Reviews for Steele Letting Go
leiasky chapter 1 . 1/23/2013
Sadly, your web site doesn't load. Do you have another? Would love to read more of your stories.

This was nicely done. Serious and romantically sexy and in keeping with the tone of the show.
kgmohror chapter 1 . 10/11/2012
Wow! This is as skillfully written a piece of fiction as I've ever read anywhere. Brilliantly crafted and spot on in terms of characterization. I'm in awe. Bravo!
Hi from Berlin chapter 1 . 9/7/2011
Very well written - for me, your stories are easily among the best out there. I'm always happy when I see that you've added something new to your collection. Sincerely, Annette
Madeleine Gilbert chapter 1 . 8/11/2011
This-*this*-is the Remington Steele I fell in love with.

Inside and out, you’ve captured the characters as they were in the series. I especially treasure the accuracy of your insights to Steele’s psychology. The care he takes in choosing and setting out the perfect meal, all out his desire to please Laura and “show her he could please her” (oh, how I love that line.) The knight errantry he imitates from the movies. The beautiful catalog of the things he feels Laura has given him. The comparisons and contrasts he draws between Laura and Anna and his emotions for them.

His uncertainties about his real self.

That’s not to say you haven’t portrayed Laura with equal skill. You’re grasped and presented the central fact on which their relationship pivots: she *accepts* him for who he is, and is generally forgiving of his lapses. I love the flashes here of her sexual boldness, her physical courage, her easy execution of “masculine” tasks and skills, such as driving the Ducati, her humor, her intelligence and her instinctive understanding of him.

The interaction between Steele and Laura is spot on, too. They are not Moonlighting, or Castle, or Bones. There was always a delicacy and tenderness to their dance, the genuineness of their affection showing through the masks which they struggled to hide just how deep it actually was. It’s so apparent in this conversation, not just in the things they say, but in Laura’s gestures as Steele observes them, as well as in his own thoughts. And the moment when she misinterprets the way he stops her caresses? It’s breathtaking in the simplicity with which it conveys her deepest fears (and jealousies) that she’ll never be able to measure up to the other women he’s had, particularly Anna.

I must also say I gained as much pleasure from your prose as from the story itself. Your writing has such a lyrical quality to it, almost poetic. Both literate and literary (I know you’ll appreciate the distinction.) There wasn’t a single false note in dialogue, description or exposition to jar me out of the experience. I can’t praise you enough for that.

I’m looking forward with extreme anticipation to the prequel, and anything else your skillful pen might produce.

~ MG
DreamingonthePage chapter 1 . 8/11/2011
This is wonderful. Thank you. The details of the setting were so rich truly felt like I was there. I need to read it another time or two to comment in more detail (and re read my "woman of Steele" draft - I believe there were several). But how wonderful to have something worth reading multiple times. I will happily look forward to finding time for that task.