Reviews for Life's Ending, Life's Beginning
gym chapter 1 . 2/20
think someone could take over where this story left off? its such a great story its sad to just leave it
Beloved Daughter chapter 32 . 2/19
Really cool story! Couldn't stop reading, even though it's 2:20 in the morning and I have work tomorrow... Ugh.

Anyway, thanks for writing and posting this awesome story! I can't wait to read more, especially to find out how Buffy will survive her freefall!
hellcat chapter 32 . 2/16
so sad the author passed away... we will never now how this Story will end ;.;
anon chapter 32 . 1/11
Dude your story is amazing! I wish that you would continue it. I started reading this in july and then you suddenly stopped posting.
Guest chapter 32 . 1/9
Update Soon Please...! I can't wait for more. How on earth is Buffy going to get out of this?!
RSegovia chapter 32 . 1/9
Well, I read this despite knowing the author has passed away because I've enjoyed his other works so much. This is a really great crossover, and I'm sure it would have had many more fascinating adventures. It's a shame it ended on such a cliffhanger, though! Rest in peace, man.
Guest chapter 32 . 12/24/2016
To everyone waiting for an update, I must inform you that the author passed away last summer. Let's enjoy is marvellous work and remember his words.
Guest chapter 32 . 12/11/2016
Please Update Soon!
jedijinnora chapter 32 . 12/8/2016
I've come back and read this and other stories a few times in the past months. It hurts to know there will be no more updates, but I am very glad to have the chance to enjoy this brilliant work. Thank you, and rest in peace.
vulpes22 chapter 1 . 11/24/2016
Please, continue this, I really like where your going with this,
anon chapter 32 . 11/16/2016
Ok, seriously. I love this story but it has been like three months with no update. And you ended it on a cliff hanger. Please please please write more. I beg you to finish this story. If you could do it by christmas I would consider it the greatest gift ever. Please its driving me mad.
MrBogus chapter 32 . 10/18/2016
Nice story, really. I just have a hard time to understand, where the Buffy and Stargate parts are coming into play. Ok, you have the iniative plot part, but that is, as far as i can see, up to now rather small and could have been any other "normal" black ops base as well.

Otherwise, you just have a young woman and some military officers taking an interest in her. Take away the hellmouth and the Names of all protagonists and you have a pretty decent Original story. Like I said, the story itself is nice, you could have written it without the references to either fandom and it would have been good as well. Unfortunately you did not and I am wondering, then when does the Stargate part start? When does the Buffy part start? Is there a part at all?
ErrorInvalidEntry chapter 32 . 10/8/2016
Oh crap. Oh crap. Oh crap. Psh. She's got this... I hope..
dog3n chapter 32 . 10/2/2016
I was so, so sorry to hear that this wonderful writer had passed away. It's a big loss to fans as well as his family. May he rest in peace.
Dimsel chapter 32 . 9/29/2016
Thank you for updating! So glad to see another great chapter
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