Reviews for Ashes of the Past
Noxlux013 chapter 257 . 55m
The best way to accomplish your goals it to not know they were impossible in the first place.
Demento56 chapter 257 . 1h
Maylene is a crazy person and I LOVE IT.
Rocjaw Cypher chapter 257 . 1h
Maylene honey, what the fuck. That was fantastic. You're fantastic. Ash was befuddled and a little bit panicked fighting you- give it a few years and you could be his equal in Ass Kicking Absurdity.
Multiversity chapter 257 . 3h
Primeape's fights are always the best. They're always dynamic, and just such fun to read. Primeape himself is hilarious as well.
...why is it a Cobble badge? What do paving stones or shoe repair have to do with fighting?

And Galactic has gone full antimeme, it seems. Which makes me wonder what an SCP Foundation in the Pokémon world would be like...
Quathis chapter 257 . 3h
Good to see that there are some humans that can make the team blink in confusion like they usually cause to others. And they have to solve the mytery of Team Galactic soon before they reenact the end of the world. Until next time.
Aotrs Commander chapter 257 . 6h
This Team Galactic becomes the Silence thing is really going to make punching their faces in a lot harder...
Robthekiwi121 chapter 194 . 7h
This has been an awesome read so far!
ShadowLDrago chapter 257 . 7h
This is slowly turning into DBZ and that amuses me to absolutely no end.

A correspondance course on being wise and mysterious. OK, that's it, you win the Internet.
Illythir chapter 257 . 9h
that last part seems very ominous. Pretty cool chapter with a nice gym battle. Lovely!
Guest chapter 257 . 11h
Gym Battle chapter 257 . 12h
You think it was a mistake?
I think not. It was excellent as per usual.
Well Done.
hambor12 chapter 257 . 12h
Oh yeah. We kinda forgot about Kodai for quite a few chapters (if shadowy figure is Grings Kodai).

I’m glad this is updating regularly, and it’s great.

One question is whether or not the Bonding Phenomenon exists, or would it be gratuitous on Ash who currently has superpowers, a superpowers team, living supercomputers, and now a talking super sword. Would a fused Pikachu (or more likely Ash-Lucario given that Froakie hasn’t entered existence yet) be too much at this point?
FlightfootKeyseeker chapter 257 . 13h
If they’re trying to take one of Ash’s friends, they’d better be prepared. It’s hard to successfully kidnap one of them for very long, as Manaphy can attest to.
twilightsagarules chapter 257 . 13h
I'm loving everything about this story
Ender Princess Faeron chapter 257 . 13h
Apparently I missed the previous chapter entirely, and my freaked-out realisation came shortly after leaving a review on the chapter before that so I couldn't put it there, so I'll bring it here now that I remember:

Whatever Team Galactic is doing isn't affecting anyone who's been Reminded, and when I realised that in the bathroom I was mentally screaming "holy shit" repeatedly, for several minutes. I suppose it's a good thing that the ones who can see, notice and remember them are ridiculously competent? ;v;
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