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Matchmakingdove1028 chapter 22 . 5/18
Hey hey! I really loved this story (most probably the only fanfiction I've ever tried to read with a main OC and absolutely loved) and before I go ahead and read a bunch of your stories and the kind of sequel to this, I wanted to ask!

Where can I find the fanart for this story? There aren't any links on your profile so I thought i should ask lol
This story is a legend and the characterization was priceless. Keep up the awesome work my dude.
mssunnymuffins chapter 1 . 11/8/2016
the plus sign is not a thing you can use on fanfic, so, some corrections for my previous review...

24 plus 50 is 70

100 plus reveiws
mssunnymuffins chapter 22 . 11/8/2016
I didn't think she was supposed to die that early. Ivan said he would end their duel in about 50 years, right? 2450 is 74. Here she was 40 something.

But, that minor issue of mine aside, this story was fantastic. I mean, obviously your 100 reviews tell you that, and I don't think you even use the website anymore, but if you every stumble upon your old page, and see this, and have stopped writing altogether, smack yourself. I demand you smack yourself right this instant. Because this story is too good. First of all, the plot. Every inch of everything, and every hole i could think of was easily covered by a later chapter or explanation. It seemed you knew every word you were going to type before you did as every chain overlapped and every part of the story worked beautifully together for foreshadowed, yet unexpected, and completely logical plot twists. The idea was beautiful and beautifully executed. Next, there's the characters. Never before have I seen Germany characterized to be such a hard-ass. I personally imagine he's very sweet to women (not in a flirting way, more so gentlemanly) and awkward if he does try to flirt (easily embarrassed). However, stubborn, stick where the sun don't shine, Germany was very well done. He an Annie's rivalry/friendship was perfect to the very end. Speaking of Annie, I usually hate OCs. They tend to be terrible or annoying but Annie was hysterical, she had just the right mix of coolness and character flaws (people always forget the flaws. Your OC can't just be God), and was gorgeous comedic relief. Some other characters had some good things going for them, such as how sweet Arthur was through it all and Romano's arch to being less of an ass, but your two main focuses were by far the best. After that, we get to the incorporation of the Hetalia universe. I don't mean adding in countries, that's pretty easy to do, I mean how much thought you put into the countries' understanding of life, death, the value or lack of value of life (Especially human life), free will, their role, etc. Normally, covering the emotions and thoughts of ONE of these areas is tough for a story, but through different characters you expertly showed it all. It seems none of the countries care much for human life considering how they treat Annie when her loved ones die, and kill countless themselves, but at the same time they get it. The murder of Annie's mother ends up being an accident, and Prussia just brushes it off like nothing, meanwhile it's been tormenting Annie her whole life. That's powerful. Germany with his fight for free will is too good to even put into words. And then you have feudal Japan/ Nazi Germany. I just love that to pieces how it's kind of like...different modes of themselves because it allows Hetalia to get appropriately dark, while not discounting the characters we love and making them evil. I wonder what other modes there are. Shin Dynasty China, Pirate Arthur, Mafia boy Romano, and, oh god, Revolutionary France. I think that's a fantastic plot device and I just love it.

The story itself is packed with humor, emotion (perhaps one of the most powerful end scenes was me imagining the look on Germany's face as his brother crumpled to dirt in his embrace. Oh I cry.), TWISTS OMG, and is addictive. I basically just read a novel in, what, 3 days? So much for my homework or literally any of my obligations. This story was, and I cannot say it enough, amazing. Almost perfect. Thank you so much for writing and finishing it. I'm so happy I have that experience in my life. I know you might never read this, but just in case I'll press "post". Have a blessed day, and make sure you keep writing, even if just for kicks. You're too good to not.
AlexaRouge chapter 8 . 5/25/2016
"Wait, isn't Hungry a nation?"
. I'm sorry for laughing at this.
ArgentumPane chapter 2 . 5/7/2015
I like this already!
Skykitty37 chapter 13 . 4/18/2015
Well I'm not really complaining about it but I makes me wonder whether I'm happy or exhausted
Skykitty37 chapter 10 . 4/18/2015
Mind fucked
Those fucking chocolates were poisoned
Germany is dead
Shit my mind is so fucked up right now
I'm sorry that Im cursing so much in this review I'm just... wow... It's just... hard to explain my emotion
still love the story though :3
Krinos Bara chapter 22 . 2/5/2015
This is the second fanfiction I've read from you, the first being Seven Little Killers (Off-topic: WHERE THE FUCK IS SLK!? I HAD TWO MORE DAMN CHAPTERS LEFT. WHY IS IT GONE). This was a very good read, but once again my simple mind cannot keep up with the plot (probably due to me reading ff in the dead of the night too) (though it's hella easier than SLK) and I'm left feeling... melancholic.

You're horrible, Miss Authoress. Because you don't believe in happy endings. You don't believe in shallow plot twists to lessen impact. You believe and you write the cold, hard, disappointing, painful, truth. You're horrible. Because you are realistic.

I like that.

But I still feel melancholy. (Ah, I'll live, I suppose).

What's with you and fingore? (isn't that clever of me to think of?). In SLK (I know it was multi-author story but still...), Canada/America had to break their fingers to save people, right? In this story Russia broke five of Annie's fingers. The scenes weren't alike at all but still :/

Somehow I don't remember the deal between Russia and Annie (I should stop reading fanfiction so late at night...) so I couldn't figure out why Russia had to kill her. I know that she knew too much but why didn't they do it earlier? So she could live a few more years? I honestly can't remember.

I felt bad for Walter. He seemed like a really great guy. He was funny, caring, helpful, sweet... Wealthy... If I were Annie, I'd totally fall for him.

I also felt bad for that James(?) Bright guy. His poor kids. I do wish Annie could've told his daughter (the name escapes me) the truth. But oh well.

I did find some mistakes in the chapters. You seem to confuse past and present tense somehow, dropping -ed and an S or two. There was this one word you spelled totally wrong like twice but I can't remember it... I think you called Romano "Romiano" like twice too somehow :P

Anyways, this 'review' just ended up being me ranting about anything random that cones to mind when thinking of this story but I couldn't write a legit review for this anyways. I couldn't find the right words.

Um, bye?
skylaeatpie chapter 21 . 12/17/2014
I cried. This story... gosh there is so much to say but I don't have much time.

It was unique. It was a Hetalia story unlike any other. You brought back the sense of "Oh damn they are countries thats gotta suck a little" rather then all of the OC romances you find. This was beautiful and refreshing, thank you for writing such a masterpiece.
Rasa chapter 8 . 11/18/2014
*non-political not none political
MastermindKakashi chapter 22 . 9/2/2014
THis was good! I can defnintely tell a difference between your writing style then and now, but still PDG
CL2nd chapter 22 . 7/26/2014
Where to start...?
Well, quiet frankly, you are a great, no perfect, writer. I find few fanfictions that I say deserve to be real stories, but this one shows you are a excellent writer with a great imagination and understanding of how to get people's attention and hold. Originally, I started to read this story years ago, but having never heard of hetailia, stopped after a few chapters. Now I couldn't stop reading.
You have done a great jod of making something original, entertaining, and sounding realistic like it was actually part of hetalia. This is my first time reviewing, and I cannot find words to properly describe how I feel about this story.
So I'll just say awsome.
Also, write real books. The potential is obvious, and I think you'd be a big hit.
To finish, I respect your abilities, and think of you as a god of writing.
Thankyou for such a wonderful, indescribable well written fanfiction.
A Field of Starlight chapter 22 . 6/8/2014
This story... I'm not sure where to begin.

When at first I started reading this, I have to say that I was a bit put off by the spelling and grammar mistakes, but I figured that shouldn't matter, as long as the story was good. We all make mistakes. And I guess I was right to not drop this story. The ending... was absolutely perfect. Sweet, yet not overwhelmingly happy. The omakes were much the same. The way the story was organized, the plot twists and expert handling of the many, many characters, both canon and OC, that you put in this, how everything all tied together in the end... I loved it.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I hope you keep on writing and sharing.
Ississ-Perok chapter 21 . 6/4/2014
Best ending ever! I'm about to cry. Everything in this story connected, the characters were perfect, it didn't have a sappy 'everything is perfect in the world' ending! I just... I just cant deal with all of these feelings!
acrazyfangirl4 chapter 22 . 12/27/2013
This fanfic was brilliant. I know you are probably surprised that you are getting a review so late, but I just read the entire thing, and all I have to say is that it was brilliant. I loved how instead of pairing a OCxCountry like most people would, you made it different and it made this fanfic even better. Although I personally hoped that Annie would get Arthur and HRE did not come back so I could go on shipping Gerita with no problem... that is just me. Thank you for writing this is all I want to say. Please continue writing more brilliant stories!
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