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Spiked Dragon chapter 157 . 4/23
Once more another awesome chapter, if you need help for the next interlude title here's one I thought of... Feelings of Love. Definitely looking forward to more interaction between Bass and Roll :)
Kid Eternity chapter 145 . 3/7
Question. In this universe, is it possible for Mega and Proto to remove their armors to look more human? There's mention of disguises for Proto. This is also true for the Archie version, since they do remove their armor from time to time to appear more human.
Guest chapter 9 . 3/1
When are you going to do the Megaman x episode? Ima DIE'N FOR IT! But luv the story so far ( all the feels with Proto; wanted to strangle Wily when he was torturing him*cries*)
MegaManV chapter 157 . 2/29
Great Eploge. It's only a matter of time before Bass face turns. Also Auto and King will be Light and Wily's next bots respectively.

So,you're taking a page out of BlackRussian's book and adapt the Animated series huh? I will be doing that too soon...well kinda,It'll be based on my rebooted RS Universe. As for the X-Over,can you give me a hint. I bet it's a 24 X-over,since it's a franchise you seem to love.

Keep up the gokd work.
tourise chapter 157 . 2/26
Another nice chapter. Stay safe, we all looking for more works from you.
Mega DMX chapter 157 . 2/26
Once again you have impressed me. Are going to make some changes on three
of the worse episode?
Gancena chapter 157 . 2/26
Bass having the ability to not be as much of a jerk as he could actually be CONFIRMED.

It's almost time for the next generation of creations to make themselves known... Almost. I can feel it.
Little Kunai chapter 157 . 2/26
What?! They're pinning the whole thing on Wily? For what purpose? Ugh. Politicians are just so...ugh...

So Wily finally used the shard eh? Well only one name came to my mind. Zero. :D
darkmachines chapter 157 . 2/26
Another great arc finish. Keep up your great work and look forward to your future plans.
Enci897 chapter 157 . 2/26
I am so happy about this chapter! I have my theories about who might be Wily's ultimate creation and Dr. Light is working on something too. That shard seems really dangerous and Wily will be use it for his new creation? I am curious how will the Roboenza work out, but i think it won't be as good as Tron thinks. I can imagine that all of the robots will go berserkn and not just the Wily ones.

I hope you are better now, and your problems are no longer exist.
As always i will wait for the next chapter, but i hope i can read it soon. :)
lalalei chapter 157 . 2/26
First off, it's great to see this back! Congrats on over 1000 reviews, too :)

I had to laugh at Allen's scene, hiss mug self-assuredness fading instantly as soon as the StarDroids' bodies did XD So they're pinning it all on Wily, eh... Here's hoping that doesn't give him any ideas XD

I went 'aww' at Brain Bot being sad about Duo leaving, but that he was happy and proud of himself too :) I bet Duo will return in the series finale, or close to it, if something REALLY big ever came up! I d'aawwed at Peekaboo hugging Roll, too x3 So cute!

Tron and Tiesel's scene was short and to the point XD Neat to see Tiesel get the last laugh on his sister, even though we know WHY D: Tallarico's scene was really interesting! The ice queen's defrosting, but what that means for her and the Conduit is still unknown. if the Conduit ever finds out that she LIKES likes Ash there could be major trouble for everyone involved D:

Bass and Duo's scene was also really neat o.o Reminds me of the Power Fighters arcade game! I wonder what his sense of justice will lead to. he knows Wily wants Mega Man's entire family out of the way, or turned to his side... I just hope that when the time comes, whatever it is, he'll make the right choice.

Mega and Proto's scene was really touching and bittersweet. I felt really bad for Mega as he talked about not feeling like Rock until the war's over, and shared his worry over Dr. Light... Maybe they'll find out what the secret project is soon, and maybe even help on it :) I hope Proto had a good time with Nomad. I wonder what episode 15 will be about...

Ohhhh man. that last scene. THE WORLD IS DOOMED! or at least very close to it XD I wonder what could POSSIBLY be big enough to be powered by that shard! Maybe the Wily Star from Mega Man V? That's the only really big thing I can think of XD Here's hoping we don't see a Project G-3 any time soon...
DestinyZX chapter 157 . 2/25
You kept a lot of us waiting MB. You delivered on all fronts. Episode 14 comes to a close and with it, Duo moving on. However I feel that he had an effect on everyone involved, even Bass. Wow.

And Teisel... yep, his virus is ready but he hopes that it'll be enough to get him off the hook. He has no idea and if his family were to find out, he'd be ruined. And the Conduit won't be dealing with that.

Oh and Wily... now he knows how powerful the Jadous Sphere is. Man... he has an advantage. With something like that, the world will be his.

I'm more curious as to what the interlude will bring and Episode 15. I look forward to more MB. #Defender
Gancena chapter 156 . 2/5

Oh, hey, I just remembered that my last review was the thousandth on this fic. Congratulations! *confetti*

That actually went way better than I hoped, and the thing about the track still applies. Yes. It was almost like a third Gamma. ...Or a second Mad Grinder? lol

Anyway, see you later. Glad to finally be on the same page as everyone else!
Gancena chapter 155 . 2/5
If the next chapter goes how I certainly hope it'll go, I've got the perfect track(s) for this entire battle. I'll explain later.

I don't know what I was expecting regarding Luna. I literally don't remember. But I was actually all "D8" when it turned out he needed so much material that THE FREAKING BUILDING collapsed on itself just to do the job.

And water yew doing, Neptune? Geez. I'mma turn the page and find out now.
Gancena chapter 154 . 2/4

That-That's for the little Deadly Alliance reference (which I actually totally missed) and Roboenza AND the Zapper.

I gotta admit, though... The virus somehow feels less scary to me now that we know it's THE Roboenza. I guess it's because now I can quantify it in terms of something I know we can handle.

So I'm gonna turn the page and see how the big battle plays out.
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