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Meneldur chapter 1 . 8/10/2011
This was... simply brilliant. All of your work that I've read was simply beautiful, and I love your portrayal of Sabrina and those surrounding her, but this was simply... radiant. Luminous. I truly think this si the best of all the oneshots until now.

Why? I'm unsure. I think it has to do with what is dealt with in this chapter. We rarely see Sabrina open up, and even rarer does she admit it. Here, we finally get to see her as natural as she gets - and we learn how she became what she became, and what other people who went through similar trials became. I think that, in a way, this oneshot dealt most of all with how each sibling dealt with their upbringing by Agatha, and how it affects the other siblings.

Of course, it is perfectly typical of Sabrina to get up before the doctors say she can, analyze her shortness of temper, decide that healing her back by herself is worth it in order to prevent shortness of temper, and go through with it despite all the pain until she becomes perfect again.

Wait, Karin's second name is Eveleth or is it her family name? because Sabrina is referred to as 'Miss Telas' by Surge in Patchouli. And if they're all from the Graveskeeper clan, wouldn't that be in there somewhere? In any case, if these are family names, I don't understand why the siblings have different ones. Unless... you mention breeding tries. Maybe Agatha tried several different men, and all he siblings are actually half siblings? It would explain the difference in looks better. But then the question becomes, are any of them full siblings, and who were their fathers?

Wow, Karin sounds great fun at parties. I can't help but wonder what happened last party, and why Sabrina didn't attend. And of course, the part about Undertow Stadium and the girls was so... Karin. I think it's pretty obvious at this point how Karin decided to deal with what she underwent. Alcohol, Sex, and other such stuff. Of course, it doesn't explain her affinity for Dark-types. Was that natural, or her way to channel her darkness, in defiance of Agatha's teachings? It does seem odd that while her siblings are psychics, she would choose the type immune to psychics. If she did as an alternative and because her hatred of Agatha is most outspoken, though, it would be understandable. I'll come back to this regarding all the siblings.

We already see hints of the true Sabrina here. Just the letter from Karin makes her smirk, ans she even jokes somewhat, and expects Karin's reply. Which I found hilarious, by the way.

See! See! Sabrina even returned the hug. She's socially interacting, and it's normal!

So, Sabrina's siblings know of her back injury. I wonder what they did when they heard. For all their dysfunctionality, it appears the trials that caused them to become what they are also made them close knit.

Morty mentions research and an associate - a throwback to Crystal, where he's looking into the Tin/Burnt Tower, and his associate is chasing Suicune?

Karin... only she could hook up with Clair. That would be such an awesome relationship. I think I may start shipping it. Although Sabrina's comments on the matter are quite astute. While I don't doubt the authenticity of the relationship, one wonders if her choices are deliberately made in order to anger Agatha.

Man, Sabrina knows what gifts to get. 75% Vodka? Now that is something. What does it say about Karin's tolerance that she can just chug it down like that? Moreover, what does it mean that Karin was moping when Clair wasn't around? Are her ways of dealing with it really that dependent on more normal people?

Oh my goodness, another genuine reaction out of Sabrina! She actually 'hmphs' when asked about her relationships!

You know, it's unclear how deep Morty and Will's relationship goes. They're obviously very close, and I will go into that in the end as well, but is it more than just closeness? Do they have a psychic bond or a relationship?

So, the sibling order is? I understand that Sabrina is older than Will and Morty. Karin is the eldest. So Karin, Sabrina, Morty, Will, yes?

Okay, I'll get into this now: The Graveskeeper clan. no the trials, but the roles destined for them. You keep mentioning European Monarchy in regards to them. his make s me think that both Karin and Sabrina were never bred for leadership. Because, as Will notes, Sabrina is the perfect Graveskeeper. So. Morty was bred for being the scion. Will was presumably the spare. And Sabrina and Karin were the daughters to be married off and bred? It would explain Karin's predilection fro partners from opposing clans and her general lax attitude. In any case, in a certain incident, Will almost drowned (Agatha tried to turn him? Maybe do to him what happened to Morty - make him attuned to Ghost Types?), and Morty (I'm assuming a lot here) did drown trying to save them. He was promptly revived (possibly with help from his Gengar?), but something had changed within him. He was now attuned to ghosts rather (because his soul had left him, however briefly?). Will was unable to talk anymore (or was mute from the beginning), and may have scarred his face. They both became disappointments to the Clan - Morty for turning to ghosts rather than keeping up the legacy of psychics and losing his psychic powers, Will for almost drowning and being mute. Moreover, they came out of there with some deeper bond (possibly even beyond platonic and brotherly love). Disappointed, Agatha turned to.. Karin and Sabrina? It seems odd, because we haven't seen her in the flesh as of yet. Also, where were Sabrina and Karin when this happened? I really want to learn more about this event and its consequences.

I was quite intrigued by the idea of Sabrina and Will battling. Sabrina is stronger and more skilled psychically, of course, but I am not so sure about what she says of Will's advantage in strategy. After all, Sabrina is an Elite herself. In Team Rocket, no less, which would seem to me much more competitive and serious than the Indigo League.

The part about jealousy was also interesting, especially as we learn later that Morty is jealous. Is another one of the reasons Will is a disappointment the fact that Sabrina is stronger? Still, they seem to have no problem with it. Perhaps because Sabrina has never flaunted her power or tried to replace Will?

I quite enjoyed Sabrina's reasons for not wanting to be an Elite 4. Quite accurate, I thought. The only question is then, why is she a Rocket Elite? Is it more power with more enjoyable requirements than being one of th Elite 4?

We see how deep these family ties run. Sabrina is actually reluctant (maybe even unwilling) to fight her siblings despite her 'love' for Team Rocket.

"Sbrina was very nearly outright glowering" - Glowing, maybe? It seems odd she would glowering if she's in a good humor.

"To my birthday, to good fortune, to us as a whole, and to this very excellent vodka. Something in there for everyone!" - Vodka for her. What in there is for Morty/Sabrina/Will?

I wonder what darkness burdens Will. Again, I simply enjoy how they have such amazingly beautiful family interactions and relationships, even with all that they've gone through.

Wow. Really, just wow. Sabrina actually got drunk. What will Giovanni think when she shows up? I'd love to see that.

"Words all blurry". "You all drunk" - Are the missing 'are's intentional, meant to signify their drunkenness? Because if so, it seems very odd that's the only place they would be speaking incorrectly.

Well, that was a mistake. Really, it was stupid to read it. Of course, Karin was drunk and would be interested in Sabrina having any social interaction, so maybe it was expected. Personally, I think that it's better now that it's out in the open. But we'll see.

What was Morty and Will's debate on reading it? I can see Will's angle of privacy, but Morty... there was something more there. "You know why, Will. Read it Karin." (and you probably need a comma between it and Karin). What did Will know/suspect? It was obvious from ensuing comments he suspected Giovanni and Team Rocket were connected, and maybe even that Sabrina was connected with them. But why does this bother him so?

And, Sabrina got angry. This is really impressive. Almost a full range of emotions.

I was interested on how Karin and Will defended Sabrina's choice. It's interesting - they think they all need a way to deal, and might be defending it. Morty seems to have a problem with Team Rocket which they don't have, which makes him think this isn't a valid coping mechanism.

What does Karin mean when she said Morty dealt 'Straight Down a bottle and out of a needle'? Did he become an alcoholic and/or drug user?

This is really where the converse becomes mysterious. I can see why Morty would have the most to lose. Why does he think he had the least? Why was he the closest to a success? What powers did he have before the incident? And why did Karin not have any of these powers? Or why did she renounce them in favor of those who would be immune to them? When did she run away before? Was that (and Dark Pokemon) her way of dealing? Is Sabrina's focus on power and Team Rocket her way of dealing, in addition to lack of emotion? Is Morty and Will's relationship their way of dealing? What really happened to each of them in that Tower of Nightmares?

Why does Sabrina look to Will for acceptance? Because he is most like her? Why does Karin refuse to listen to fights? because it reminds her of what they went through? And what does Will know Sabrina would never get involved in?

What happened in her disastrous battle with Giovanni? Did one of them shamefully defeat the other, or were they so evenly matched they passed out or what?

So, Morty's problem is his jealousy? The deep childhood wound of Sabrina being the best, as Will says, and her using these powers in a manner which seems wasteful to Morty? Karin blows up when she's jealous, and the rest brood, but Morty's finally erupted?

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WiseAbsol chapter 1 . 8/10/2011
I'm not certain if I've ever actually left you reviews before - I know we've exchanged a couple messages, but beyond that, I'm not sure. In any case, I love this fic-verse of yours very much: the dynamics within the League, within Team Rocket, and within the Gravekeeper Clan all serve to intrigue. Of course, now that I've read through your profile, I realize these are all...shall we say, offshoots...of a main fic, which they give tantalizing hints about. I'd love to read the entire story someday, once you've completed it, especially because this has the most compelling Sabrina I've ever read - certainly better than my own versions of her. I can only hope that one day, I'll manage to master her characterization in my own way. Until then, these stories you write of her are quite inspiring.

This story in itself was most interesting, since it gives us a nice glimpse into the siblings' relationships, which was quite pleasant until the revelation about Team Rocket came into play. The hints at their experiences in the Gravekeeper Tower, along with Sabrina's entry into Team Rocket, were quite fascinating, and again, I'd love to see more of it. I also applaud you for your willingness to present homosexual and incestuous relationships without flinching in the slightest - a lot of writers usually edge away from both, which I daresay...well, it could limit them, perhaps.

Karin is amusing, as always. Will is the calm voice of reason, which is definitely appreciated. Morty is...well, a bag of mixed thoughts and emotions, but that makes him interesting. And Sabrina...again, I love how you write her. Would you have any tips on how to do so? In any case, her relationship with Giovanni continues to intrigue. Your stories were what first alerted me to the idea of them being attracted to one another, and it makes sense, I think. I usually prefer her having a closer bond with Mewtwo - and I'm curious as to whether the two will meet up again in your fic-verse - but her relationship with Giovanni is just as tantalizing to me here.

I'm very interested in seeing where this all leads, and was delightfully surprised this morning when I saw you'd added this. I look forward to reading more from you, whenever that might be. Thanks for the read, and I hope you have a good day.