Reviews for Someone Like You
masomi03 chapter 24 . 8/3
Para cuando la continuaciĆ³n. Me ha gustado mucho. Sigue...
Guest chapter 24 . 7/22
hi, um, update soon please? this is my favourite AU and I hope you finish this one day? I don't really know what to say but I'm trying to be encouraging? i think? anyway I hope that you find te inspiration you need to finish this 3
CaskettAlways2009 chapter 24 . 7/21
I'm not sure if this was the end or if you'll ever pick this story up has been 5 yrs I've really enjoyed reading it and now that Castle is over I'm overdosing myself with fanfics!
CaskettAlways2009 chapter 14 . 7/21
I know I'm like years late but I just found out about fanfictions and I am thoroughly enjoying this story! Also...I was wondering when you would bring Josh back into the picture...
lauhall chapter 24 . 6/27
Do you think yo u'll finish the story? I wanna know if Josh is planning something, please even if it's 4 years latee I would love to find out what happens next.
Rae chapter 24 . 5/18
update please!
castlegeek89 chapter 10 . 5/6
any thoughts on finishing story?
on pins and needles.

Castle Reader chapter 24 . 4/7
really love this AU. Curious to see if Josh interferes with her recovery. Would love to see this finished, if you can. Enjoy your writing so much
3mily Blake chapter 24 . 3/6
Oh, man. Really? ...It's being so long. This fic is just great ...I don't even know if you're still writing, but I really hope you can keep going with this one some day
annarodriguez7 chapter 24 . 3/5
WOW I really really really loved this AU. since you haven't updated since 2012 (seems like an eternity now that I am reading this in 2016 hehe) I don't know if you are willing on continue this or at least finish it. but we (the followers of the fic) would be really really glad if you did. but if not, tell you that it's okay, I really enjoyed reading it. it is very good written. good job. thank you.
BROSMP chapter 23 . 2/7
Oh, pleaseee, I love this story, pleaseee update!
It's a great story pleaseeeeeeee
josiebell391 chapter 24 . 2/3
what a great story really hope you update
CrimeGirl912 chapter 24 . 1/22
I just read all 24 chapters! I love this story! Please continue it!
Guest chapter 24 . 12/14/2015
Awesome story! Hope you find time to finish :)
Guest chapter 24 . 11/1/2015
I found this and could NOT stop reading it! I really hope you decide to finish this some day soon. It's seriously an amazing story and needs an ending. I hope you can find the time or encouragement or words or whatever to complete it. Please at least drop us a line to let us know that you're still with us. Hope all is well.
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