Reviews for Appreciating the Euphemism
Shiary chapter 4 . 9/23/2013
Omg i know its been a while but please update.
Shiary chapter 1 . 9/23/2013
Lol i love it
Amles80 chapter 4 . 9/23/2012
This is a very good story! I really enjoy it, I read the four first chapters tonight.

The first one was very cute. I liked how Gwendal noticed thatConrad was proud that Yuuri liked him and felt safe with him. And I liked how Yuuri reacted when he heard they were brothers. (I agree with him there, it would be good for Gwendal to smile more...) And it's always nice to see a fic that shows the fluffy side of Gwendal, the side of him that secretly (or not so secretly...) is kind and gentle and loves everything cute; the side of him that only those closest to him ever get to see, and that Yuuri brings out.

I like the second chapter as well; I liked that Yuuri, who usually runs away from paperwork, actually appreciates the peace and quiet in Gwendal's work room. I like how Gwendal welcomes him and lets him stay there. The part about Günter is fun and entirely appropriate, you're right that Günter/Yuuri "can be ignored, but never disproved". Actually, I don't even always think about it, because just like Yuuri I've gotten used to the fact that that's just how Günter is. :)

Then I found that I liked the third chapter even more. Because there you're giving us MORE Gwendal and Yuuri! Gwendal is actually daydreaming and thinking about sunsets, it's wonderful. And Yuuri keeps coming to sit with him just because it's something he likes to do, even without a headache - they're comfortable around each other. I know you added a phrase toward the end that implies that it's actually Günter who he has feelings for, but I still kinda sorta read this as Gwendal/Yuuri... Actually, even if it's not that, I like their friendship and how beautifully you write this.

And then I love the fourth chapter! I think that Conrad/Yuuri is an underrated pairing (or that's the impression I get; I'm fairly new in the fandom after all). This chapter is so intense; these two are so close and mean so much to each other, and you make the reader truly feel it. I also like the part about Wolfram. That's something I appreciate in the anime: the relationship between the brothers and how it changes to the better. I love this part: "The maou felt a small pang of sadness that it could not always be this way between them, but perhaps that would be just another thing he would strive to work for." This statement is SO Yuuri. And of course, he doesn't quite realize that he has already done a lot to make the brothers closer, and more open.

And throughout the whole thing, you show Yuuri's growth and development in a really good way. Not to mention how well-written it is and how in character they all are!

To summarize: Now that this story started good and got better and better with each chapters, I have high expectations on the rest! ;) (And I'm sure you'll fulfill the expectations brillantly.) And I hope to see more of Gwendal in coming chapters. :)
lunarxflare125 chapter 4 . 9/20/2012
I read this fic a long time ago and was thing about it a couple of months ago so I tried to look for it but I couldn't find it so I'm glad you updated this chapter:) pls continue
Strega chapter 3 . 8/22/2011
I always liked the Yuri/Gwendal dynamic because it was the most confusing. Gwen always seemed so stern with Yuri but proved, time and time again, that he liked Yuri and backed him...but would utterly deny it if he was teased about it. _ Getting to see inside the man's head was a treat. Thanks for writing this. (You captured Gwen very well.)
gkeeper91 chapter 3 . 8/22/2011
This is an extremely well-written set of stories. I love the fact that you focused on Gwendal. His characterization was spot-on, especially on that part in the first story, with his reaction when confronted with something cute and cuddly. :)

Nice work!