11/4
Giovanni is lucky that mewtwo is neutral rn
christianvirtudazo07 chapter 113 . 11/4
Arceus christ, Gary won the Kalos league.
Damn, He wasnt slacking
christianvirtudazo07 chapter 107 . 11/4
Houndoom evolution and making his dad proud
Legendary Dog trio battle
Prof. Oak reunites with his charizard
christianvirtudazo07 chapter 108 . 11/4
Jon Dickson. Hehe dicmk
christianvirtudazo07 chapter 109 . 11/4
Britsh battle
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