Reviews for Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race
Dead Pann chapter 22 . 6/27
I hope Vic-Tec ends up building Tetsujin 28 (a.k.a Gigantor) when they realize it would be easier for them to build an RC robot instead of an automated one.
Dead Pann chapter 17 . 6/27
I wonder how Wily would react if someone pointed out that he is relying on Dr. Light to be fall guy when Wily claims he doesn't want to rely on him at all.
Dead Pann chapter 6 . 6/26
Super Fighting Robots...Tetsujin 28? Mazinger Z? Getter Robo? Warsman?
MegaManV chapter 154 . 6/25
As usual Proto has some great dialoge

Also,It's kinda weird to see Roll scared,she's usually so brave.

I knew Sunstar wasn't planing to stick with Wily. I think the forces of Wily and Light may have to team up to end the Stardroids. 10-1 says "Luna" is either Ra-Moon or Dark Moon,the Stardroid Devil.

Man Tron's a Psycho! hope she's stopped soon.

So Roboenza makes its Defenderverse debut. Should be interesting.

as I said to you,No More Mega Man X RS. One of the reasons why I stopped is because of the New Mega Man Animated Series. It might be based on the X series.

Anyway,cool review as always.
darkmachines chapter 154 . 6/22
Well, another impressive chapter. Good set up, yet I'm surprised Megamon can't combine with Rush yet to have his flight and power mode like in game 7 I think. Wonder if Roll and Proto was have same thing too. So keep that great work up.

Not such if you a interests in my stories, but if you have time, I would like you to check them out and tell want you think please.
Mega DMX chapter 154 . 6/22
Best chapter so far :)
Enci897 chapter 154 . 6/22
Things are going interesting. The Stardroids on the loose, and the virus is going to cause problems in the future. I've had that feeling that virus is maybe from Megaman 10. I got right i guess. :D
Little Kunai chapter 154 . 6/22
Giggles at the Zapper reference. Oh how many happy hours I spent playing Duck Hunt and Hogan's Alley as a kid.

Tron you are an idiot, a fan girl and scary as hell. Tiesel you are a bigger idiot and your about to screw a lot of innocent robots with that damn virus. *shakes head*

I'm sure whether Sunstar was trying to create competition between Bass and Terra or a back up plan for when Bass tries to double cross them? He seems pretty tricky.

I'm glad Mega got Roll back in the fight, they'll need every single bit of help and he's right its ok to be scared, because these guys are scary as hell!

I really, really hope Luna doesn't get resurrected.
lalalei chapter 154 . 6/21
Ohhhhhh man. Everything in this chapter was a slow boil, even as the forces of good became more powerful! Bass got more powerful too o_o but at a price. i wonder if he'll still have his deflector shields and other advanced senses now that Luna's life force has been stripped away. Roll's new gun is an interesting, and potentially dangerous, weapon o.o reminds me of her super-powerful Charge Shot from a cell phone release of Mega Man 1. They're really pulling out all the stops here, too, with Galaxy Man's weapon being transmitted!

I really like how Mega Man was able to help both Roll and Duo out :) He's such a good person! Can't say the same fort Wily and the Stardroids, though XD I am seriously scared for Roll in the upcoming fight!

I'm glad that Kalinka wasn't in danger, but that poor housekeeper D: And she saw Tron, so she knows she's not a robot! Mega Man will be worried/angry if news like this gets out... and Tron got away, too...

...That virus. That name. Of everything I was expecting, that wasn't it. Ohhhhh snap crackle pop. I guess for now, all we can do is wait until it all ends... and the consequences that will come of it.

...Wily's using that shard, too... I wonder if he'd power up just Bass, or his entire army o.o
DestinyZX chapter 154 . 6/21
Waited a while but I need to make sure I provide this review before I do so.

Yep. This is becoming dire all over. Wily has aligned with the Stardroids & Sunstar whereas Team Light is allied with Duo. Although I notice both sides having doubts and concerns. This can change things in the coming battle. I'm more curious about the upgrades Proto and Tango have. Can't wait.

Poor poor Tron. She screwed up big on trying to teach Kalinka a lesson but she screwed up even more as her virus helped Teisel create something dangerous. The Conduit may be pleased with it but I know the rest of the world won't be. Man this is bad. Really bad.

But I wonder now that Bass is no longer connected to Luna's life energy, will he still be just as dangerous or toned down. Who knows. This is where things get interesting.

I look forward to the next one and here's hoping you reach a million words. #Defender4Life Can't wait.
Fox McCloude chapter 147 . 6/5
Phew, sorry I haven't left any reviews in so long, been too busy dealing with issues with both my desktop PC and laptop. At the very least I've reached the latest episode now, that's a good thing.

Anyway, I've really liked how you've handled the story and the characters so far, especially Proto finally turning to the good side for real. He has a lot of work to do to gain everyone's trust, but with Roll seeing his "hidden side" with Nomad might make it easier. When you introduced the Bonnes, I kinda saw coming that Tron would react exactly she did with Mega and Kalinka's relationship. That's material for a good side-plot (wonder if there's any of that in the remaining chapters I have yet to read). And at this point, even with Wily still at large, the Conduit seems to be the biggest threat, as they're lurking in the shadows and everyone knows very little of them so far (and having an asset as the Chief of the Police force is a terrifying thought in itself).

Overall, the story goes great, keep up the good work.
Enci897 chapter 153 . 5/11
I hope you continue this story, this is one of the best stories that i read in this site. :)
MegaManV chapter 153 . 5/9
10-20 bucks says that Sunstar will turn on Wily. Also,it's great to see Duo in action.

Ruby-Spears Mega Man X will be finished soon. In the mean time,check out the RS Timeline,its up now and in 3 parts.

Keep up the good work,MB
Enci897 chapter 77 . 5/6
This chapter was very good :D Finally Bass is arrived :D
darkmachines chapter 153 . 4/27
Well, things look bad for our heroes. I look forward to read what will happen next. Still hoping for a team with Mega man and the Robot Masters. Also with Proto's new updated look too.
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