Reviews for Ashes of the Past
Shadow chapter 275 . 11h
I've caught up...
I have finally caught up!

So. This has been my third attempt at reading this fanfic.

Not that I didn't enjoy it- that's why I've tried so many times to read it! The thing is I'd read it, then take a small break, then the next thing I'd know so much time has past that I needed to start over because I've forgotten things. My latest attempt I promised myself I'd stick to it, and this time I did!

I really love this fic. It's creative, fun, humorous but still with a plot that draws you in. There's a lot of characters, and at times it can be hard to keep track of everyone- but I feel you've done a good job with that as well. There hasn't been any character I've hated or been annoyed at or anything, and even if this story is REALLY long, it's a great one.

Mawile- I love her so much. She's just adorable, and probably my favorite of the new Pokemon Ash has gathered on his team.

Other random things I loved: The first Absol trying to jump out a window when they saw Ash. That was hilarious. xD

Iris. Hehe, getting her memories back and realizing she's become a fangirl of Ash. xD

Zorua pretending to be Brock's child from the future- that was amazing! xD xD

There's just so many little things I could mention... but in short: you've done a great job with this fic.

I look forward to future chapters!
Riku Uzumaki chapter 122 . 22h
Now Squirtle has true Kamina glasses. His black ones were the right shape, but these new orange ones are the right shape AND the right color.
Rosie Vulpes chapter 267 . 7/15
So Team Galactic doesn't know that Ash can remind others? Or do they think that now they have the lake trio that he can't anymore? If so, that may give them an advantage. At least with Giratina. Did the lake trio set up anything for Arceus? Can Celebi do anything about reminding others, or at least helping them remember(maybe not everything but team galactic at least)?

What if they used abbreviations or avoid saying the names out loud(team galactic, Cyrus and any other name to do with this)? Would that bypass the whole memory thing?
Mark Dustin De Silva chapter 150 . 7/14
it seems that the team forgot some of the minor things
Mark Dustin De Silva chapter 149 . 7/14
the fates does not want ash dead
Mark Dustin De Silva chapter 148 . 7/14
im excited for the coming contest
Mark Dustin De Silva chapter 147 . 7/14
please could you let it happen that ash would catch a shinx
Mark Dustin De Silva chapter 146 . 7/14
how i wish that ash have gotten all three hoenn starters as well as in the sinnoh
Dragonbonded chapter 62 . 7/14
oh my goodness, poor Gary!
Mark Dustin De Silva chapter 145 . 7/14
im now really excited for the unova region
Mark Dustin De Silva chapter 144 . 7/14
so thats the mega stone that ash found in Mauville
Mark Dustin De Silva chapter 143 . 7/14
wow and when swablu evolves may's going to get a pokemon that can go mega
Mark Dustin De Silva chapter 142 . 7/14
so the dragons are also watching ash from their pocket dimension im so excited for the future chapters. Is it going to have two of each of them.
Rosie Vulpes chapter 216 . 7/14
So, are you gonna do Alola?( the reason I'm asking is because I love the Pokemon, Team Rocket's new thing(with the Bewear) and the father/son relationship between Ash and Kukui(particularly this, because I've adopted this as a headcanon after reading some brilliant fics)

If not, will Ash still capture some of the same Pokemon? And meet Professor Kukui and his students?
Rosie Vulpes chapter 205 . 7/14 have I only just realized the pun in Ash's last name is very much alike to the pun in Richie's name(by this I mean i didn't notice Richie's last name is also a pun.)
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