Reviews for Three Cases
CSIflea chapter 69 . 1/7
A beautiful ending to an amazing story! Just brilliant...
CSIflea chapter 68 . 1/7
Great chapter! House and Jensen as friends will be good for both of them..
CSIflea chapter 67 . 1/7
Fantastic chapter!
CSIflea chapter 66 . 1/7
Only one word describes this chapter: amazing!
CSIflea chapter 65 . 1/7
Nice surprise! I hope that it helps Cuddy!
CSIflea chapter 64 . 1/7
Jensen knows House very well. Hopefully he'll listen..
CSIflea chapter 63 . 1/7
Great chapter! Wonder what Cuddy's reaction will be?
CSIflea chapter 62 . 1/7
I absolutely loved this chapter! Definitely on my top 5 list! Kutner is such a sweetie!
CSIflea chapter 61 . 1/7
Cuddy sacrificing cleanliness for House? That's love! I love that cat, i have several of them and life would be boring without them...
CSIflea chapter 60 . 1/7
Very nice chapter! House isn't the only one who likes the cushion apparently...
CSIflea chapter 59 . 1/7
Nice Jensen chapter, reminds us he's human, not the supernatural being we often see when dealing with House...
CSIflea chapter 58 . 1/7
Oh boy! Just when things are getting better, Cuddy wants to keep something a surprise and House takes it the wrong way...
CSIflea chapter 57 . 1/7
This therapist sounds like a female version of Jensen. Liked the chapter, was very revealing...
CSIflea chapter 55 . 1/7
These chapters are almost as exciting as the showdown's chapters...and to think I cant really remember what happened next..even though I have read most of the series at least once before...
CSIflea chapter 54 . 1/7
Poor Wilson is trying. Though Sandra is giving him way more chances than i ever would...
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