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Farani chapter 38 . 4/14
eine wunderschöne Geschichte und ein wunderschönes Ende . Super gemacht .
MargretThornton chapter 38 . 4/14
So you finally brought this story to its conclusion and to a very satisfying and lovely one. Rodger and Eleanor managed what their parents could not, they became a happy couple after some serious struggling and fighting. Of course their preconditions have been much better than the ones for Marian and Guy. So I liked this very special moment you gave to Marian and Guy during the church ceremony and I really like the idea of having them grandchildren together. And of course making Guy and Robin sharing grandchildren, so they "cant escape another". Thats one of the most interesting and impressing issues throughout your three stories, seeing Guy and Robin becoming real friends since the day they defeated Prince John together in the dungeons of Notthingham castle. So I love your flasback on the time they were held captive by PJ very much. The way they stood together, shared their desparation and were able to support each other, you described this in a very convincing way.
As I told you before, your were the first author who made me believe in the possibility for the Guy/Meg pairing. To be honest, if I had to choose I would always prefer Guy/Marian, but I like the imagination of Guy finding unconditionelly love without sharing a hurtful history. I think this is something he needed and craved for a very long time. And Meg could give this to him. I am not sure if there had been a chance for their relationship, if Marian had been death in your story, because I think Guy would have been to lost in grief and desparation ( even if you made Vaisey "kill" Marian) to pick up another chance for love. But you handled this very well in your stories by giving Guy, Marian and Robin an opportunity to find happiness and love and to built up real friendship. And Meg, the woman
( or the girl) who hated man above erverything else, seeing ending up madly in love with Guy of Gisborne is just so..., I dont know, it simply makes me smile.
Another issue I appreciate very much in your stories, especially in this one, is you make Guy having to deal with his crimes from the past and to work out for himself and his loved ones, what this does mean for him but also for family and friends. I liked the relevant chapters, seeing him struggling and dealing with this, very much. You handled this difficult matter very well, believable and thoughtful.
So I would like to give you a very big THANK YOU for sharing this simply beautiful story ( and your other stories of course ) with us. I started reading them pretty soon after I discovered the RH universe for myself, so I got influenced by your ideas and imaginations and for that I am grateful, because you have a very thoughtful perspective to this and you opened my mind for thinking about Guy and Meg.
So, be assured I will check out your profil to learn about your new projects. Thank you for all your hard work !
Oh and also thank you for making Allan survive. I think he is an very important side-kick in the series and in your story as well. I always hated the way he came to death.
jadey36 chapter 38 . 4/13
Beautiful final chapter, Manxcatmom. Just delightful. I savoured every word of it and couldn't possibly pick my favourite part because I loved it from beginning to end.

Good luck with your new writing projects, whatever they may be.
LadyKate1 chapter 38 . 4/13
Aw, that was a lovely ending! I really appreciate how many themes from the show you worked in: Eleanor's pique at Rodger's departure for training explicitly parallels Marian's anger about Robin leaving for the Holy Land, and there's a mention of the Robin/Marian/Guy triangle and another moment of connection between Guy and Marian... plus a last nod to Vaisey. My favorite parts, though, were the conversations between Robin and Guy with all the mutual ribbing. Friends forever indeed... "... and may God help us!" Also, great gibe from Robin about Guy's acquired sense of humor.

A very satisfying read! Thank you, and good luck with your new ventures!
Nick chapter 38 . 4/13
Amazing amazing story. Are you going to continue to write robin hood fics or something different
MerlinWizardPurr chapter 38 . 4/13
Oh, Manxcatmom, these last two chapters were absolutely beautiful, such a wonderful way to wrap things up, giving everyone the probability of 'happily ever after'! Now, everything leading up to these chapters was also brilliant, but you really earned a gold medal for the finale. And of course Tuck had to perform the wedding ceremony for Rodger and Eleanor, anything else would have been, well, wrong.

I can't thank you enough for your RH series. I enjoyed them all so much, and now you finish it all with crowning glory. I needed something like this right now, it really makes me relax and even smile a bit. My Gypsy Grey Paws looks on this with a satisfied, comfortable, eyes-half-open glance and a loud purr. Good luck with your new projects, whatever universe you place them in (any chance of it being a universe of your own creation?)

Best Wishes,
Lady of the Witty chapter 38 . 4/13
Very beautiful story! I loved every part! ;)
Ghanaperu chapter 38 . 4/13
It's over :( this was a really good story, though - really well written. I've had fun following along with Rodger and Eleanor as their story unfolded. Thanks for sharing your characters with us!
LadyKate1 chapter 37 . 3/4
Finally getting around to reviewing this chapter! Wow, lots of development here. You did a great job writing action with the scenes of the fire and the firefighting - I could see it happen! Really like the way you wrapped up the storyline with Peter and Rowan, especially Guy's gruff response to Rowan's thanks. It's very much in character. Also loved Allan's lines about Guy's heroics; I could really hear the characters' voices here!

And yay, the kiss and the marriage proposal! Looking forward to the next chapter but kind of sorry this story is over! Can we induce you to write more? ;-)
Guest chapter 37 . 2/22
Oh can't wait to hear the ending! Please update soon! Love this!
Guest chapter 37 . 2/6
I'm so grateful to have found your story! I have read the previous stories leading up to this one and couldn't put it down.
I never did like Gisbourne - but your writing has allowed me to. Thank you! Sad this is coming to and end but thankful I have been able to enjoy the ride.
ThreeHundredStarsAbove chapter 37 . 2/4
Such a wonderful chapter! Seriously, loved Guy's bravery - am so proud of him ;P
And the end was great as well. Can't wait for the next chapter, though it's a shame it'll be the last one :\
Loved it and thank you for writing this!
MerlinWizardPurr chapter 37 . 1/26
OMG! ManxMom, you really, really NAILED it with this chapter! It's a wonderful piece of work, with a very believable hazard to be faced and characters facing that hazard exactly the way one would expect (and want) them to. It was a wonderful way to take care of the Rowan/Peter story element, perhaps the only way to do it without killing someone or just having that whole family move away, and this was much more satisfactory. I really enjoyed reading it, as I have the whole story; this chapter made me feel good, and I definitely needed that. I don't want the story to end, because I'll miss it - but I can't wait to read the conclusion! Talk about being torn in half ...

Great Job!
Leila Rage chapter 37 . 1/24
This is a brilliant piece of writing- not only is it well written, it has a plot that draws you in, and characters that remain true to the source and yet are further crafted and improved upon and ultimately one as the reader cannot but help become completely emotionally invested in this fanfiction :) thank you for sharing this story.
And I like Guy's better side too :D
MargaretThornton chapter 37 . 1/23
Yeah, let me be your 200th rewiever ! And yeah, I am so glad about your update and also about being able to encourage you. By the end of chapter 36, when the the fire-alarm rang
( I mean Alan ), I had sneaking suspicion of what was going to happen ( Guy rescuing Rowan or Peter ), but I also had a little fear something drastic would happen either ( Guy being seriously harmed by rescuing Rowan or Peter ). Then by reading chapter 37 there was a little moment, when Meg went for her fathers house, that made me scared (would something awful happen to her ), but nothing of my fears came true, Guy and Rodger proved themselves as, yes fireman by heart and Rodger finally got Eleanor !
They will be a real strong and beautiful couple and as a Guy/ Marian shipper I am happy to imagine Guy and Marian will share grandchildren. For one little moment I thought Rodger and Eleanor could name their first on Guy ( I know they are not yet properly engaged ), but then the idea strucked me this name may be a too heavy burden for anyone, because there will be people remenbering the old Guy, Vaiseys henchmann, for at least one more generation.
As I mentioned earlier, this is a very important aspect of "Closer Than A Brother" and this story, even if Guy turns into a better man, there will always be the damage he has done and the suffering he caused in his former life. You worked this out very clearly and be-
lievable. All of your three stories in this fandom are stories to be proud of. You did such a great work with them and I am absolutely sure, there are many people out here having real fun and pleasure by reading them, including me.
Let me add one last thing, as another rewiever already mentioned, you did a very great job by includding the fire from Guys and Robins childhood - this was very well done.
Now I will sit down patiently and do some embroidery while waiting for your last chapter.
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