Reviews for years go by, but the day stays the same
Regin Ash chapter 1 . 4/17/2012
I liked it. Very funny and yet according to character. It doesn't take much imagining to see Korso ready to rip Preed to shreds over something as small as a birthday. Love it!
The Sylver Lining chapter 1 . 8/10/2011
The SOUNDS I just made. I am so serious, I read this whole thing with my chin in my hands, smiling like an idiot. You have no idea how HAPPY it makes me that you wrote this, DO YOU REALIZE YOU ARE THE FIRST OTHER KORSO/PREED WRITER I HAVE EVER READ? Ever? And how ridiculously, unbelievably happy you've made me today? xD It shouldn't even - it IS that important, it really is, and thank you SO. MUCH. For writing this. And thanking me! I really didn't expect that, honey. Thank you. I'm so glad my weirdass writings have had a positive effect on you. (And I'd certainly call writing this POSITIVE.)

Oh man. Too many brilliant lines. Particularly the image of Korso looking in the mirror and Preed sneaking up and peering at him, "WRINKLLLEEESS? 3~" And SINGING, no GORRAM SINGING (And there we have the Firefly, I believe? :D Makes total sense; I'm convinced they take place in the same Whedonverse!) and the fact that AKIMA IS IN ON THIS, OF COURSE SHE IS, and just-

Just LITTLE THINGS like "the crew, and by extension, THE UNIVERSE," because YES, you just KNOW that the moment ANY of them found out, they would be on the space-phone and Akima would be on a conference call with Stith, like "guuuuurrrll, you will NEVER believe what I just found out" and Gune would be like "oh, oh, oh my dear scientific colleagues, what would the cause be for the strange noises Gune hears coming from above at night? They are most bizarre, and I suspect Gune has discovered a new spacial anomaly! The sounds are, approximately, UNF UNF UNF; I have enclosed a recording for your edification..."


I only caught a few little grammatical things, and tense-change wonkiness. (I LOVE that it's in the present tense! It's an underrated tense, and my favorite. ... I have a favorite tense. That's weird.) It's nothing huge, but I can tell you what I saw if you'd like. (I'm sorry, I CANNOT turn off my inner editor. xD It's automatic by now.)

But that is SO SMALL compared to the AWESOMENESS this is, that I don't even want you to feel like I care about that at all. I love this completely, and want MOAR. Too much wonderfulness. You have made my WEEK. THANK YOU FOR THIS. Please, PLEASE continue. I am not above begging, or groveling. Clearly.
Rachel chapter 1 . 8/9/2011
Thank you. Just thank you :) you know how much I love this story :) I want a sequel. Just saying.