Reviews for Black Swordsman
Vicious Pink chapter 1 . 8/15/2011
The narration switch to Rolf's adolescent viewpoint at the beginning was cute and seemed to be a playful nod at the time when PS2 was released (1989 in Japan and 1990 everywhere else). Swordplay being a pop culture fad lends some credence to its emphasis in Rolf's text adventure, which I've always found baffling.

Suggesting Rolf was targeted not at random makes sense to me, and it's a bit scary to think his parents were so dismissive of the supposed dangers of roughing it in Mota's nature preserves. Obviously ignoring the rumors was met with a nearly disastrous consequence, too.

Overall this was an enjoyable little story, with a fun action segment and many thought-provoking theories to be explored later. Good stuff!
DezoPenguin chapter 1 . 8/13/2011
An interesting little fic, giving the hero of one PS game to meet up with the legend of another. Many neat little touches (the name of Dr. Shani's book, for example, hinting at the disaster that would happen one year later, the suggestions as to what happened to the nobility that we saw in PSI, the inclusion of Rudo as a guest character) help to flesh things out and remind us that the story takes place in a greater world, with significance for what would happen in the future of two games. I especially enjoy the kid's-eye view of swordsmanship and the emphasis on the difference between real-life combat arts and pop-cultural phenomena (knowing how IRL the same thing has happened, such as in response to the surge of ninja movies in the 70s).

There's one odd or off-putting note: I do have to wonder, however, why you used the timeline for the English games as well as the planet names (Mota, Dezo), but gave Eusis his Japanese name instead of "Rolf"? As previous reviewer Dreamer pointed out, that does kind of cause a sudden "hey, what?" moment. (Knowing your love for ongoing series and world-building, I wonder if that might be some kind of a plot point to come where the last descendant of Alis Landale gets hidden under a new identity when his parents are killed, but regardless, it does seem kind of jarring.)
Dreamer chapter 1 . 8/13/2011
This was a fun read with an interesting twist or two at the end. While the choice of wording may come off as cheesy at first, this is a kid's POV. With that in mind, it fits. I felt as if there were quite a few nods in this story, but perhaps I'm overly looking into things. P

Now, spoiler time, folks!

Because I'm stuck on the JP version of Phantasy Star, timelines and everything else considered, the fact that Orakio shows up at all struck me as odd. However, if we consider that the English canon is used, then it's no problem and makes for an interesting tie-in. :)