Reviews for Ashes of the Past
Guest chapter 302 . 9/24
You know, it’s probably a good thing Paul didn’t bring his Drapion as well. That thing was a monster on a level that makes Rampardos look like a minor threat
Darkmaster10000000 chapter 54 . 9/24
. . . . . Well... looks like "Spell of the Unown" going to be ramped up to 11 this time. *nerves chuckle*
Friggn' butterfly effect.
Guest chapter 302 . 9/24
I hope ash wins this one. And please dont make it a tie author-san.
Guest chapter 301 . 9/24
I hope Ash wins this league as well as not getting a tie. And btw author-san. After Unova could you have Ash travel back in Hoenn so he can really win the League there. I remember in a previous chapter that after Unova he is confused on where to go. And he thinks that he might go to Johto. It would be nice to be Hoenn then Kalos. Thanks
Guest chapter 290 . 9/24
Will ash catch the Spiritomb that he had helped?
Guest chapter 256 . 9/24
It would be nice if Ash would be the one to get Iris' Axew. Since she already has one.
Max waspace chapter 158 . 9/23
We see by having light be bounced out of our eyes. So using illusions as light sources isn't unfeasible
Fidget the Zorua Fossil Fighte chapter 141 . 9/23
Part of me fears for Torkoal’s sanity after meeting Squirtle
Fidget the Zorua Fossil Fighte chapter 137 . 9/23
Well at least the rest of Team Rocket is learning that messing with Ash is just a disaster waiting to happen
Fidget the Zorua Fossil Fighte chapter 134 . 9/23
At this point, I think Ash could easily make business with helping Pokemon evolve
Fidget the Zorua Fossil Fighte chapter 130 . 9/23
Rereading this just keeps getting better and better since I notice more things then when I first read it you know you've made quite the reputation for being a danger magnet when Law Enforcement has to have a special kind of incident report slips just for you
Fidget the Zorua Fossil Fighte chapter 124 . 9/23
”It’s just a Pikachu!” that isn't any Pikachu and you shouldn't treat him as if he's weak that's just a death sentence
Fidget the Zorua Fossil Fighte chapter 107 . 9/22
Huh well like with Molly being able to understand Pokemon after the Unown incident there are worst side effects that could have happened to Silver’s mother
Fidget the Zorua Fossil Fighte chapter 89 . 9/21
I just realized there's a Monty Python reference in that paperwork (who in their right mind would have that in paperwork to become a mentor/sponsor I have no idea)
RT89 chapter 215 . 9/18
It also plays into some events are immutable, even if displaced
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