Reviews for Innocence Lost
HeKillsWithHisSmile chapter 1 . 6/5/2012
Oh, my gosh. LOVE LOVE this! Poor Robbie though. If this had really happened I would have killed Nigel for Mark! What he did was horrible.

Love Markie and Robbie's realtionship, they're such good friends.

I don't know much about the real history of the band, I wasn't born until the year after they split up and only really became a massive fan last year (didn't get to go see Progress though, but I got the DVD for Christmas) but I'm guessing Nigel was quite hard on them. From what I've heard anyway.

Anywho, loved this. Is there any chance that there might be some sort of sequel? I would love to see this continued. I thought it was great.

Thanks for posting and if you want to, you can check out my TT fictions on LJ my user name is Markie40. (I'm obsessed with Mark, he's cute)

Anyway, once again amazing story, very well written.


Em J Loves you chapter 1 . 4/16/2012
Oh gosh I love you! I truly do I thought there where no Take That fics here! xD

I love Markie and Robbie's friendship it a bit adorable! Like in the concerts they keep dancing together! Also Markie was the one that still kept in touch with Robbie after the split. (Well from what Robbie said in the documentary they did)

But as for the fic it was brilliant very well written :D If that really had happened I'd despise Nigel too. I must admit at first I tought the same as Nigel that Robbie's solo carrier was over that is the only reason he came back but he is still great and Isn't he making another album soon?

In like the fictional world I love Willowen in the real world I love their friendship :)

(Coming from a girl that was born the year Robbie left you can see I have loved Take That music ever since I was very little and done a bit of research I will confess tough I just found out who Markie, Howard and Jay where a week ago :/ I mean I knew there was 5 blokes in the group and of cause I knew Gaz and Robbie where in the band. Also as you might tell I am a Markie girl he is just very adorable and the way he just smiles :D I also know his past from what i have read that is.)

I can not be called a Thatter because I have never seen a Take That concert live even if I wish I could I hope I will in the future :) I do not own a TT wall poster but I am a beginner :)
AcidReactor chapter 1 . 4/5/2012
Well, I was on your profile and I saw this story had no reviews, so I decided, "I like TT, I think I'll read it!"

Glad I did!

It was really good! But then again I only expected that from you:3 Congrats on being a fucking amazing author, I cannot wait for your next fic!

-Animebiersack98 xx