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Jaakuna Hebi chapter 16 . 10/7/2011
Demigod, Monster, or Demon:Demon

Name: Alex

Age: same as Dante

Godly parent:Set

Gender: Male

Hair/Fur/Scales Color:Midnight black curly hair just long enough to get in his eyes green eyes pale white skin

Height: 5'7

Length: ...

History:He is Dante's twin brother he was kidnaped by a demon when he was 3 but when the demon relized he was a son of set he pased him on to The giant snake guy whos name I can't remember and he told him lies about the gods and that they abandoned him Alex may be evil but he is still evil and less chaotic then his brother

Reason to be Evil: Didn't the part in the history kind of explain that?

Weapons: Two golden daggers and one giant bronze sword

Powers: He doesn't know how to use a combat avatar yet but he can use some storm magic and summon some minor monsters

Is He/She/It able to die: it's up to you

More than one: ...

I hope Dante comes into the story again soon _
Jaakuna Hebi chapter 15 . 10/7/2011
Jaakuna Hebi chapter 14 . 10/7/2011
Bit confusing still good
Jaakuna Hebi chapter 13 . 10/7/2011
So sorry I was grounded
TheOtherUsernamesWereTaken chapter 16 . 10/3/2011
Ehhh,why not... Hope this gets a chance.

Demigod, Monster, or Demon: Immortal demigod

Name: Hexus, Hex for short.

Age (demigods only): immortal, stuck at 15

Godly Parent(demigods only): Khonsu

Gender: Male

Hair/Fur/Scales color (appearance): Silver hair, silvery blue eyes, pale skin and mostly dresses in white. (Wow... Doesn't he look evil? D *cough* sarcasm *cough*)

Height: 6'

Length(monsters only):

History: "He played a game with the devil himself" as the quote goes, but replace the devil with his father and earned himself immorality. His mother died when he was five but he speaks to her at special times.

Reason to be Evil/ Reason to hate Camp Pharoah: He doesn't hate it, there's nothing else to do, and besides... He gets paid. He's not your evil genius who despises the good characters with extreme force, he doesn't even dislike them! Maybe he gets annoyed now and then but it's nothing personal. I guess he just needs a nudge from some person or thing to be good.

Personality(Demons and Demigods only): Sarcastic, arrogant, intelligent, mostly relaxed. You know.. Your typical con-artist with hidden secret weaknesses. The classic evil teenage idiot.

Weapons: He's got two daggers on him most of the time, but when he doesn't or needs a big weapon, he reaches into the Duat where he has half a arsenal hidden,mostly when in need of a big weapon, he pulls out a giant silvery scythe.

Powers: Unusually good memory, superhuman strength, superhuman sight, able to see certain things in the future at dangerous times and pause time for up to an hour though he saves that up for special moments.

Is He/She/It able to die: Nope, immortality rules!

Is there more than one of them(monsters only):

And there you go. Is it helpful? I certainly hope it is.. Nice story though, I love the pairings! You could write your own book with demigods if you wanted to actually. Keep going with it.
Kronossucks0909 chapter 16 . 10/2/2011
Demigod, Monster, or Demon: Demigod

Name:Alexander Rogers or just Alex

Age (demigods only): 16

Godly Parent(demigods only): Son of Set

Gender: Male

Hair/Fur/Scales color: Black hair color

Height: 6' 2"

Length(monsters only):

History: Used to go to Camp Pharoah, was despised b/c his father was Set, didn't have many friends

Reason to be Evil/ Reason to hate Camp Pharoah:

Personality(Demons and Demigods only): cruel, unmerciful, grim, intelligent, chaotic

Weapons: Huge, heavy, two handed sword that he straps onto his back, not disguised

Powers: Anything chaotic (but not TOO chaotic)

Is He/She/It able to die: Yes

Is there more than one of them(monsters only):
A Guy You Saw Wearing Pants chapter 16 . 10/2/2011
OMG! Thank you so much! That was amazing! I loved how Wake said that Waste was useless, and How Waste wanted to watch Harry Potter! It's amazing! I LOVE IT! SUPER EXCITED! THANKS AGAIN!
LetItGoAndDefyGravity chapter 16 . 10/2/2011
Demigod, Monster, or Demon: Demigod(s) (You'll see)

Name: Jimmie & Janie Hemlock

Age (demigods only): 17

Godly Parent(demigods only): Sobek

Gender: Jimmie M Janie F

Hair/Fur/Scales color:Black with loads of green streaks (both)

Height: Jimmie 6;3 Janie 5;9

Length(monsters only):

History: Jimmie and Janie were taken away from there mother when they were 3 years old and raised by a minion of Aphothis(?) so not only can they fight extremely well with all weapons, but they were raised to hate the Gods

Reason to be Evil/ Reason to hate Camp Pharoah: The minion raised them to hate all the gods and anything related to the gods

Personality(Demons and Demigods only): Jimmie: Jim hates all demigods and has no problems killing anything, he doesn't understand his sister, but they are still quite close. Janie: She can't kill anything, though she's not afraid to hurt people, but never fatal, she hates killing so much that she's even a vegetarian, but she can rough people up

Weapons: Both have black Iron swords with a snake wrapped around the hilt

Powers: talk to crocs

Is He/She/It able to die: yes

Is there more than one of them(monsters only):
CheshireGrin50 chapter 16 . 10/2/2011
Name: Cindy Lona

Age (demigods only): 14

Godly Parent(demigods only): Neith

Gender: Female

Hair/Fur/Scales color: Brown

Height: 5'4

Length(monsters only):

History: When she was born, her mother had left, and she was left with her dad, whom blamed her for making her mum leave. He abused her in verbal ways, but soon, she killed her dad by stabbing him with a kitchen knife. She ran away, happy, and then when she was at the camp, and she was claimed by neith, and she found out she didn't have a cabin, she ran away, and went to the bad side.

Reason to be Evil/ Reason to hate Camp Pharoah: Her mum does not have a cabin.

Personality(Demons and Demigods only): She is evil, filled with hatered, and she hates the camp for not giving her mum a cabin.

Weapons: A poisoned dagger named 'Scarab.'

Powers: She can shoot arrows way far, and she can beat any boy in arm wrestling.

Is He/She/It able to die: Yes, because she gave up her life to help Sabina cross the bridge because she was friends with Sabina in primary, and she didn't want to kill her friend by running to the other side and leaving her there with her fot stuck in the middle of one of the planks, so she took her pen knife out, cut the wood trapping Sabina away, and pushed her to the other side. The bridge then fell apart, Cindy on it, allowing her life to be taken because she had done bad.

Is there more than one of them(monsters only):
MorganGrimm chapter 16 . 10/1/2011
Demigod, Monster, or Demon: Demigod

Name: Raven Moran

Age (demigods only): 17

Godly Parent(demigods only): Anubis

Gender: Female

Hair/Fur/Scales color: Hair: Dyed Blood Red

Height: 5' 9"

History: Her father never paid attention to her. It drove her insane and evil. She never knew her mother, and no one liked her. She spent her days in her orphanage room listening to the voices in her head, telling her that she was a loser and that she was better off alone. She never went to Camp because no one took her, because no one cared.

Reason to be Evil/Reason to hate Camp Pharoah: Read History.

Personality(Demons and Demigods only): Hateful and crazy. Insane, rude, snarky, demonic, ect.

Weapons: A leathl dagger and sword set, and (her favorite) a super and extreamly leathl scythe.

Powers: Reserection, raising the dead, night vision, and is able to realease the voices in her head as real people.

Is He/She/It able to die: Yes, although she is so quick it is almost immposible to kill her.

PM me if you need anything else!
movies798 chapter 16 . 10/1/2011
Awesome I like this chapter. Can't wait for Waste and Wake to meet all the kids at Camp Pharoah.

Name: Charles Jackson.

Age (demigods only): 15

Godly Parent(demigods only): Set

Gender: Male

Hair/Fur/Scales color: A low buzz hair cut. His hair color is black.

Height: 5'5

History: Charles grew up from a poor family because his mother doesn't listen to him and his step-father is a very strict parent(but he really hate children). Charles never spend time with parents because they would always argue. He would ask his step-father for some lunch money but he would not give him none because he really don't like him. Sometimes when Charles accidently breaks things his step-father would beat him. He tries to tell his mother but she wouldn't listen to him either because she thinks he's making it up. So Charles became a bully at his school so he can steal the kids lunch money so he can eat. At the age of thirteen Charles became the toughest kid in school and form a gang to steal all the younger kids money but all that ended when he first met Benjamin Freeman. Benjamin didn't like it when Charles and his gang bully the kids so he told Charles to stop it and he'll have to fight him. Charles thought it was joke and he told him back off or else but Benjamin didn't back down and he stood his ground and fought back. The principle ended the fight and he told Charles and Benjamin to stop fighting. He let them go with a warning and that was the day when Charles and Bemjamin became enemies. After Charles and Benjamin fought so many times in their school the principle expel them. While Benjamin went to Camp Pharoah for his behavior, Charles no the other hand went to military school and he blames Benjamin for it and he hated him ever since. While he was in military school Charles has finally develop his powers because he was bully while in military school and he use chaos magic on the students. After he discover his powers Charles met Apophis in his small snake form and he told him that he can help him control his power and he can become the most powerful god ever. Charles accepted his offer and he left with left him and Apophis told Charles that he is the son of Set. After two years Apophis gave him an assignment to become a spy at Camp Pharoah and learn their secrets. Charles arrive at Camp Pharoah when Benjamin and the kids were on their quest.

Reason to be Evil/ Reason to hate Camp Pharoah: He hated Benjamin because he blames him for going to military school. He also wanted to wanted destory Benjamin because Charles learn that Benjamin is the son of Horus and Apophis told him about their dads histroy and he hated Benjamin and his father more than ever. But Apophis didn't tell Charles about the events that happen in The Red Pyramid and The Throne of Fire because he wanted to plant Charles head with anger and revenge. And He wanted to destroy Camp Pharoah so he can build his palace.

Personality(Demons and Demigods only): He's very quiet and he doesn't like it when someone interrupts his peace and quiet. He's very short temper because he gets angry very easily. He's a loner because he doesn't have any friends but he only hangs out with Set, Sekhmet, and Sobek kids. He's very brooding because he's very upset about his life, and he's upset that his dad is not king of the gods. He's very rebellious because he hates to follow orders and he wants to do what he wants but he'll only follow Apophis orders. He's very violent because when he fights his opponents he never wants to stop especially his enemies. He's cruel to people who are mean to him. He's very ruthless when he use his powers on his enemies because he shows no mercy. He takes things very seriously. He shows no fear because he never gets scare not he's not afraid of anything. He's very brave and he will never back down without a fight.

Weapons: Two red Khopesh swords

Powers: Creating lighting, summoning stroms, control the Set animal. He becomes very strong in the desert. He's really good at using chaos magic. He's really at sword fighting. And he has the same power like Set in The Red Pyramid when he fought Cater in his full avatar form in chapter 38: "The House is in the House".

Is He/She/It able to die: Yes he can die. But he dies when he and Benjamin form in alliance to stop Apophis and Apophis kills him.
SONofAPOLLOx chapter 16 . 10/1/2011
Demigod, Monster, or Demon: Demon

Name: Kyra

Age (demigods only):

Godly Parent(demigods only):

Gender: Female

Hair/Fur/Scales color: Brown hair color

Height: 5 ft

Length(monsters only):

History: Used to be human until she died and got punished and turned into a demon. (She still looks like herself, but she feels like shes on fire all the time.) She became punished for defying the gods and siding onto the bad side. She was once the daughter of Tefnut. (She died by her own mother.)

Reason to be Evil/ Reason to hate Camp Pharoah: Her mother never acknowledged her, something like Luke's story.

Personality(Demons and Demigods only): She's sweet to guys and trys to seduce them during a battle. (She's extremely pretty and she can play with the guy's/guys' minds and make them see the girl they think is the prettiest) she's mean to all the girls, smart, bossy, brave

Weapons: two razor sharp daggers

Powers: can make any guy fall for her and obey her at will

Is He/She/It able to die: yes, only way is to slice her head off

Is there more than one of them(monsters only):
amaayasha chapter 16 . 10/1/2011
Awesome chapter!
withlipstickasmywarpaint chapter 16 . 10/1/2011

Hayden Barahona(you'll find out)

Age (demigods only):


Godly Parent(demigods only):




Hair/Fur/Scales color:

black curly waist length has an exotic look to it


5 6


her father was very kind and handsome he attracted two goddesses he loved them both and Maria and Hayden got along but then when hey found out they were demi gods(before camp) Hayden started to get angry now they hate each other but others dont know they are sister though its obvious they look exactly a never went to camp

Reason to be Evil/ Reason to hate Camp Pharoah:

her father had another child with an egyptian goddess when she was one(Maria)who she HATES

Personality(Demons and Demigods only):

arrogant,proud,cold,and voice like constantly boast and thinks she is better then others(even friends)she likes to work alone


a sword


she can tell every lie you said in your life if you touch her and she automaticly knows when your lying even if your not touching her

Is He/She/It able to die:yah
PanicAtTheEpicness chapter 16 . 10/1/2011
I enjoyed that! Thank you soo much for using Peyton! And thanks for the, ah, character fix. It makes me super happy! So, I have a request. I'm not sure if you're alright with this, but can I change her fatal flaw to curiosity? It just seems better than arrogance to me, but if you can't, I understand. Thank you!
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