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Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 54 . 6/15
That’s better! It seems like Bella and Edward are starting to work through their problems af that’s good!
I feel for Alex. I wonder what’s going to happen?
Also I really hope Bella and Aro’s friendship doesn’t change. They are the cutest besties and I love their friendship.
Can’t wait for more! :)
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 53 . 6/15
OHMYGOSH this chapter just made me more frustrated and confused by Edward. I don’t understand why he is being so cruel to Bella. Yeah she didn’t listen to him and wasn’t as there for him as she should have been, but he is being so cruel. Like he ignores her and gives her the cold shoulder for a week and then returns and is still being awkward and kind of mean to her? Like what’s his problem? At the beginning of the chapter he acknowledged that he should forgive her, as he has messed up so many times and she always forgives him almost instantly, and he even admitted that he treated her poorly in this instance too—and yet he’s still acting like she’s some terrible person who is completely in the wrong. I am so unbelievably confused by Edward right now and pretty frustrated with his treatment of Bella. I wish she would stand up for herself and stop feeling so guilty and let him treat her like this, but the guilt is killing her and she just keeps trying to apologize to him and he’s being mean.
I’m just a little confused by Edward and why he’s (1) so angry at Bella (2) won’t forgive Bella and (3) why he is acting so weird and giving her the cold shoulder when she has never done anything like that to him.
Mostly this chapter just left me feeling sad for bella, and frustrated and confused with Edward!
It’s a great story and another great chapter from you! I can’t wait for more! :)
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 52 . 6/15
OHMYGOSH that was a wild ride. Im so frustrated with Edward though! I get that Bella wasn’t there for you as much as she should’ve been, but dude, you are being so cruel! Not only does he pound Aro’s face in (again when it wasn’t necessary), he’s also being kind of dickish to Bella. Like I get that she should have been there for him more and listened to him, but if I was in her position, I would have a really hard time getting my emotions together and trying not to blame my husband and also tryin to get myself together and also be there for my son. It would be so challenging.
So I am a little frustrated with Edward because I think he was being kind of cruel.
I hope it blows over soon! Can’t wait to read more! :)
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 47 . 6/14
God I just love this Edward. No matter his faults or his temper, he loves his family so deeply and it’s admirabke. Unlike other mob stories or hard stories where Edward’s a hardass, this Edward is so demonstrative with his love. His love for Bella and his children is so touching and sweet. It melts my heart. How he’s trying so hard to be home more and be a dad that’s always there. It does break my heart a little to see Dame and Sonny still a little awkward with edward. But he’s trying so hard and he loves them so much that it’s amazing to watch. I love this Edward and Bella and their family is so freaking sweet! :)
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 42 . 6/13
OHMYGOSH I am so frustrated with Carlisle! Like I don’t want him to go after Alex, and then he does, and then he just abandons her. I can’t imagine anything more humiliating than a guy just abandoning me after he put his dick inside me. God I am seriously hurting inside for Alex. Carlisle was already on my shitlist, and now he has a hell of a longer way to go!
Also, I don’t understand his feelings towards Esme. Because now he’s talking about how he never loved her and he was forced into marrying her, but in Quiet Storm, it really did seem like he loved her. He treated her terribly, but then we got glimpses into his mind and the way they interacted and it really seemed like he loved her. And now he’s going back and saying that he never loved her and it was all forced on him?
I am seriously so confused about Carlisle and I really want him to get his ass kicked. Especially because I feel like he should be working on his relationship with his kids, particularly Hannah, who it seems has a really difficult relationship with Carlisle.
I just want to shake Carlisle lol.
I love Bella and Edward so much and I am so excited to see more of Bella’s family! :)
It’s a great story and I can’t wait to read more!
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 39 . 6/13
I agree with Bella when she said:
“I could bottle all my hate for Carlisle and sell it on eBay—that's how much I have. I don't care what Aro or Edward has to say to defend him. I happen to believe that if Carlisle had never fucked around, Esme wouldn't have snapped. It happened a long time ago—when Carlisle was fucking the F.B.I. agent—the one he allegedly also murdered. Now, he's a man women drop like flies around.”
Like of all the character, Carlisle has been the hardest to understand. He seems so smart and caringC and then the next second he makes the worst decisions. Half the time he seems like a chameleon, making himself into whatever he wants to be, and then other times he’s genuine. He really does throw me for a loop.
But I’m actually really sad about Esme’s death. I worry for her girls and I don’t know how they’ll get past that.
I miss Nanny already! I figured she was getting pretty old, but it’s sad to see her gone.
Can’t wait to read more! :)
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 37 . 6/11
Ohhh I’m with Bella on this. Carlisle definitely makes girls go crazy. He drives me insane just reading about him! Like how about you focus on your kids rather than chasing more girls Carlisle? He drives me nuts. I hope Alex resists him!
Can’t wait for more! :)
Old Soul in Wonderland chapter 27 . 6/9
I actually kind of feel bad for Esme. And while I don’t condone killing, this is a mob fic and she had a hell of a good reason for offing Candace. I definitely did not like Candace and I’m annoyed at Carlisle for trying to paint her as this saint, when clearly she isn’t if she was sleeping with a married man and had a baby with him. And I am a little happy that she died because it makes the whole situation slightly less complicated. But I do kind of feel for Esme. She hasn’t had the easiest of lives, and she married Carlisle who hasn’t really treated her right their entire relationship. I am a little confused because this talk sort of implied that the two of them didn’t love each other, but in Quiet Storm, it really did seem like these two loved each other—even with all the other shit going on. So I am a little confused because I was under the impression that, even through all the cheating and manipulation, there was genuine love between these two (at least at the beginning). So I do kind of feel for Esme—especially that Carlisle sent her away from her kids, which I think is kind of awful. I’m sure his daughter hates him and will continue to hate him because her mother is gone and she’ll blame him.
But those are just my thoughts on the whole Esme x Carlisle situation right now lol. This is a great story and I can’t wait to read more! :)
EchoBee chapter 46 . 4/18
Is it bad that I actually really hate sonny? Like jfc, what a little piece of shit kid.
lillianolivia.white chapter 59 . 3/28
OMG, I have loved this story. I’m so glad Alex went through with the wedding. Carlisle will let her work and do what she wants. She will be fine. Lovely story.
lillianolivia.white chapter 58 . 3/28
Great chapter. I think Dame will be an actor, designer or an artist when he grows up, and Sonny will go into the business with Edward. Kylie will just be a handful.
lillianolivia.white chapter 57 . 3/28
Loved this chapter. Those little girls thinking there would be a male stripper... hah. And Elena kissing Bella’s hand. My goodness. I cracked up.
lillianolivia.white chapter 56 . 3/28
Lord, Bella Badass. Lauren totally deserved that. So sis Renee.
lillianolivia.white chapter 55 . 3/27
There was such a sweet moment between Sonny and his dad.
lillianolivia.white chapter 54 . 3/27
Loved this chapter. At least the Lou thing got taken care of.
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