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Guest chapter 52 . 10/5
I got some character and world ideas . First is Geno he is a character that square Enix owns but he appeared in Super Mario RPG legend of the seven stars as star warrior that comes to earth and inhabits a wooden doll to fight but square Enix owns him . Sad they haven't used him yet for anything else he is they're character :( . Very bad ass character and down to earth and wise . Look him up . And the there's a old animated TV series called tale spin it included ballo the bear . They have episodes on YouTube . I would just link to say I love ur story and am enjoying it imensely .
MysteryGirl7Freak chapter 52 . 9/29
Oh boy! Things are certainly moving in-*black, inky tendril wraps around Myst's wrist.* Danger. *Screams as drag away off screen.*
Gry19 chapter 52 . 9/19
Hey, if you can, tell Sora and his friends that I'll be sharing my strenght with them by reading your every new chapters!
Tashasaurous chapter 52 . 9/18
That's okay. Wow, Quinton Flynn actually did Reno's voice too? Awesome! Makes me fall in love with the guy! Actually, I heard that he wanted to voice Reno again at some point, so maybe the reason why he did Reno's voice when you met him explains that Reno is one of his favorites to voice. And Axel, of course. Hope he returns in both KH3 and FFVII Remake. I can't wait for the next chapter and that Mickey gets his heart back. Keep up the amazing work!
Guest chapter 52 . 9/17
I see. I just thought that West and Riku could see Stormy again. Hey, any chance that can happen as Sora and the others help Ariel in finding her daughter, Melody?
Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint chapter 52 . 9/17
this was a nice chapter apart of the blot coming and attmpting to kill everyong. but still it was nice i mean Walt Disny was in it kinda it was cute it shows Oswald and Micky love their dad and he's in the kingdom hearts univerese wel techanlly if we didn't have Walt Disney we wouldnt have kingdom hearts thouhg i somtimes wonder what woud Walt Disny make of Kingdom hearts? Mickey was awsome it shows why he is the king of Disyland he just was a awsome boss here but i felt bad for ostraia i know she hasnt been turned to stone but sheisnt moving either so it just feels bad her condition i just dont like people being turned to stone. I woder if Sora and Roxas will learn from Micky and Oswald since they are kinda a contrast from them.

This was a nice update for a Friday and im going to disnyland paris in feburary
Nintendoman01 chapter 52 . 9/17
*old man voice* Well, it's about time, whippersnapper! Do you know how long I've been waiting?

Just kidding. Glad you're back. Hopefully, the next chapter won't take as long.
Dark Maiden95 chapter 52 . 9/17
Yay, an update! :D Poor Oswald, it's easy to see why he's so broken at this point. *hugs Oswald* :( Hopefully he and Mickey can finally finish repairing their brotherhood in the next chapter. :)
Guest chapter 51 . 9/15
Hey, when you continue, if you were to decide to do " The Little Mermaid " then is there any chance that Stormy, the seahorse, will appear? I would like that he got to see Riku and West again.
Lucky7777 chapter 41 . 9/5
Your story is good... but I still feel there's a lack of World Order. This part will most-likely not happen in "Kingdom Hearts 3" as it would be a giant step backward in Sora's story arc. It would mean everything Sora, Donald, and Goofy did previously was for nothing.
I liked seeing Lumpy in The 100-Acre Wood. I could picture Paul Winchell as Tigger, but Piglet's dialogue does not sound like John Fiedler... it needs to be a little more timid. You could have given a little more detail about what the areas look like. For instance, where in Gopher's tunnels did Sora and his friends travel through? Was there anything unique they did... perhaps they rode in a mine-cart partway through? Would've made for an interesting mini-game...
Your sentence structure has improved tremendously compared to earlier, except you missed a word here and there, a letter was missed at times, and you added an "-ing" instead of the "-ed". Since you are writing this story in Past Tense, you'll have to make sure you use "-ed" at the end of action words.
Otherwise, good job with the opening and closing parts. The dialogue has been improving, though you could also use a comma when breaking a quote into two sections.
Guest chapter 51 . 7/30
My god I love this story. When is the next chapter coming I cannot wait. Please finish this story
MysteryGirl7Freak chapter 51 . 7/10
I finally got around to reading this and boy oh boy, what a roller coaster.

So Lydia won the race. Don't know why the made me snicker.

Oswald, where you go? We need you to fight the sticky monster.

Hope to see more soon.
Amber. O chapter 51 . 7/8
love the plots and your oc's are awesome please continue. You really got me hooked on this, I literally couldnt stop reading and some parts in it were hilarious. But seriously love it, also I liked the way you added old Disney shows in there, that was really cool you brought up some memorie of mine and I'm not good at remembering things. :D
Guest chapter 48 . 6/5
Are they gonna go to the keyblade graveyard to get Terra's lingering will
Guest chapter 33 . 5/29
i am gonna ether lion king or tron
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