Reviews for Weather the Storm
BellaTesoro chapter 61 . 10/22
Great that I have another whole story to read ahead..
BellaTesoro chapter 59 . 10/22
I'm glad that the wedding is going on...a sweet imagine of all the Cullens dressed up for the wedding. Can't wait to see where you take these characters into their future.
BellaTesoro chapter 58 . 10/21
I loved reading about their family times.
BellaTesoro chapter 57 . 10/21
The seemingly mundane bridal shower highlighted what it means/meant to be the wife of a man who's life is nothing mundane. I'm glad the ladies didn't get too rude or crude answering the younger girls questions. Interesting to see the generations together in one room. I liked Bella talking to Hanna about her attitude toward Alex. While it's very understandable that Hanna would feel badly that her dad easily found some younger, brighter replacement mom, Bella was right, she may as well look at the positives, just like she herself is finally doing.
BellaTesoro chapter 56 . 10/21
I guess Bella needed to even the score with her mother, which I totally got and I guess she needed to even the score with Lauren which I didn't totally get. I mean how crazy do you get in one sitting? Edward didn't seem to mind kidding with Lauren about the parking and he was there to help carrying the food and Lauren simply asked how he was and that he looked good...the guys say that to the woman all the time and to each other...But this is the life...I'm thinking they should narrow their guest list for the next Sunday sit down meal.
BellaTesoro chapter 55 . 10/21
Sounds like everything is working out just fine now. Alex really is becoming like a Bebella in so far as she's going to submit to a whole life she's not quite ready for but you can't say know to a Cullen brother it seems. Alex has more going for her than Bella did though. She's a little older, she finished school, has had her own career, had parents that care about her (however annoying they seem to be) and over all is a little more independent than Bella ever was or will be. I hope Alex will retain some of that as she moves into this world she's not quite all in for.
I like the little details like Edward waking up to the patter on the roof and him going to see a hail storm in play and wondering if Damion would have school or not. And then waking his Bebella and noticing in the 'moon glow' that she looked beautiful (although I doubt there would be a moon out during a hailstorm/but who knows) Anyway I like when Edward can stop and smell the roses like this, want sex and food at the same time. lol
BellaTesoro chapter 54 . 10/21
Wow, what a 180 from last chapter. Edward can go from wicked scary to reasonably sane in a short amount time. Living with that must be hell for Bella and his kids and of course his crew...
I knew, even before Edward figured out that Alex was pregnant that Bella would have never been able to keep that a secret. At some point, maybe to serve herself, she should have blurted it out. Wouldn't it be funny if little Kylie once she grows up becomes the sweetest, purest kid of them all and no party mouth?
BellaTesoro chapter 53 . 10/20
This chapter left me very uneasy about Edward and Bella. What the heck with the Aro hugging her to make them so afraid of him. Is he mentally ill that he doesn't learn from his past mistakes in regard to how he views his wife and what their love truly is? And Bella knowing and accepting she's his doormat, his enabler and more than willing to let him use and abuse her, it's no wonder he feels guilt toward how he feels about her. And when he ever said he felt more for his kids than her, wow, yeah that must have hurt. I'm not liking Edward at all right now, and Bella's sort of on my shit list too. Aro is the only saving grace.
BellaTesoro chapter 52 . 10/20
I guess Bella got what she wanted, to look into the eyes of the person responsible for her Sonny and she showed she's got more heart than Edward, she allowed Aro for all he's taken on for them all, a bit of his own revenge. Another tough chapter to read and understand these characters. How are they going to rise above all this once again?
BellaTesoro chapter 51 . 10/20
Another tough chapter to get through. Edward and Bella are a mess and messing each other up even worse. Bella knows how he gets and Edward should know that he can't expect so much from a hurt mother right now. He made it worse by letting her see his vicious attack on that young boy and what with everything else she's dealing with how can she want to be close to all his violence but to get revenge but Edward should be shielding her better than he is. Now I take it, he's going to torch her even more by making her go down in that cellar and see just who is behind all this and then what? Make her kill her newly found brother herself and live with that? Edward out of control is hard to read.
BellaTesoro chapter 50 . 10/19
That scene where Bella had to witness the boy biting the step and Edward stepping on his head...gruesome. Who is it that did this? I hope it doesn't turn out to be Bella's new brother.
BellaTesoro chapter 49 . 10/19
It was tough to read one of the kids taking a hit for Edward. Who could be behind that? Whoever it is, I feel they are going to be brutally paid back for this. Imagine what this day is going to be in each of their lives. Damion is going to be forever scarred from this and Sonny, oh I'm sure he will be marked too. Kylie, well she was small but I bet she'll take on some of this pain too. Why did these shooters shoot even though Edward wasn't in the car? Did they know they were shooting at kids?
BellaTesoro chapter 48 . 10/19
I can see that Bella's new family, especially the brother DJ is going to cause problems...
Damion is so damn cute and he's an interesting little character because I have no idea how his character is going to develop from here. Seems like he's leaning toward the artistic side of life which certainly won't jell with the family business which is clearly Santino's path going forward.
It was nice seeing a more controlled Edward in the sit down meeting and needing to come home and just love on his wife.
BellaTesoro chapter 47 . 10/19
I think this chapter brought to light why Edward is the way he is. His thoughts explained it to himself and we got to understand why he's such and asshole sometimes. And I really miss Nanny now, knowing she was a good force in his life for awhile when he and Carlisle needed someone to rain them in, work for what they wanted and not be so coddled. And Edward's just always looking for every single person to bow down to him, want him, accept him, idolize him and when he finds someone like Bella and now Alex that don't really think he's all that in regard to what he does for a living but rather look beyond all that...Edward doesn't know how to handle that. He was a real jerk to her outside when Lu was talking to her like she was a whore, he laughed at her when he said that about her and only came to her defense as he would have for any 'smaller' girl. Edward went from me hating hime for how he treated her and in turn his brother to the end when he realized it's him not them and that it all revolves around Bella and he's thankful for her and his family. I really hope he makes it up to Carlisle for mistreating him and his girl just because he's jealous that Alex is taking his wife and being a good friend. What a piece of work he is that he can't even share his wife with a friend or two.
BellaTesoro chapter 46 . 10/19
It's sad to see Sonny, this young, already as they've all said in the bathroom scene, a pervert and like his father. I think taking away their childhood like this, if it was real life would have been up there with sexual abuse, but this is a fic and it was funny.
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