Reviews for Freedom in the Eyes of Another
Guest chapter 5 . 10/11
Such a fucking awesome fanfic, girl! I've never liked a character's personality so much before. I mean, Sakura was just unbelievable funny and, idk, strong. I loved the way she talked - about the puppies or with Kisame. It's really fucking great!
PseudoChan chapter 5 . 10/6
this has got to be one of my favorite stories ever.
exgorgitation chapter 1 . 9/12
I really loved the in-character dialog and feeling in this story. It's off the wall and horrifically dark, but not in a way that breaks canon. I would say that if anything it's appropriately dark and realistic for the themes that often show up in the manga. There are a few things I could nitpick here and there but it does little to affect the story. The writing describing medical procedures and the medical/body horror that affects Sakura was my favorite. As was her attachment and protectiveness towards the rest of Team 7.
Adding bonus points for killing Kabuto off pre-Shippuden and you get a solid 15/10.
I doubt you'll see this review but, I'm making an effort to leave one on every story I read these days.
Cheers, wherever you are.
50blades chapter 5 . 9/8
I intend to go back and reread and review every chapter individually. I was so excited, I couldn't stop reading. This is such a badass story. I was on edge. Honestly I am in awe of how amazing Sakura was throughout the whole time. The eyes. I will never forget the sensory of the description in this story. The story has a very endearing ending. Thank you for sharing your talent.
silver.wolf.1155 chapter 5 . 6/18
awwwwwww i wonder if there is more
Soupercan chapter 5 . 6/1
Oh, tell me there's a sequel to this gloriousness...
Soupercan chapter 3 . 6/1
Wow, that one last ANBU is a dick.

Hey, a bunch of barely-genin just got kidnapped for over a month and now they're in shock. What a laugh!

Fuck you, ANBU dude.
Mernom chapter 5 . 4/2
Excellent read. A bit short, though.
Mernom chapter 1 . 4/2
I'm pretty sure that wasn't what Kakashi meant...
ChimamireNoBara22 chapter 5 . 3/15
This was amazing! I soooo didn't want it to end! It was very imaginative. I haven't read a fanfic like this one before...great job! You really delved into the mind of Sakura in an almost catatonic state and made it to where she was believable yet highly effective. Very well done :)
Guest chapter 5 . 1/30
respectjounin chapter 5 . 1/26
Awesome freaking story! If you continued it with this new and improved Sakura I really wouldn’t be mad by the way
respectjounin chapter 1 . 1/26
I love how you represent Sakura as someone who can actually do things and get her head in the game when things turn tough. The Naruto series did her wrong as she was top of her class, this is what she should have acted like in the series as she was definitely capable of it. This is the Sakura we are proud to claim as a strong character.
MizuiroNeko chapter 4 . 12/30/2018
Ok so they wouldn’t let me review the last chapter ugh ffnet slacking anyway. Could you please direct me to chapter 6 ?! I know there’s like one more with Kakashi and Gaila talking about Sakura retiring. Please tell me where this story is so epically awesome I had to reread it. And if you ever feel like adding more that’d be awesome, this fix is outright gold!
akwardllama chapter 5 . 12/1/2018
So this is great! It was magnificent and if you ever do a sequel I am don to read it. I loved it.
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