Reviews for Scoundrel or Saint?
MRSSPICY chapter 20 . 8/8/2012
Hello again!

Now that I’ve caught up and read CH 20, I can now do an official review. So sorry – it has taken me long enough.

Dinah’s response to Harry’s book is certainly understandable. I felt the same way reading JKR’s rendition. Somehow I know Snape was a ‘good’ guy, even at the end of HBP. So since Dinah is so much in love with Sev, it is even easier for her to feel his loneliness and pain while appreciating his absolute strength in carrying on. I’m sure she’s going to crumble into sobs when Harry writes about Sev’s death. Heck – I’m tearing up just thinking about it. This is a very good section of your story and is quite believable.

OH NO! Lucy got a letter. But why isn’t that she upset about it? Doesn’t she understand? Lucy – Lucy – Lucy – go tell Dinah immediately! YIKES! Well – I see she went later, but I’m surprised she waited. With her Auror skills, I would think she’d want to do something right away.

And the white rose? I’m thinking maybe the link to Andre is too obvious. But if not him, then who? Who is this ministry contact? Also, I’m thinking the letter is a warning. Something is going to happen, and the letter writer doesn’t want Sirius and Lucy to get involved. But it doesn’t seem like he/she knows the Blacks too well. Good mystery writing, but I think I'm missing some important clue.

Ah, the book again – poor Dinah. BUT WAIT! How can Sev Apparate within Hogwarts? Or did you explain it somewhere prior why he can do that? I must have missed it.

The scene with Sev and Dinah at the end was awesome. I’m sure I could have read the end of DH without crying if Sev was holding me in his arms. (sniff)

As usual – excellent writing.
Amani Ishikawa chapter 24 . 6/22/2012
Finally! All caught up on this story! So Mae is miserable and apperently so is Andrew. I think Andrew overreacted though...typical man. Lol But I'm glad we finally have a name. Hopefully it won't wind up a dead end. Hope you update soon! :)
Amani Ishikawa chapter 14 . 3/23/2012
Lol oh yes. The mature scenes here were quite satisfying. Sorry I have been absent from reading but life's been nuts for me too. :( Been putting together application packets for teaching jobs and all. . I haven't even done writing of my own! -cries- I will move along to the next chapter now! :)

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MRSSPICY chapter 19 . 3/11/2012
The title alone makes me want to cry. Andrew – don’t be a stupid man! So, do you have a picture in your mind of whom Andrew looks like? Some actor out there we can identify with?

Gawd – that Cantrell is a creep! How dare he call Mae a Mudblood?

Your idea that Cantrell’s argument proves Muggle-borns aren’t as powerful as purebloods is a perfect analogy to some of our own culture’s active prejudices. Wonder writing!

OH NO! Now Cantrell is slamming Dinah! He better not let Sev hear that or the kid’ll be hexed to oblivion. Oh – I must have forgotten about Edgecombe being Muggle-born. He’s a Slytherin AND he’s Muggle-born? I can’t imagine that’s good! Refresh my memory about that. Ah – there – you did recap – now I remember! Thanks – LOL!

Okay – now some of Skeeter’s book detail comes out. Sev still a Death Eater? Sev weak? I’m going to hex Cantrell AND Skeeter myself!

Good – Andrew is talking to his friends about his problems with Mae. Hopefully they’ll convince him that Mae’s refusal wasn’t the end of everything. That’s cute how Andrew was worried his friends would think he was crying, but it was just his allergies.

What? He didn’t propose just because of his parents? Then why? (Must read on).

“She was his happiness.” * sigh * how beautiful.

Ugh – Patronus failure. But I’m sure it will happen eventually.

Now Dinah’s reading Potter’s book. LOL! That’s a great idea, by the way. And yeah – why is he making Snape out to be bad? It’s an autobiography, not a novel. Time for the Chosen One to correct Skeeter’s book and tell the world the truth. And I definitely see Sev’s point in that when Dinah gets to Sev’s death scene she’s NOT going to take it well. I see some angst coming.

Small grammar error (remove one 'had'):

You have: Because the reunited couple had not had been gifted the time for full lives of their own.

Corrected: Because the reunited couple had not been gifted the time for full lives of their own.

AH – potential insight? Will Mae take over History of Magic from Prof Binns? It looks like a great fit for her. Maybe she can take up the torch of teaching the wizarding world (and the students) the real history of the war – and not believe Skeeter’s trash. She sees that the ghost is getting tired, so maybe he needs to move on. Oh – so now all the ghosts have this tiredness? I suspect a new plot twist.

HA! Sev thinks Andrew is stupid AND an idiot. That’s telling him! But gosh, I would feel the same way – especially since the couple hasn’t seen each other in a while and teenage angst grows to monstrous proportions. And what’s in the book Sev gave Andrew? Curious.

Finally - at least our favorite couple is still in love.

Excellent chapter (again! LOL). Thanks for writing and update soon!
MRSSPICY chapter 18 . 2/24/2012
Hello again,

So – we open - still at the Airaldis as they admit that they wouldn’t be sharing all of their son’s stuff unless they thought the Snapes could help find their son. Even if it wasn’t for the fact that this trail might lead Dinah and Sev to the person sending the threatening letters, I bet Dinah would want to help the elderly couple anyway. She can’t help herself!

Dinah’s eyebrow thing was too cute. You have to wonder what facial expressions Sev is getting from Dinah?

Poor Mae and Andrew. It’s obvious that Andrew really loves her, it’s just that their way of handling the obstacles is different. Mae might have been better to accept Andrew’s proposal happily and then added the stipulations more slyly (keep it between themselves, no marriage till many years later – etc.), but that would have been a more Slytherin way of approaching things. And maybe if Andrew had paid attention to his Slytherin nature instead of blurting out the proposal (like a Gryffindor) – maybe things would have gone better for them. But I definitely understand Mae’s hesitancy – what with some of Andrew’s motives. Last chapter was a difficult but very realistic reaction to all of it.

So why were Mae and Andrew so late in coming to breakfast? Were they sort of hiding from each other? Making sure they avoided seeing each other till it was time to go? That seems plausible.

It’s funny – when Sev accepts to give Andrew separate Patronus lessons, he handles the agreement exactly like I mentioned above – that Slytherins don’t so anything without ‘stipulations,’ and Sev certainly proves that point.

So why does Andrew want so desperately to get his Patronus fixed? Does he think that if his Patronus manifests itself into something obviously ‘Mae’ related that it would prove to her he really does love her?

HA! If Sev is reading a book to the kids, I would never be able to hold a side conversation with Lucy – I’d be drooling over Sev’s voice! But I loved the wonderful paragraph you added with the brief backstory concerning Sev and Sirius’s history. It’s great to remind the readers how they got to this stage.

OH! What’s with the rattling window? SUSPICIOUS!

Good – finally Mae is going to spill the beans to Dinah.

YES! Dinah thinks like I do that Andrew wants his Patronus to prove to her how much he loves her.

And GOSH – It’s about time Mae was allowed to call Dinah by her given name. Personally, I think it should have been like that since they were friends during the youthening. (Just my opinion)

"Sev…er…us… Your name is so beautiful." OOOOH! This was so cool. I felt that zing – yup – I sure did.

Great writing (as usual). Hopefully everything is all right with you and you get some time to write soon.
Kat chapter 17 . 1/31/2012
When you said that there was a mature love scene that wasn't Dinah/Severus, I was convinced that someone was going to walk in on the Airaldis doing something kinky. I breathed a sigh of relief when the scene went to Mae and Andrew instead...LOL.
MRSSPICY chapter 17 . 1/29/2012
GOODIE! Another chapter, and we finally get to see the Airaldi castle. So what does the lady mean when she says “Is it him?” Is she talking about Severus? YES! She does know him. Perfect that you included the explanation of the Dementors and the Muggle village. I think that really helps explain things to the reader, but saying it again in this chapter is a god recap.

Yes – motherly love is the same the world over and certainly works as a bonding mechanism here. Ah, they know for sure now that the writing is Andre’s. And Sev is really mad and irritated at these people. He wants answers.

So, I forgot again – why did Umbridge help them? I see the older couple has not read Skeeter’s book (which I’m still dying to know what she wrote). But they do know a lot about Hogwarts and the Snapes. Maybe Sev and Dinah can set them straight.

I just love how you describe the food for every meal. It’s really a fun part to your stories. But it is interesting that they get invited to dinner. The Airaldi’s seem to have few friends or visitors, yet they let the Snape’s into their lives. I’m wondering if this is a trap. I’m on Sev’s side, and I’m suspicious.

Good that Sev realizes that Dinah will win the ‘snuggly and close’ argument. I’d sure really love to vacation on the Isle of Skye with Sev.

HA! Mae and Andrew – and I love the mention that Mae doesn't mind if he sneezes during sex! LOL! Poor Andrew. That would be SOOO inconvenient. And he PROPOSED! Yipee!

I have to admit that I keep thinking of them as kids (and truly, isn’t seventeen – or eighteen for that matter, still kids? I, of course, wasn’t a kid at eighteen LOL).

I think Mae was thinking the same thing. She does have a lot of guts and smarts to be able to tell Andrew the truth, though, but UGH! It’s all getting twisted. Can’t Dinah come to the rescue? Can’t Sev give his Slytherin twist?

Oh – this was a great chapter. Great low key, but romantic love scene. Can’t wait for more.
CommanderValeria chapter 17 . 1/28/2012
So I'm liking how we get into Mae's head and get to see how she ticks :-P The Airaldi's seem like nice people but I still don't trust them. Um...trying to think of things I haven't already told you...I'm excited to see how this develops because I know where it ends up but don't have specifics on how we got there :-P I don't want to give spoilers away to anyone reading the reviews before reading the story so I think it might be best if I stopped here :)
MRSSPICY chapter 16 . 1/20/2012
This is very cool that you’ve tried this chapter from Mae’s point of view. I think it helps us to understand her and Andrew’s relationship a bit better. It’s also kind of funny when Mae speaks about both Professor Snapes (Mrs. Professor Snape), instead of their adult names.

Your description of the ocean with the clouds, the sun in the distance and the dock is wonderful. Did you think of some past experience you might have had by the ocean? It seems so realistic.

I love Sev’s use of the word frivolity! I’ve used that before (even in a chapter title). It fits him so perfectly. And what about the fact that the Muggle village is deserted? Is it maybe a false image? Is the Airaldi’s castle hidden behind it?

Hmmm … Sev thinks the residents might be melancholy because of the Dementors, but that doesn’t make sense. If it were the Dementors, I think that over the years, people would have moved away, and there wouldn’t be anyone living there any more. (One note: The word Dementor should be capitalized.)

How cute that Dinah pushes Sev in! Bad Dinah! LOL! I can just picture him all wet. My thought would be that he probably doesn’t know how to swim, or maybe Dinah had taught him some other time.

OH NO! Andrew was going to say something sweet and a stupid Dementor intrudes. How dare it! And gosh – how incredibly inventive of you to have it come when they are swimming and the water turns to ice. Very good!

Excellent description of how Mae feels in the presence of the Dementors. Her sadness and depression would be exactly how I’d feel. I also liked how Andrew stopped his Patronus in order to encourage Mae to cast hers. And they do love each other (sigh). HA! The snake Patronus’ were the most powerful in the world. But that’s because of all the happy thoughts Dinah and Sev have of each other. It might be fun here to have Sev pull out a chocolate bar.

Ah – finally the castle is revealed. I can’t wait for the next chapter. Excellent writing. Can’t wait for more.
Amani Ishikawa chapter 13 . 1/4/2012
The fact that you included Umbridge is awesome. I know you didn't have enough room for many characters in TSK so this was a nice touch. I read this when I can though I must say I enjoy this story and it's element of mystery. I don't care what you say: you do mystery really well. I only hope mine will come off just as beautifully. :)

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Amani Ishikawa chapter 10 . 12/25/2011
Oh now that is an awesome twist! Dolores Umbridge! I can't wait to see what part she plays in all this! TSK didn't have any room for her do I figured she was bound to show up!

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Amani Ishikawa chapter 9 . 12/25/2011
Well I finally got some time to read more of this story. I kind of had an idea that Andrew's family didn't approve of Mae. I hope it woks out soon. Also it's interesting that you put Sev into the role of advisor. I knew there was no way he'd be subtle. XD

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MRSSPICY chapter 15 . 12/10/2011
UGH! I know how you feel about real life issues. Hopefully things are better for you now.

OH! Lisette is a major pain in the bum. Why is she so suspicious? Does she have some other agenda or is she simply being a pain?

So it looks like Andrew and Mae are still a little frosty toward each other. My thought is that something dangerous will happen – something life threatening – like the troll in the bathroom scene from SS - that will bring them closer together, and Andrew will forget about his parents and realize that Mae is more important than life. A brush with death always makes you focus on what's important.

Good transition chapter. Now let’s see what these Italians have up their sleeves.
brontefan chapter 15 . 12/5/2011
:) I enjoyed Mae's POV... Poor Severus having to put up with Dinah practicing Italian. :D Lol
MRSSPICY chapter 14 . 11/13/2011
OH NO! Boy – oh – BOY, do I see trouble! Dinah wants to take Mae and Andrew to the Airaldis? That seems really crazy. There are 20 dementors protecting the place, all of them put on guard to keep Voldie at bay – and yet, Dinah thinks she and Severus can actually get through? Even with all the passwords and stuff Umbridge gave them, I think it’s a long shot. And then to bring Mae and Andrew there? I have to agree with Sev – DON’T do it, Dinah. I suppose Dinah is so optimistic, maybe she doesn’t experience the depression that overwhelms most wizards when they are near dementors, or maybe she has such faith in Sev's abilities that she thinks they could overcome anything. But I still want to shake Dinah and say – ARE YOU CRAZY?

The statements that Sev makes about the books Harry has written are perfect! You have him pegged to a tee. And what a great idea having Harry's book writing coincide with JKR’s books. I'm sure the seventh book will be Dinah's undoing.

OOOOH – Dinah thinks Delores is a sadistic bitch! Then goes on to really rip the woman a new a-hole. She’s a “sadistic, narcissistic, psychopath slash sociopath.” Wow – I guess she won’t be invited to dinner anytime soon. LOL!

Ah, the love scene in the dungeon was quite stirring (ahem). So, Sev had himself ‘nipped.' Such a brave man, but it does help to not worry about consequences. And luckily, wizards do live a long time. Hopefully the ‘active’ years will extend at least into their 60s. One can only hope.

But good job on the love scenes. I think they will both applaud your writing skills. LOL!

Keep it coming!
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