Reviews for Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race
MegaManV chapter 160 . 3/1
The Conduit finally shows himsef. Bet anything,he'll be an RS version of from Battle Network...or maybe Ruby Spears Mr.X OR RS Xander Payne. Cant wait to read the next chapters.
tourise chapter 160 . 2/23
Proto Man to Mega Man: It's you who made me attend that interview which I really don't want to, and it's you who told me to speak out my mind and tell people what my feelings are, which I actually DID, and now you are blaming me for that? If you don't want to hear something you don't want me to tell people, why don't you simply made up a draft and made me read it out. Of course you wouldn't know, because it's me who has been treated different by those human you sworn to protect, not you! Not you at all!

(This isn't exactly a review, it's just what I think in Proto Man's stance. I am just joking, don't take this too seriously.)
Gancena chapter 160 . 2/22
hello darkness my old friend

bruh I thought for sure you were about to get the Chief shot, but what actually happened was arguably worse. people feel needles, man

Proto may have been hard-handed, but I'm glad that this conversation about robotic treatment is coming to the forefront of the nation's mind. Like I've said in the past, it's something I've thought about as a reader, and I'm glad it's getting addressed.

And oh, my god? I can't flippin' believe we actually saw The Conduit, so to speak. I mean, if there were a visual, it'd clearly still be a shadowed image, bu E. It's more than we've ever seen. Ever!

nerd finally composing his own theme song 3

So I'll be over here pretending I'm *not* screaming internally at all this. See you soon!
Introverted Geek Girl chapter 160 . 2/22
Little Kunai chapter 160 . 2/21
What a helluva day. I have no idea why he was so upset with Proto's line of speech? It fuels discussion. However Proto is gonna hafta learn that he has bitten these people one too many times so it will take a lot of time to gain there trust.
Tailikku chapter 160 . 2/21
I felt that at some point we would find out what gender the Conduit is. I myself have a few theories in mind as to who he might be: Glyde Loathe (considering that he is a loan shark to the Bonnes in his game of origin and has grappled with Trigger), Sigma (remember, Roboenza is the technical precursor to the Sigma virus, and considering that X and Zero are still being built), Dr. Weil (the middle aged design used by Archie, as he has been shown to be as bad if not worse than Wily). And we finally got ourselves yet another crowning music of awesome with Blues' Theme
darkmachines chapter 160 . 2/21
Well, it been a long while, but I'm happy to see your still continue one. Please keep the great working going and what this arc will bring too.
lalalei chapter 160 . 2/21
Ohhhhh man. This chapter was insane. SO much stuff happened AND IT'S ONLY MONDAY! AAAAAUGH!

Proto's interview making things worse, everyone's reactions to said interview, Tron's scheme, the Conduit's scheme, Toombs being in a coma... and we FINALLY see that the Conduit is a human man! Supposedly. :P I kinda picture him as Dr. Claw from inspector Gadget until further notice XD

Out of everything that went down this chapter it was the little details that worried me most, like Wily latching onto Proto saying he didn't hate all humans and using it as leverage to make himself feel better, and the looming reminder that the week is only going to get worse from here.

Oh. My gosh. Again.
Olive chapter 159 . 11/22/2016
Glad to see you're back!Loved the newest chapter!Can't wait for more!I really love how this is going btw it flows so nicely!Also you've managed to get me to ship Proto and Monad
MegaManV chapter 159 . 11/11/2016
Yay! You finally updated. Gotta say,I'm starting to love Proto/Nomad. Also,I see you truly are a Bass/Roll shipper. That's cool. I just started supporting that pairing for the Classic series. Toombs is such a cool guy,hope he gets cleared of charges and Tallarico gets what she deserves.

And Wily's bot is either gonna be King or Zero. Light's new bot is likely Auto.

Great chapter. Hope you post frequently.
Gancena chapter 159 . 11/8/2016
I made a wise decision by making sure I met NaNo quota before coming over here because GOD. you are doing me a frighten I am literally more terrified about this tha was about the election. Someone is going to die and I am probably going to die when it happens

But thEN, OH MY GOD?! Proto and Nomad went into the backseat!? dUDE... I am absolutely convinced they did the do. DUDE (also brief shoutout to the Cola-Cola museum. The backseat overrode it but GOD)

Weh. I was hoping Tron was gonna crunch down on Tiesel, but leave it to wrath to shift her focus. lol I bet they're gonna end up being friends tho I'm calling it right now

Little Kunai chapter 159 . 11/8/2016
I just adore Proto and Nomad. X3

Ugh, Tron Bonne needs a reality check! Maybe a good kick in the rear too. Xo

I'm assuming this is Toombs last hurrah huh? :(

I'm just dying of anticipation! Who is this mystery bot?

Guest chapter 159 . 11/8/2016
Everything about this is amazing. EVERYTHING. My favorite thing though is the fact that Nomad initiated the kiss. I feel like she's becoming more and more confident and secure and I love it so much.
Thanks for another fabulous update.
MegaDMX chapter 159 . 11/8/2016
I was wondering where Nomad has been doing.
Fox McCloude chapter 159 . 11/8/2016
Why do I have the feeling Wily's just ASKING for that little new project of his to turn on him? All hell is gonna break loose, I can see it coming. And it's gonna be AWESOME.
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