Reviews for we never change do we
silversurf4 chapter 1 . 8/12/2011
I agree. This is long overdue. Not many Rachel centric fics - there should be more. She's such a tortured young soul and they really didn't devote much time to her in the show. It was like she was rescued and then largely ignored by Charlie. He knew he needed to save her, but then lacked the skill or will to parent properly.

I really enjoyed your take on Rachel's testing boundaries, her resentment of both Hollis and Charlie for different reasons. I was struck particularly by this passage "You may not want any trouble, but life is full of things you don't want. I want a life of peace and harmony. It's not always easy to reconcile the things you want with the things that you have. It's only when you learn to want what you have that you can truly be at peace."

I didn't see the direction of the ending coming and it's made me a bit uncomfortable. Not that Rachel made a pass at him - I can totally see that happening but that Charlie would go there. That I did not see coming. It forced me to reconsider if he really was sorta amoral when it came to coupling and if that was possible. Jury's still out, but it made me think. Great writing, stark, but vivid vignettes into a life we didn't see enough of.
serenitymeimei chapter 1 . 8/11/2011
Wow, I absolutely loved this! It's not often that you see a fic from Rachel's POV and you did it so well. Thank you for this!