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Biba79 chapter 1 . 8/10/2011
He'd taken his shot. With Sweets' words swirling around somewhere in his head, and – thanks to their little trip down memory lane – that dangerous amount of nostalgia enough to make a less romantic man prone to grand gestures, he'd come out with it somehow.

You know, it was totally the nostalgia talking when he gave them a chance, or tried to. I loved this line so much. It was exactly what happened. He thought about the kiss they shared so long ago, and then suddenly, he wanted that again and forever. Too bad he failed.

Not because he doesn't want this, but because in that part of him not prone to or dictated by romance, he knows that this is not a logical choice.

He is not a logical choice.

Of course he’s a logical choice. It’s Booth we are talking about. Haha. At least he’s a logical choice for me. lol

Loving this so far.

And now all he can do is laugh wryly to himself, shrug it off because of course they weren't going to walk off together into the night. Of course she wouldn't curl her arm into his, tuck her head into the crook of his neck, staying close to him as they walked.

Hey, I thought she said yes, she wanted to try and then she changes her mind and left him alone even though she wants to give them a try. That’s just evil. And this is even sadder than the real show, which means, I LOVE IT. lol

The first time they have sex is, for the lack of any other term, bad.

What do you mean they had bad sex? Is that even possible? Lol I don’t think so. Lol tsk tsk tsk

"I just want you to know that I didn't not say it back because it's not true."

Still sleepy, but mostly content, "I know."

"...I don't want to say it for the first time and have it be a 'me too' thing. I want you to... remember it."

"I will."

"'Cause I do, you know. A lot."

I think this was my favorite part so far. So intimate and honest and perfect.

"I would like for you very much to leave my home. Now."

I think this broke my heart a little bit. Seriously, I’m loving this fight. Best Birthday Fight EVER!

When she'd conceded, earlier that Saturday morning, that it was finally an appropriate time to go and buy things like their daughter's crib, he'd all but leaped out of bed and into the shower, determined to get a start on their shopping. He's longed for this opportunity to contribute actively to their impending parenthood – building cribs, decorating rooms – because after all, Seeley Booth has always felt better doing.

Awww, their daughter! And they are building the crib together. I love how he’s worried about her holding a hammer. Only Booth would freak out like that. Lol That’s why We love him, right?

The pieces of the crib slot into place and like everything else – their job and their partnership and their life – they work together.

This was the perfect way to end. I loved it. I loved them building a crib and a life together.

Thank you so much for this lovely story, it was AMAZING! You are awesome E!
AngelMoon Girl chapter 1 . 8/10/2011
My goodness, do I love what you've done here. The juxtaposition of these two stories- one real, one imagined; one flawed but fulfilling, the other rushed and ill-fated- is brilliant!

I'm one of those people who enjoys dwelling on "What if"s and I've often wondered what might have become of Booth and Brennan, had Brennan said "Yes" that night during the 100th. It is fascinating to me, the picture of unhappiness you painted, when so often we shippers think any consummation of Booth and Brennan's has to be nothing short of miraculously beautiful, to befit such a perfect couple. It's so fitting, that Brennan would have continued shielding her heart because she wasn't actually ready; that their sex would have been awful if done for all the wrong reasons. If it was initiated out of a sense of obligation and driven by pure scientific, biological need, rather than to make love and satisfy the desperate craving to become one with another human being. I think you brought about the inevitable resulting break-up quite realistically, sticking it the opportune Gravedigger trial time frame!

All I'm left with is WOW. Impressively written and sublimely woven. Bravo!
lkol chapter 1 . 8/10/2011
Hmmm. This was a kind of weird one. But I really like your writing and this was pretty Interesting. I was slightly confused at some of the stuff from season five, but I quickly understood it with reading more. I really like the Booth and Brennan stuff with the baby on the way. Definitely looking forward to some more fics like those? :)
Fangirlofrandomness chapter 1 . 8/10/2011
I love this fic, not just because of your stellar writing (really. Super amazing writing.) but also for the idea. I was devastated after Bones said no that day on the steps, but yeah, I've come to realize it was right, and she wasn't ready. I love how you showed that in this fic. And even though the two alternating parts had Bones and Booth at such different stages of emotional development, at no point did I think 'This is out of character.' Truthfully, the only fic of yours that I like better was 'An Arbitrarily Chosen Date' - and that's saying something, because you write the best damn Bones fanfics on this site, in my opinion. Please keep writing :D


RositaLG chapter 1 . 8/10/2011
I promise you that I shall reread this when my brain isn't on 4 hours of sleep and 10 hours of driving across America, but from what I gathered, this is a brilliant fic. I'm so jealous that you managed to combine both Ren and B's fic into one AND to post it on their mutual hour long birthday? You are officially the Mob's genius.
Baileyjane chapter 1 . 8/10/2011
First of all, holy shit. You are crazy gifted. Your writing is so ...poetic? Fluid? Am at a loss for an adequate adjective. The juxtaposition of heart-breaking and joyful was beautiful. It was excellent to see what might have happened had she said yes that night on the steps...I was crushed when she didn't, but reading this, I can see how it was the right choice. All of this was so beautiful, but for me, the stand-out lines were: "Grief merely a convenient excuse for something that had been a long time in coming." The Booth-y parts: "He'd always imagined shouting (shouting them) from the rooftops." "It's not like anything he imagined. But mostly, it's better." "Her earnest look...he can't help but believe that she's telling the truth - the best truth she knows." Oh, man, those lines killed me. And this, again reminding me that things happen for a reason: "Had she said yes, they might never have known that no argument is insurmountable." What a wonderful way to re-think that heart-crushing moment when she said "no". Beautiful. Wow.
JMHaughey chapter 1 . 8/10/2011

They know each other so well, demonstrated so well in this story.

Thumbs up.
Katniss730 chapter 1 . 8/10/2011
Beautiful story and interesting look at how things could have gone if Bones had said yes. Although, I was displeased with how season 5 ended and season 6 began, I think you are 100% correct. I think this says it all so well -

"Had she said yes, they might never have known that no argument is insurmountable, and they might never have known how to go back fight to maintain what is between them. It will take the knowledge of a different kind of separation — miles and wars and reporters — to bring them back together again each time, willing to work, wanting to try.

"Had she said yes, she might never have been able to be the partner he needed. In that time her fear of love still posed an obstacle just a little too large to overcome and she would have been distant, she would have found it hard to communicate and she would never have been able to adapt."
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