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everquesting chapter 28 . 2/8/2015
Dude. Awesome. Like u manage to totally get into the style of hogue ago, and even though I was a little lost in the witch/magic bits (I've only read higurashi you see) but that was totally aweshum
Guest chapter 28 . 7/14/2014
This needs more attention.
Of course, this doesn't have as many fics as my main fandom does, but if my main fandom can get terrible fics to at least 100 reviews, this should have much more than in the 20s. This is one of the better fics I have read. Ever.
So. Thank you.
pihip chapter 6 . 2/22/2014

I know that Higurashi's world is a messed up one, but so far you're turning it into a monstrous nightmare.

And you're extremely good at it, which is quite frightening to be honest.

This chapter also makes me wonder what would've happened in the original story if it was Mion who went mad instead of Shion. She may be the mentally sound twin, but anyone breaks under certain circumstances, especially with a hate plague raging around and paranoia being commonplace.
rexincognito chapter 28 . 10/26/2013
First: forgive if my English isn't too well.

I have to say that your fic is great, I like your way and dedication to write, I don't use to see authors that finishes their fanfics. You know, they aren't always that long,

I only noticed that you didn't talk a lot about Rena, that was one of the most little-participating characters; anyway, she isn't my favorite one.

The way you extended each character like Oishi or Saya giving them a good participation in a moment of the story makes this more enjoyable and interesting. I didnt expected Satoshi to be Rai until the chapter when he was taked to the hospital by Oishi.

Well, I would like to tell more about how I like this fic but for some strange reason I don't have more words to talk with; so thank you for this fabulous story, I hope to read more fanfics of yours.
WolfGoddessReyith chapter 22 . 12/12/2012
Haha, I was right, he was Satoshi! At the end of the first chapter, I was almost convinced that he was actually Keiichi, but as the reports progressed, I began to have doubts, and this chapter confirmed it.

That being said, I actually prefer this version of Satoshi to how he was in the anime. In this story, he's funny, brave, and not afraid to tell people what he thinks about them, and his situation. In the anime - I'll be honest - I really disliked him. Even though he had the courage to kill his aunt, he still came off as someone lacking a backbone. I think that was my biggest complaint about him. He was just too meek. This story (in particular, this chapter) solved that. I also liked how he and Shion ultimately ended up together. ...well, kinda.
WolfGoddessReyith chapter 15 . 12/9/2012
I will say that this story is extremely good, and still has me guessing as to what's going on. But I want to point out something that I noticed. I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but every now and then, you switch to present-tense, and it seems very out of place, and throws off the flow of the paragraph it's part of, when all else is in past-tense.
LandDeathNote chapter 3 . 10/9/2012
you win the internet for the longest chapter i have ever read on fanfic
Michael S. Repton chapter 28 . 5/26/2012
Excellent finale. The fight between Hanyuu and Astaroth was well-described and engaging; in the next couple of sections, to be honest, I felt the length starting to drag a little, but it was good to get the final resolution to each character's story. I think I forgot to say this in my previous review - I'm very glad that Youko made it out alive as she is my favourite OC in this; you made me care about her deeply in the chapters from her perspective and through her interactions with Saya. It was lovely to see Ange again, and even though the ending to that section was ambiguous, I feel that now she's been able to remember Saya's name, there's hope for her full recovery. (It doesn't matter to me that she only exists in one fragment, because after all, from my point of view they are all equally fictitious :P )

I loved the last section best of all; the perfect rounding-off of this tale. (Though I wish their daughter had at least been named; I always like to see little details like that included.) The interaction of all three characters was very touching, and the final scene reuniting Keiichi with the others was just beautiful. I, at least, choose to interpret it as a good / bittersweet ending; at least, after so much tragedy, it's the best ending we could have had. Even for Saya, in her own way. The choice she made was really heartwarming, and after I'd given her up for dead in the previous chapter, I'm very pleased she gets to be reunited with her sister.

Thanks again for this wonderful story!
Michael S. Repton chapter 27 . 5/25/2012
*thunderous applause*

Yes, I'm back. Sorry it took me so long - real life has been a little stressful, as you may guess from how long it's taking me to update my own story (though it is continuing; II.13 is halfway to ready for uploading, and I'm up to III.11 in the draft). So, I've now re-read this story from the beginning as I promised, and rather than write a second review for Chapter VII, I got so caught up in it that I couldn't resist carrying on to find out what the last chapter held in store.

And you certainly didn't disappoint. That was an epic finale; the battle between Satoshi and Sonozaki was brilliantly conceived, their dialogue beautifully written and emotionally involving, and the climax deeply satisfying. A bittersweet ending for the pair, but certainly a much better one than I was expecting after the earlier chapter where it looked like she'd died without even getting this moment of truth and redemption.

Natsumi's arc was also extremely satisfying; I didn't know her as a character before your story, but you certainly made me feel for her and care about what happened to her. The moment when she destroyed Hinamizawa and the narration of her feelings were superb, and even though I've never seen her paired with Keiichi before I certainly hope they can heal each other and find happiness.

But I think what really made this climax was the final segment and the revelation of the "user-defined truth". I love Higurashi as a story; but I think what I'm most drawn to, and the reason I find Higurashi fanfic so fascinating, is the number of questions it leaves in the mind for later authors to think about and answer in their own way. The true nature of Hinamizawa Syndrome is an obvious and crucial one; Wolfeden's "Higurashi Kan" series, for instance, exists to build up to his own answer, which I knew in advance from reading his blog post in which he points out various flaws in the "parasite" theory. This isn't the place to reveal or comment on his answer, however. Yours was a very nice one, and a fitting end to a story that fits very well with that answer in theme and mood. An excellent answer to the original Higurashi, building on it while going beyond it, which is what fanfic should do. (My own answer will be different again, and that's one reason I'm determined to finish my story, even though I know I can't write nearly as well as you.)

The last thing I have to say is that this was a very satisfying story to re-read, as getting through it in a much shorter time than when it was first uploaded made it much easier to spot the connections and try to solve the mysteries ahead of time (at which, of course, I did miserably). There are some really nice clues that it's easy to overlook on first reading. All in all, then, a truly marvellous story and one that it's been a real pleasure to read. Thank you so much for sharing it with us! :)

And so, on to the wrap party...
ItsaRandomUsername chapter 28 . 5/22/2012
Here it is. The (so-far) very last chapter of End Dreamer. And here I was thinking the previous chapter was a decent way to end a story, holy cow. This one was really something else entirely.

First of all you should be quite proud of that big battle between Hanyuu and Dr. Anne. Or rather, the fragment-being known as 'Keichi'. Definitely the major highlight of this update for me, though plenty of other noteworthy things did indeed happen. Throw on a kickass track from the 07th Expansion project of your choice for authenticity as background music and you're ready to rock. The ending also made me feel fuzzy inside despite myself.

And holy crap look at all the meta in the Umineko segment with the way you touched upon the nonexistence of certain characters. Things are getting especially trippy in that neck of the woods. Again, a very nice touch. Major, major, major mindscrew at the end there with the timeloop that Saya is now permanently trapped in. Poor girl. I actually cringed at that part.

The ultimate conclusion seems like its pretty fitting, I'd say. As you said it is quite the bad ending (when compared to the ideal outcome of everyone surviving and thwarting Takano's schemes), but there is certainly something about the bittersweetness of it that especially fits the tone of this particular story. Cicadas: Case of the End Dreamer is not a happy story by any stretch of the word. It's basic premise is "what if the story of Higurashi continued on after one of those notorious bad ends that spells doom for all the characters (barring of course the fact that it is an original ending the notion still remains).

Sleep, End Dreamer. Sleep forevermore in that special place I keep in my heart for quality stories. Definitely a great story, and thank you for writing it in the first place. It was an undeniable treat to read from start to finish.
ItsaRandomUsername chapter 27 . 5/22/2012
What is this? My favorite Higurashi fanfic has updated? Oh yes, this is going to be a treat. Oh wait. It's over now, right? That's a bummer. But on the plus side the story gets to finally conclude, so that's a good thing in of itself as well.

And what a conclusion it is (ignoring for the sake of this review, of course, the fact that one chapter still remains)! The exchanges between Satoshi and Keiichi were quite profound. The Yamainu getting hired to finish the job was delicious twist and a very nice touch, especially when combined with the utter burning of Hinamizawa to the ground.

With regards to Takano's punishment nothing else comes to mind that would have been more suitable. Sentenced to life because of the death she caused was incredibly poetic.

Natsumi and Oiishi's confrontation I was half expecting to go south until Saturn Anne showed up, put his Hazama Trollface on and finished off the job. Astaroth earned some brownie points in my book - not because he killed Oiishi, but because the way he did it and his attitude during and after that exchange.

All in all, looking forward to the final installment of Cicadas. It's been quite the ride, and I've been happy to be a part of it.
Michael S. Repton chapter 25 . 4/11/2012
Okay, I'm putting this review here because as soon as I have enough time, I'm going to re-read this story from the beginning so that I remember better who everyone is, how they got here, and what all the clues were, and then I'll write my *real* review of Chapter 26.

For now, I just want to say that this was a beautiful chapter - the revelations about Saya and Yoko were very well handled, and the death-or-perhaps-not-but-probably-death was very touching. I really like both of them as characters and the way they've been developed throughout the story. It was sad, but not unexpected :) and I'm more curious than ever to find out how it's all going to end. Thanks again for sharing this story with us!
Nalasleafheart chapter 5 . 3/11/2012
So I'm a little confused-

Is this a alternate universe where the real shion (mion in the manga/anime) and the real mion (shion from the manga/anime) didn't trade lives for a day when they were children, having their names never switched forever?

Or is it a world where Shion (the real mion) never met satoshi and fell in love with keiichi instead..

Sorry if I'm spoiling any parts of the manga, I didn't intend to much.
ItsaRandomUsername chapter 24 . 3/11/2012
Action, action everywhere!

Not much to comment on other than the fact that we had a lot of action in this chapter. :P

Oh yeah, and Oishi being a BAMF asshole.

That and I wouldn't worry too much about Satoshi, since I do believe that you're handling him just fine and his growth and development has radically changed so much from what is present in canon Higurashi. If you keep this up at the very least *I'll* be pleased with your work.
ItsaRandomUsername chapter 22 . 3/11/2012
Aha! So in the end Miyumi was actually Shion, and Rai was actually Satoshi. Intuition was right, after all (plus, all the evidence before, given that this is supposed to be somewhat based off of a Tatarigoroshi-hen like scenario or whatever the name is for that chapter). All in all a good turn of events that only just confirms my suspicions as to who the End Dreamer actually is.

Of course, I have no idea what's going to happen next, besides a possible Satoshi/Keiichi team up of epicness, so I'll eagerly await new updates from this.

On another note, for the individualized stand-alone chapters methinks you handled the various shippings well. Don't think I've ever read anyone seriously ship Keiichi x Rika before, let alone do it well, and that pleases me (since, you know, it actually makes sense when one thinks about it).
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