Reviews for Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race
Mega DMX chapter 168 . 5/17
Don't get your hopes up yet, Wily.
Just anotherAnon chapter 168 . 5/13
My lord, you write villain characters well! I absolutely love the developments between Proto and Wily because you don’t go for that “when I get you back, I’m going to kill you! (Insert evil laugh)” you take into account emotions, past altercations between the two, you have Wily recognize his want for Proto to be back by his side

This is great, you’re amazing, I can’t wait for your next installment!
cornholio4 chapter 168 . 5/13
Hoping that the virus fails and we see karma against this conspiracy
Marytt Cl chapter 168 . 5/12
Very well Grimmie, you could notice the somewhat suspicious attitude of Rehnquist, I hope he starts to investigate and that evil is finally discovered, liar, and that all fall, cares about their Birdbots, but the other robots are also innocent, it is horrible what they want to do
Tallarico lost everything and he deserves it too, Tiesel starts to feel a little conscience, to see if he does the right thing ... these brothers are also crazy sometimes O.o
I also thought about the possibility of ProtoMan joining Wily to use it to rescue Nomad, but after thinking about it, better not, there is a lot to lose, apart from the fact that he can not fully trust Wily, also the people and all of them no longer will again trust ProtoMan again :(.
And Wily still trusts that ProtoMan can return to his side ... it's sad to remember that before everything, even before MegaMan existed and the others, they were Wily and ProtoMan against the world ... but he ruined everything and never recognized his fault, so he deserves it.
But ProtoM, he is hurt, alone, being persecuted and he has no idea where this Soprano is, I hope that MegaMan and Roll can find him, fight together together, discover the bad guys and rescue Soprano.
Thanks, I hope you can update soon :)
Little Kunai chapter 168 . 5/12
I'm glad Grimmie has incredibly sharp instincts and doesn't ignore them easily. Good observation skills too. I think the noose may be getting ready to close over Loath as well. (Hopefully) Insane little weasel.

Glyde is umm...interesting. And kind of creepy.

Both of the Bonne children are horrible little monsters.

I'm glad Proto was smart enough to steer clear of Wily. Plus it would take valuable time away from Nomad"s rescue.

Is this how the age of robot masters ends?
lalalei chapter 168 . 5/12
I was wanting to punch 'Rehnquist' in his lying face and cheering for Grimmie's suspicions during the entire talk :D You are a master at suspense! Keeping the focus on Loath and Glyde for the first half was a neat way to get into their mindsets. Implicating Deacon like that was scary o.o Whatever his faults, Loath is good at framing people XD yay for Peekaboo and Tango helping too! I can see Beat getting into a rivalry with the Birdbots, heehee.

Ooooh man, things between Tiesel and tron have hit a breaking point, and they both have good points. Pleeeease reconsider, Tiesel! Maybe Tron can help out somehow? Or Bon?

I was seriously freaking out at Proto potentially rejoining Wily out of necessitiy to the point I actually thought he might! I'm really glad he said no, though, and now he knows a little about his plans and his dissatisfaction with Bass, too! I wonder how much of that was genuine and how much was manipulating. (Bass would be steamed if he heard it XD) And Wily's not giving up...

Aaaaand Roboenza will be officially in play. Great. D8
Marytt Cl chapter 165 . 4/18
Hi, I sent you a message by inbox u
cornholio4 chapter 167 . 4/2
Hope to see the downfall of the anti robot villains like miss t soon
Little Kunai chapter 167 . 3/27
Wily seems to have forgotten how smart Proto is and how dumb some of the robot masters are.

Thank goodness for Wersching's instincts.

I hope Proto gets there in time, if anyone can pull a rabbit out of the hat its him!

Mega DMX chapter 167 . 3/27
Awesome chapter! Glad Proto Man stay good.
Marytt Cl chapter 167 . 3/26
As I did not see that you updated, thank you, I loved the chapter, yeah.
ProtoMan was able to escape, he was very smart, he was very worried, he was afraid of being attacked, because he was surrounded, but very smart, as always: v but he is still very hurt and he is wanted, both by the police and by Wily's robots.
I do not like Bass very much, but he let ProtoMan go, he earned some points ... but now he is being watched by DarkMan.
Wily is also suspicious about the sudden disappearance of MegaMan, he will realize that strange things are happening.
I'm glad that MegaMan has awakened and can tell what happened, what that Tallarico witch did, and stop the plans of The Conduit and his team on time ... I hope, and that Nomad can go well T.T
It's amazing, I hope I can read the continuation soon, thanks u
And Yes, that emotion MegaMan 11 * u *
lalalei chapter 167 . 3/25
I was seriously sweating in the opening scene wondering how Protoman was gonna get out of it! I half expected Wily to temporarily ally with him or let him go but put a tracking device on him, but he's too evil for that XD I cheered when he used the old handshake-to-take-your-power trick! Wily did have some points re: Proto and the humans though. Hopefully they can sort those feelings out! At least Bass let him go... even if Treble was confused. XD

o_o at least the strain they plan to use on Nomas is non-fatal. that's the ONE piece of good news Loath's calls brought XD He sure has a fitting last name! I wonder what Glyde and his Birdbots will be observing.

Ooooh man! Go Lynn Wesrching! Follow those suspicions! Save the day! Or at least make it a little more bearable before we all spontaneously combust XD Cotto's suspicions of Tallarico are well-founded. Hopefully he can help too!

I figured Ash wouldn't want to join Tallarico. And they were all being spied on... If this keeps up the Conduit won't have ANY assets left. ...Oh no, what if he uses the Mindcracker on Ash? D: And o.o at Wily having Dark Man keep tabs on Bass... that's a pretty smart move since we know he let Proto get away once but not again.

Oh hey, Morris the robo-butler is okay too! XD I'm glad Peekaboo was alright, poor little guy! now that Mega Man gave enough evidence to incriminate Tallarico, hopefully Cotto, the FBI, and the police can help arrest her! I bet Roll, Tango, Beat, and Rush will do cool stuff in the following chapters :D

...I just remembered Dr. Cossack learned about Kalinka x Mega Man recently. D:

I'm excited for whatever you use from Mega Man 11, too!
Marytt Cl chapter 166 . 3/9
Nooo, it can not be, I'm dying to read the continuation. Sniff made me want to cry to see ProtoMan so desperate to save Nomad, and everything looks very bad, I hate El Conduit, that witch Tallarico and all his accomplices, I hate them and I hope all their plans are ruined and pay for all the damage and deaths they caused.
I do not want Nomad to die, I'm usually very jealous of ProtoMan, but she likes me, #SaveNomad

Seriously I spend mornings, afternoons and nights reading your story, and I love it every second, I would like to read the continuation.

Now Wily appears, I wonder what I plan now, I just hope he does not continue to hurt ProtoMan, at least he seems to care about him, but sometimes his way of worrying is more frightening.
I hope that MegaMan and Roll wake up soon.
I'll wait for the continuation, thanks

I regret my mistakes, I use translator

Marytt Cl chapter 112 . 3/2
wow I love the story, I like Nomad, I also feel sorry for her, I hope she can improve her situation soon.
I'm very upset with Willy, how could he do something like that to Protoman, he was the only one who really appreciated him, who saw him as his father, who could leave him like Bass decided to stay with Willy, and saved him from Mega Man so many Sometimes ... I hate it.
I will read the continuation, thank you very much :)

Marytt Cl chapter 55 . 2/26
I'm about to cry with Chapter 55 : '( How sad ... yes, the scene of the Mega Man and Proto Man conversation was my favorite, I would like it not to end, that everything goes well T.T
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