Reviews for Ashes of the Past
What Lies Beyond chapter 205 . 14m
...How many of her Pokemon is Dawn going to end up with BEFORE she actually sets out on her journey?

And yeah. All of that happened. Once again, don't underestimate Snorlax's eye-lazers.

Plus, hints for a very interesting Temple of the Sea retelling!
Anonymous Person chapter 95 . 9h
I just realized how unbelievable it is that Ash managed to actually forget he was a Riolu even briefly.
Now I'm wondering why that thought didn't strike me earlier.
Pokeshadow55 chapter 183 . 20h
Anonymous Person chapter 75 . 21h
No kidding, it took 4 re-reads of Voice of the Forest before I finally was able to follow the time skips and not be dreadfully confused by the end.
Glad I finally got that straight in my head though.
Fmwaver chapter 204 . 12/3
Great story been a follower for a long time, idea just popped in my head n meets Pokemon Rangers and in introduced to the stylist. And maybe becomes a ranger later, it does seem to fit his character.
darkmachines chapter 204 . 12/2
Hmm, happy to see Mime Jr. join in. Well, look like this will be an interacting next chapter. Weird it taking a bit long, since their is on of the second shortest arc.
Tsume12 chapter 203 . 12/1
Fun fact the "me and Casper" was technically correct, although "Casper and me" would have been more polite. the "and me"/"and I" conventions are based on the same rule that would have you saying "me" or "I" without the other person in the sentence. "It will be me again" or "I will do this" become "It will be Bob and me again" or "Bob and I will do this".

That aside, this is still a very fun story.
Anonymous Person chapter 50 . 12/1
I'm pretty sure it was mentioned later on but I was reminded again that Ash does have a certain affinity for flying types.
Guest chapter 204 . 11/30
Where's Serena in this story?
I know you started this before xy but you could have done something like she's real because of the time crash in movie 3
Roarer chapter 204 . 11/30
You know haunter from the original Sabrina battle? Maybe with ash back in kanto he can catch him and bring him along. You know because ash doesn't have a ghost type yet.
Mr.Snarker chapter 204 . 11/29
lol, that end. It's like May is saying "Nope" to Phantom's pirates.
Guest chapter 204 . 11/29
Fact; Reshiram has a 11% chance to be caught with an Ultra ball
Great Chapter BTW
Lover of Pokemon chapter 204 . 11/29
LOL that ending. Nice chapter XD
Rosegfx chapter 204 . 11/29
... Wartortles thing is Avatar: The last airbender/Legend of korra isn't it?
skyblu23 chapter 204 . 11/29
XD the most reasonable thing to do :V returning your pokemon when it gets caught... FINALLY someon did this xD nice chapter
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