Reviews for First Contact
KyliaQuilor chapter 1 . 2/27
"Maybe they're sending their first contact protocol messages, too?"

Vault166 chapter 16 . 2/14
I have no Idea if your still alive, but I just want to say this story is amazing!
Ilireanwri chapter 16 . 1/26
This story was very good, but sadly it seems you've stopped writing. I liked the idea to read a story where the focus lies in how the Council races see humanity and not the other way around. I would've loved it to see how this story continued with more than Asaris and the odd Salarian and Turian thrown in (like the reactions of Quarians, Krogans, Elcor, etc.)... sadly it seems this won't happen.
AyeJimmy123 chapter 16 . 1/23
Noice. I can imagine a translated version of The Art Of War becoming a best-seller in Turian space.
Sovereign2808 chapter 16 . 1/11
Man, what a fascinating and highly (mostly accurate) philosophical story.

Shame its abandoned. Would have liked to see more of the human perspective on the council races, while this describes mostly how the other races profit from humans.

moosejuice5 chapter 16 . 12/17/2017
This remains one of my all time favourite fics, absolutely love it
AUareAwesome chapter 16 . 12/15/2017
Great fanfic. Can't wait for the next chapter!
BeepBoop chapter 16 . 11/25/2017
I liked this story so can you come back to it?
WG101 chapter 16 . 11/13/2017
I was just watching a video before this about the M1911 it had a few quotes about it that you could use for when humanity inevitably begins the process of converting to mass effect firearms as a sort of motto for the early design concepts for human attempts to continue to use their old firearms "a century of service and ready for a hundred years more" and "the pistol that forgot to become obsolete". the way i think this would go is a barrel attachment connected to an under-barrel power source that powers the mass effect fields that allow the cartridge-bullet based weapons rounds to pierce kinetic barriers for older versions of the weapons and full conversion internals to proper mass effect weapons for new production models of the same weapons made specifically for the new technology.
Revliledpembroke chapter 7 . 11/13/2017
War... huh... what is it good for?

Ending the sonuvabitch that started it, for one.
Revliledpembroke chapter 6 . 11/13/2017
So... our average lifespan went up because we stopped babies dying from diseases in their first year or two. That would have the most impact, I think. Having a 1 year old and a 59 year old die together and their average lifespan would be 30 years. A vaccine or cure to that same disease that allows that 1 year old to live could push the average lifespan up to 60.
Revliledpembroke chapter 5 . 11/13/2017
More will become clear in time?

Nope. 4.5 years later, it's still pretty unclear.

Maybe if you finished this...
Revliledpembroke chapter 4 . 11/13/2017
Well, now you need to come back...

You said Star Wars was an 6 part movie series and that is no longer the case, is it?
Guest chapter 3 . 11/9/2017
I think that in this case that sexes would be used instead of genders.
Frost5 chapter 16 . 11/2/2017
I think this is quite a fascinating story, fairly realistic so far as well. Humans are all-rounders, good at basically everything but only exceptional is certain things due to specialisations (Such as one can expect an engineer to be able to do maths but you wouldn't expect them to do Quantum mathematics), and our natural inconsistency would indeed interest a galaxy where the known races all have a certain specialisation (Asari: Diplomacy, Salarian: Espionage and Technology, Turian: Warfare). I enjoyed all your chapters so far and as for something to see in the future is maybe a chapter about a Turian military delegation sent to earth for first-hand experience of Human military doctrines such as submarine warfare, carrier operations, mobile warfare (modern day blitzkrieg) and the works including studying various conflicts ranging from Napoleonic era combat to Guerrilla warfare (Chinese Communists?) with a dash of Cyberwarfare (Mass Effect seems to be lacking in that department).
Looking forward to your next chapter!
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