Reviews for Sai's Fragile Dream
Deeplove chapter 1 . 9/29/2013
Finally a fanfic that isn't written for Crow and Seto! As much as I love all the characters from Fragile Dreams, I wish that there was more out there for the other characters. This was a beautiful story. c: You should be proud of yourself for writing this.
2012001 chapter 1 . 8/11/2011
Let's start this review with a story.

Once upon a time jade304 couldn't sleep. (Given the video game, kinda ironic, huh?) So she decides to go open her phone and check out what fanfiction's up to. She clicks around and goes to Fragile Dreams, not expecting to find much, but instead finds this fanfic

SO. Not only have you created an amazing fanfic, but it doesn't hurt that it has my OTP from Fragile. x3 I really like these two. There's not enough love. I've written fanfics for them, but they seriously need more attention.

Hrm. Routa makes me picture the scientist from Crow's photo. And wasn't sai's plushie a piggy or am I blind? Ah, whatever. What matters is you satisfied my inner fangirl, you've moved me to write my longest review in some time, and you've created an awesome story.