Reviews for Fork It Over
SakuraLuck chapter 29 . 7/22
*sighs* Even though I knew it wouldn't last, I sort of hoped that Charlie wouldn't be left alone in the end. I admit, most of the reasons why I liked him was because of him lavishing Demi and Harry and Felix in praises but I genuinely started to like in this story as a character.

And are you serious Carlise? Bella? Over Emmett? And Jasper and Rosalie?
SakuraLuck chapter 30 . 7/22
I loved this story so much and thank you for writing it! I'm a bit sad and possibly crying that it's over but I'm happy with this ending. :')
SakuraLuck chapter 21 . 7/22
The Bad Jokes have grown on me and I can't stop laughing at them.
SakuraLuck chapter 1 . 7/22
I love this. So much.
Mirage chapter 30 . 7/17
what a end, a little bit rushed but funny
will there be a second part to the Story?
zephyr hb chapter 30 . 7/18
I kinda loved this fic. It was very funny and all, just a little too much at the end, and poor Charlie.
kyoanna chapter 25 . 7/14
kyoanna chapter 24 . 7/14
chapters 2224 have the same joke
lady wolvie chapter 30 . 6/23
amazingly hilarious
Xyori Nadeshiko chapter 9 . 6/20
Kyaaaa kawaiii harry es tan lindo
Beth9891 chapter 30 . 6/16
Very amusing story. Would love a sequel where Edward finds his actual mate..
Guest chapter 8 . 6/11
Your bad jokes at the end of every chapter give me life
Belanore chapter 30 . 6/12
Marvelous. This story is just marvelous. I laughed so much. Thanks a lot and i hope you Will write much more fics like this one.
TwistedImage chapter 30 . 6/2
I love Harry and Demetri in this, their portrayal is hilarious. Bella and Edward make me want to gag [and suggest a therapist and give Bella an empowered girl/independent woman lecture]. The game show things with Felix were odd but still a bit funny. Cute and funny story overall [also unique].
Guest chapter 17 . 5/29
So evil :3
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