Reviews for Ashes of the Past
Guest chapter 91 . 1m
Mewtwo is work-shadowing. O.o
Sorry, Rayqueza, but Mewtwo /is/ technically a "descendent" of a Mew, more closely than anyone else bar other Mew. Now that he's not busy angsting over his creation and all some traits were bound to begin appearing...
Curious and inquisitive, albeit far less giggly than the pink kittens... :D
Guest chapter 89 . 33m
*chokes* Squirtle, that is not how you use an of those things, Ivysaur is right. :D
Brock is getting dogpiled by his Pokemon tonight, neh? XD
Guest chapter 88 . 52m
A lot of these competitions don't actually require a human participant, just someone who can fill out the application and understand enough Human to follow the instructions. It's kind of awesome. Theoretically even Wild Pokemon could participate, if they were brave enough and knew enough Human to communicate they understand...

Hi, Casey! *waves*
Guest chapter 87 . 1h
Is Raikou planning to plow his way through, and battle Ash during the League Championships? Because I the only other purpose I can think of to collect badges is to use them as a "proof" of ability/skill/mentality or whatever, like trainers can even if the don't go to the League. Ash certainly wouldn't take/accept badges he hadn't earned himself to get in.
Guest chapter 86 . 1h
Mew! *cuddles* I kind of can't wait to find out what the hell Raikou is up to...
Guest chapter 85 . 1h
A Gym Leader who /reinforces/ her Gym building!
Guest chapter 82 . 2h
*cheers* for Misty, Sea Heroine!

And our favorite Team Rockets are being stalked by a Moltres. Nice.
Guest chapter 81 . 2h
Oh my.

*snickers* I see a pattern developing. Big Puppy bends down, smushing/poking a bug, gets a face full of mud, swats bug in reflex.
That's so much fun to imagine.

Really, all of this is amazing.
Guest chapter 80 . 3h
Cool. I like getting to see what everyone's doing! :)
I always wished in the shows that they'd let more characters show up again instead of creating new throwaways, like Casey and Todd! If they're traveling around too, it could happen that they cross paths with Ash and the others more than once.
Guest chapter 79 . 3h
*snorts* "Professor Layton"? Isn't that a mystery game title character? XD

*cheers* Finally a Gym Leader who's pragmatic about the collateral destruction! I mean really, low level beginner trainers probably don't do much damage, but for every Gym there's a type that could do a lot to the structure, and any mid or high level trainer could potentially bring the building down. Earthquakes, and Steelix using dig, both would destabilize the foundation, I would think. Plus all of those Beams going everywhere.
More people should look into the "linespokemon" like they had at the League...
Guest chapter 78 . 4h
I'm loving the Guren Lagann Turtles- They break everything and get to be pretty awesome while doing it! I can see how they'd get a bit irritating to their daily companions, though.

And Poke-Baseball! Not enough of such creative applications in the games and only somewhat better in the shows. Why do the same boring thing all the time when you can play awesome games and get wicked results?
Guest chapter 76 . 4h
*headpats Gary* Gary Gets A Break, indeed. *giggles* Someone needs to tell him about the Celebii incident, so he stops being quite so confuzzled. He may already be subconsciously blaming Ash, but it'd be nice to have the confirmation and the clarifications/explanations. :)

Post-Chaos processing! Very important. Also, Brainstorming! I love how there is no actual strict limit to six Pokemon at a time per trainer, especially that they don't need to stay in 'Balls.

So many things I like better in the show that you can't do in the games! And you embrace the more realistic flexibility so very well!
Guest chapter 75 . 5h
*flails violently*

I was rapidly cycling between cursing, near-crying, flailing, and trying very hard not to twitch at all the time-travel pieces- I have... issues, when allowed to "contemplate the nature of infinity" in any form. I generally try not to think too hard on the infinite nature of the universe or the beginnings and ends of time, lest I start... short-circuiting? Ehehe... All the potential side-effects of all those glimpses throughout time and space made me twitch. Ironically (maybe?) enough, I seem to be naturally inclined to comprehend and follow convoluted criss-crossing time-travel, reality-bending storylines with minimal confusion despite this.

It was /excellently/ done, though. Really great.
Guest chapter 74 . 5h
*sighs in relief*
*cuddles Pikachu*
*smacks Vicious, drops him in a reinforced hole in the ground, then drops Muk on him and runs away*

*cackles* That Muk is epic, and suits Ash's ridiculousness well. XD
Biancachu chapter 41 . 5h
I hope Ash gets his hat back.
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