Reviews for A Gift for the Sleeper
Stalianha chapter 1 . 12/15/2013
My, you're making me feel sad for Vanitas. And I never felt sad for him. I was just thinking of destroying that annoying pest. And now I pity him and feel horrible. After all, it's not his fault if he's the all concentrate darkness of Ventus' heart. I wonder what kind of guy Ventus was when they were still one. Well, I think he didn't change that much. We saw in BBS that he was the kind of boy who never use his dark side, and that's why Xehanort separate them. But it's still sad, to be separate from the other part of your heart. All the concentration of negativity in Vanitas, the Unversed, it was inevitable and he's one to pity after all. He must be very lonely without Ven.
Thanks, I never questioned myself about him before reading this fiction. It gives to think, since the character is not at all OOC I think.

Then to talk about the fiction itself, it's simple and clean (no puns here, it's the way it came to my mind). And because of this, it's touching. Though I rather think that Vanitas - or at least a part of him - is sleeping inside Sora's heart, like Ventus. But putting him alone in Ventus' body make him even more wretch and the last scene is really beautiful. So that's okay this way.
Good work !
Sora Tayuya chapter 1 . 12/27/2012

I remember reading this last year. I do believe I cried a bit. Now I recall why your writing style seemed so familiar.

I repeated my previous actions again just now.
Shiori Yomu chapter 2 . 12/23/2012
This fic is also wonderful as "The Other Half Of My Heart"! :D good job!
Mirae-no-sekai chapter 2 . 8/26/2012
Outtake for the win!

... You might have a thing with people hating Christmas xD

Xion gets to pwn! She has epic reflexes... and ooh, good use of magic there too. Combat psychologist much? Awesome. I like how she's really aware of Van having such a problem with emotions, and the really hands-on approach to it... although I doubt that they would work outside of context :P

The first 'kiss me' came out of nowhere... but it's Van. Might make sense... considering how he follows it up, he's just not really in control of the emotions at the moment.

And of course he'd be annoyed at being called Kazé... it roundabout the same thing as being called Ventus! And he hated the guy... considering how everything went down between Ven and Van, he'd have a point. But Xion is still nice about not calling him 'Emptiness' - and she probably doesn't think he qualifies for that one either, since she was around Nobodies, who are the 'empty beings' in the KH-verse. Van probably has feeling going out for him.

'Which would make that the 23rd time you've said that.' xD That was strangely funny... if she's kept a tally, it means that they've seen each other before, or so I think. Maybe when he's not in a furious/sad mode...

Awww, I already felt a bit for Van being confined alone in Sora's heart there... but now he _sounds_ freaking sad, and it's worse. Plus his comment about doing Christmas alone before was ;-;

I so read the caps-locked 'shut up' with the swearword in the middle and I don't know why... :P

And Van's in denial about the Wayfinder... you're in a heart, you idiot! No physical form means that this particular Wayfinder had to be made by you for you to have it... awww, you gave it to her. Wrong reason and in a weird way, but 'awww' anyways!

xD Van _would_ be such a perv. And Xion would have a long moment of cluelessness, since I don't remember Axel going through perv-talk with them. I just imagined creative two-meaning banter and them eventually hugging...

... awww? Vanitas can love! Sweet And I'd ask why did they go to Roxas's... but Xion probably doesn't have one, or is a weirder situation...
Kiryn chapter 1 . 7/11/2012
*huggles Vanitas as hard as I can* And lol, don't worry, R-girl, I'm a huge Vani fangirl too. As if you couldn't tell. ;)

Anyway...I've been curious about this fic, ever since you realized that it could take place in your CatC verse. So...I just HAD to read it eventually. :)

This story is...weird. Not necessarily weird in a bad way. It's just...really different. I mean, I can see the usual mechanics that all of your stories tend to share, which is trying to incorporate in-game elements, so that accounts for part of the things that you don't really come across in fanfic much. But...I don't know, about the rest of the reason why this fic is weird to me. I think it's because I've never read a Vanitas fanfic like it. And by the way, his situation is really, really sad. And I like the dynamic that you've sort of set up between Vanitas and his Unversed, and touching slightly upon the relationship between Ven and Vanitas. Which, of course, is ever fascinating to me. ;)

Anyway, I haven't read your other Vanitas fanfic (and won't until you give the word...unless if you want some helpful concrit...?), but I think your woobie!Van is pretty in-character, especially for what this story is. I think it would have helped to round out this fic if you'd explored the relationship between Ven and Vanitas a little more, but it's fine as it is, and certainly is okay standing on its own without that piece. :) So, nice job!
TOC chapter 1 . 9/12/2011
Great fic. Poor Vanitas.
Taliax chapter 1 . 8/19/2011
I feel so sad for Vanitas for some reason, maybe because he just couldn't help being evil. I dunno. I like how you made him have the Unversed for company and how he made Ventus a red wayfinder. It sure would be terrible to live only with personified negative emotions, though, wouldn't it? You did a good job of portraying the Floods, they seem so adorable and vicious at the same time. This makes me feel like writing something about Vanitas even though I have no plot ideas, am currently in writers block for just about everything, and really need to work on some other fanfics.