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Guest chapter 165 . 10/30
Does... Nomad know what Wily did to Proto? Bc I can only imagine her reaction
Also someone give those two a hug like lordy
Guest chapter 165 . 10/21
Guest chapter 165 . 10/21
MegaManV chapter 165 . 10/16
Didn't expect anotger f-bomb in this fic. Not a fan of that word. Anywhoo another great chapter. hopefully Tallarico will be finally defeated. Gotta say though,she's tough. taking a beating from a Robot and Still be ok is impressive.

Also I'm adding Rehnquist as a potential canidate for the Conduit's identity. And finally,I hope Officer Rose refuses Tallarico's offer. I don't want him with the Conduit.

#SaveNomad #SaveToombs #KeepAshRoseGood
Little Kunai chapter 165 . 10/14
Break my heart why don't you! Argh! I don't see much hope for her now that she's deliberately attacked Tallarico.
Tailikku chapter 1 . 10/13
Knowing that Nomad is safestill using #SaveNomad ), I can actually get a bit of Fridge Brilliance off my chest: I checked years ending in 4 and containing Friday June 13th, and it appears that the year 20X4 is in fact 2074
lalalei chapter 165 . 10/13
Ooooooh wow. This was INCREDIBLE. First off I am SO glad Nomad was alright! If she ahd died I dunno what I (or ProtoMan) would have done XD;; but the nightmare's not over yet cause of Tallarico heading back...eep! I hope she gets her just desserts soon, or that Ash can convince her to stop!

The heartwarming moments with Proto and Nomad perfectly set up the tension of the alter parts of the chapter, especially the fight scenes, and Dick Ferguson's death was extremely well-done. The reveal about Governor Deacon and Tallarico makes a lot of sense o.o Agent Cotto and Grimmie's scene was really sweet too. I feel like there used to be some good in Wily but not so much anymore XD; But it doesn't mean ALL hope is lost for everyone! I wonder what it would take for him to turn good or at least stop an attack or something. maybe something to do with Protoman.

Tron's part of the scene was funny, but Tiesel's was intense and worrying o.o Is the Conduit planning on using Nomad as the subject for the virus!? Aaaaaah!

The entire lab scenes and the flight and fight scenes were REALLY intense, especially Mega and Proto's argument, when Proto was shot, Nomad was electrocuted, and Proro rampaged on the corrupt bots! Him destroying their memory cores like that could deprive them of evidence, though I'd be super angry if someone shot the love of my life too D: I was getting really antsy cause I couldn't read fast enough to see how things went! And things STILL aren't over... I'm so glad Nomad's alright though! And Ferguson became Mr. Wire after his news program was

...We haven't seen Dr. Wily at all this chapter. I imagine he's glued to the news or something XD
darkmachines chapter 165 . 10/13
Ok gave me a bit of a scare there. Well, you on a roll with chapter again. Please keep the great work up and look forward to more Megaman and Protoman.
Guest chapter 165 . 10/13

Guest chapter 164 . 10/8
It's spectacular like always, but still waiting and imagining one certain SERIOUS brother spilling hus bad experience in detail
MegaManV chapter 164 . 9/25
William Cochran has just become a prime canidate for the identity of the Conduit. I hope Ash Rose refuses Tallarico's offer. I'd hate for him to go to the dark side. Wily is as crazy as ever.

#SaveNomad #SaveToombs
Little Kunai chapter 164 . 9/24

Ugh, what a horrible mess! Little William dearest has become even worse! And its not like Kramer was any better, he had some nerve. Cossack may respect the Lights, but father's instincts and all oof! That won't be a pretty phone-call. Good for Thomas Light for catching inconsistencies with the independent scientist bit of Tallarico's story. Hopefully he can get a lawyer or something before she strikes.

Who made the jadous spheres anyway?
Flying Caesar chapter 164 . 9/24
Sky Daybreak chapter 164 . 9/23
#save nomad.

She has taught proto as much as he has taught her. Funny thing, she has brought out more humanity in him than the "humans" have ever inspired in him. He's always been a good person deep down, not wanting to kill or hurt humans, but she has softened his character. She was the first to show him unconditional love (that he accepted as such anyway). I would hate to see that end.

Honestly, i think him loosing her will set him on the lonesome sojourner path, like in the games. Wandering around, watching over everyone to help, but aloof. Not wanting to really be close to anyone, you know?

Regardless, please do what you think is best for the story. You have done a great job and are really committed to this story. Its yours, so do what you think needs to happen. I want you to feel inspired to write. so you need to follow your heart and inner narrator.

Wow, longest review ever from me! That's all. Take care!
BMG chapter 164 . 9/21
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