Reviews for Ashes of the Past
ChopSuzi chapter 238 . 7h
Okay, so it's taken me about a week to read to this point and I'm absolutely amazed at how you keep track of everything that's going on.
With how this is written, you have the skills to write a series of novels and have them accredited in the New York Times as a bestseller.
Guest chapter 192 . 7h
Max seems more of a garystu than Ash
Star1X chapter 238 . 9h
Paul was easily my favorite rival character, used to be Gary but we didnt see him nearly enough imo
Nightshadegirl chapter 223 . 11h
so forrest is the one possessed this time by the evil king and by a simple brush of his stone imprisonment.
ContriteNut chapter 14 . 11h
now I hear someone screaming unlimited blade works everytime cubone fights
Nightshadegirl chapter 222 . 11h
wow, interesting that may was a judge this time. who won the contest anyway?
bahanchod1956 chapter 238 . 12h
plz in di nex' episode ash must have a z stone
Dirtypiratemadarchod159 chapter 238 . 12h
Ash must have a z stone
shadowlugia 998 chapter 238 . 12h
Ash must have some z stone
Nightshadegirl chapter 221 . 12h
great, another gym buster, hopefully max doesn't keep that trend when he leaves kanto.
Nightshadegirl chapter 220 . 13h
so there is a probability that ash won't get together with someone at the end of the story?
ContriteNut chapter 9 . 13h
really? an unlimited blade works reference I am the bone of my club, *sigh*
Nightshadegirl chapter 219 . 13h
sounds like dawn is about to get togekiss back soon.
Bast Misao chapter 197 . 15h
The ending scene of this chapter reminds me of the movie Zootopia when the bunny cop is at the dmv trying to get the sloth to hurry up. Lol
Nightshadegirl chapter 218 . 16h
another symbol for ash, how many more? i've lost count.
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