Reviews for Timely Love Stories
Book girl fan chapter 41 . 5/29
Ah, the challenge of picking new glasses...I know it well.
VT Bible chapter 19 . 5/24
Hi kids Mal and me were at the playground and Chad wanted us to do something wrong Mal insisted it was time for another bible story it was about the three boys who had the same problem
Book girl fan chapter 40 . 4/17
I'm so sorry it's taken me a whole TWO MONTHS to get to reading this! My only excuse is university work, it's been really busy.

I would love to be part of the anniversary celebrations! Just tell me what I have to do!
B S I D-N chapter 2 . 3/19
Shadrach watch your baby brother oh come on? I'm so not babysitting Meshach he's your brother N said fine so Shadrach watched his baby brother Shadrach go back to sleep dad? He said do you love me? Shadrach nothing changed we had the same love for your friend Daniel when he was little
Sara chapter 2 . 3/13
New ideas blossom out of your ass what the fuck is this
Sara chapter 1 . 3/13
Bruh this sucks it makes me wanna puke reading this
Book girl fan chapter 39 . 11/30/2015
Small note: thy means your, so saying 'Tis thy occupation since thy were a squire' seems odd, as surely the king knows his own occupation. Not sure if this was purposeful or not, but thought I would point it out. That aside, I enjoyed this chapter!
RainbowRose17 chapter 38 . 11/22/2015
Awesome! So Mr. Lunt really does have an aunt Lucy...
Book girl fan chapter 38 . 10/13/2015
VeggieTales has really been around for twenty two years? That seems like both so long and much less than I would have thought.
Godofthunder97 chapter 36 . 7/9/2015
Fantastic job with this chapter and really the rest of this story as a whole as well. I do apologize for not leaving a review on the other chapters but I truly am a big fan of this story as well as your Larryboy story. Again sorry for not leaving a review for any of those chapters. But anyway I was a hug fan of Veggie Tales as a kid and I still really enjoy it today and really your story is the best on this site. In fact it even inspired me to write my Veggie Tales collection of ficlets story. So once again great job and thanks for giving me something that makes me smile.
Ellis97 chapter 36 . 3/25/2015
As soon as VeggieTales In The House is done, Big Idea's deal with DreamWorks is over and that means their old looks will come back, Mr. Nezzer will be back, and so will their old personas.
Book girl fan chapter 37 . 3/24/2015
That's cute. It's finally offical!

Also, you dropped off a sentence somewhere.

'Besides, even if we did change our appearances, we still teach


"So that pretty much covers the set, right?" Larry'

Not sure what happend there, but it just cuts off.
iheartgod175 chapter 36 . 2/16/2015
You're welcome, Comment person! If anybody deserved to have a story mentioned in the TV Tropes pages, it's you! I was going to PM you and tell you that I had placed it on there, but I forgot about it, what with school and all...

I really liked this short! It was so cute! Granted, I haven't seen VeggieTales In the House yet, but I'll probably give it a try after reading this. I'll also get back to reading your other shorts when I can.

God bless, iheartgod175
Book girl fan chapter 36 . 2/15/2015
There are new voice actors as well? I haven't seen the show, because I find the new designs so weird, but there are also new voice actors? I'm not sure I'll ever watch it now.
Guest chapter 33 . 11/28/2014
... what is Larry referring to when he says "have any clue to why you are blue?"
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