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Storysmith112358 chapter 125 . 3h
This story never fails to brighten up my day! I can really see Brawly's doctrine about rolling with the punches; somewhere among a Conkeldurr with boomerang columns, a water-running Mienshao and a Pangoro that really fights dirty is something that will definitely throw a new trainer off their game!

Characterization-wise, I can't wait for Goomy and Corphish to get their moments in the sun!

Keep up with the amazing work, and may your flames of inspiration burn long and bright!
Arandomfan chapter 125 . 4h
Ash got his second (Hoenn) badge!

After this is May's turn in the spotlight! Yay!

Not that it's important...but since the Hoenn contests now take some inspirations from the Sinnoh contests...Will we get to see some unique fashions on the people competing?
In the original canon Hoenn contests, the competitors just wore whatever, but in Sinnoh formal wear was a must! (It's something different from the ol' "cartoon-character-who-never-changes-their-clothes" deal)

Pokemon Contests (presentation is the key) are not as straightforward as Pokemon Battles(whoever K.O.s the other person's pokemon first wins) So it will be a change of pace to not have a "guaranteed" win

May does have more experience (thanks to time travel) but like all competitions involving presentation and aesthetics-it often hinges on the mood and tastes of the judges that day (hard to predict)
Since the contests are also taking inspiration from other regions-the other competitors performances will be that much more detailed now and a challenge to beat
With the "butterfree/beautifly effect" in play-who knows what the outcome will be?

What will become of Drew? Will he be able to have his memories restored? Or will May have to start all over and earn respect from scratch?
Depending on how this goes-it will be a good indicator on the limits of the "memory restore point" aura ability.

When they get to Sinnoh, and Ash sees Dawn again-they can prepare for her own rival meetings accordingly (not that'll be anytime soon)

On this chapter:

-Never dis Gurren Lagann! Ever!

-I like the Ranma reference. Difficult panda Genma to deal with.

-Latios gets a turn AND goes mega!

-Wonder if Prof. Akihabara will ever figure out the Porygon upgrade?

-Gary and Sableye starting to bond (that might take a while) It will be awesome when they finally mega evolve!

-Sableye, NOT insult the already psycho Fearow (wonder how much bribe it would take to make it back off?)

-Is this the same Goomy that Ash caught in the canon XY anime series? (Though that timeline is irrelevant to this story)

Can't wait for the next chapter!
ajani's apprentice chapter 125 . 6h
Yes, Lugia would just be cruel. Funny, but cruel. Though if he won then Brawly would be candidate for Elite Four.

Hey, if Squirtle can give moves names then Pangoro can to.

Gurren Lagann sucks? Care to explain?

Brock makes a good point. Pelliper isn't really nimble.

Well, the boomerangs would explain what happens if any of the Timbur line losses their weapon of choice.

Ooh, wonder who in Swellow's history could learn that? A Noivern, a flygon? Actually, is that possible for a flygon? Wait, never mind. Ivysaur proves me wrong.

Okay, that was funny. Squirtke, the Pangoro, then the anvil- I mean tonnes of water.

It's funny how Brawly's pokemon are so used to surfing that Mienshao had a surfboard with him in the ball.

What's going on with Akibahara? Remind me who he is and what he's doing.

What's Gary training Umbreon for?

Archie: "Electric types. Clearly allies of Groundon." Sure. Except for the fact that they CAN'T DO ANYTHING TO THEM! Also, doesn't pokelantis already exist? And it has nothing to do with Kyogre. Well, at least we got a reason for the raid. It really was odd that they would do such a pathetic thing.

Who is Amber? Don't remember him.

Let me guess, Sea Mauvile is in ORAS. So that's why you have it now, and it wasn't there originally.
Guest chapter 125 . 7h
Hey Archie.

Firehedgehog chapter 125 . 7h
Kigen Dawn chapter 125 . 7h
This always manages to give me a good laugh. I love that about it.
Catflower Queen chapter 125 . 7h
-I bet Pangoro is going to regret insulting Squirtle’s favorite show later in the battle…

-Oh. Ha ha! It took me a moment to get it, but those golf puns were very funny!

-Aw… Goomy and Mawile are so cute together! _

-Yep, I was right about Pangoro. Though it’s kind of funny that Squirtle also managed to knock himself out with that…

-I think that Latios’ first gym battle was a success.

-It’s good to see that some progress is being made on the porygon upgrades.

-It’s nice to see Gary’s Pokémon training together. I like how eager that Sableye is to try out mega evolution. I hope he’ll be able to do it soon.

-It seems that Team Aqua is furthering their plans… the fact that they mentioned Pokeatlantis does not bode well with me.

-Don’t worry, Goomy! With a trainer like Ash, you’re sure to become strong!

-Ooh… we’re seeing more differences between the two timelines. Nice. Sea Mauville was fun in the game.

-Great job! I look forward to more!

-Catflower Queen
Reclusive Dork chapter 125 . 7h
You should make a nod to Ranma saotome.
SerenaTheHedgehog chapter 125 . 7h
lol. All Gary has to do is walk around with Sablye several thousand steps and play with it to get friendship/happiness whatever it is, up.
Have a Little Feith chapter 125 . 7h
I don't think any of the 'Dex Porygons should go past Porygon2. Apparently PorygonZ is buggy as heck. If you send one out in Battle Revolution, its flight pattern is really erratic, and I don't mean "Oh no, I'm going to crash" erratic, I mean "Error, Error, flight vector is indivisible by zero" erratic. The movement shows in the Wii's Pokémon Ranch game. Fun little distraction, that. And yes, I realize that nothing is divisable by zero, it returns infinity, essentially, it was to prove a point.
A Brilliant Loser chapter 125 . 8h
Sea Mauville might be fun

Thanks for posting this update!
TheWickedTruth89 chapter 125 . 8h
Great chapter, can't wait for more.
MyNoseAgreesWithMe chapter 125 . 9h
Nice try with that Parting Shot, Pangoro. Too bad the stat change was nullified by the switch-out...
Lover of Pokemon chapter 125 . 10h
Well things are picking up. Having more interesting things (compared to the "normal" of your work) is really quite refreshing. Of course, with squirtle in it, it's kind of a given lol. Keep up the excellent work!
ultima-owner chapter 125 . 10h
that was a fun battle
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