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Guest chapter 4 . 8/12
"I understand now what it's like to lose someone and want to take revenge for them. I know what you're going through now and I want to help you because that's what saved me. I had people to care about me, love me and look after me and I didn't let that want for revenge consume me or change me because of it. I know I can do the same for you. I can save you!"

There are SO MANY things wrong with this speech, I don't know if I have the time to unpack them all. But here we go:

First of all, Naruto is claiming that the loss of Jiraiya, who was only ONE person, who WASN'T a family member, and who died in BATTLE as a ninja, is comparable to the loss of Sasuke's ENTIRE FAMILY during a GENOCIDE. Sasuke didn't lose just one person, he lost everyone. Sasuke didn't lose just his mentor, he lost his parents, his grandparents, his aunts, his uncles, his cousins, every single person he knew, every single person he loved, and every single person who loved him back. Sasuke didn't lose them all as part of a mission that they had voluntarily taken, they were all killed as part of betrayal. They had no opportunity to fight back. Naruto claims to "know" Sasuke better than Sasuke thinks he does, but making the comparison between the death of Jiraiya and the Uchiha genocide shows a complete and utter lack of understanding of what Sasuke's situation actually is.

I don't mind Naruto making this comparison because it was the same misguided comparison he made in the manga. Where I have a problem is that you took that comparison EVEN FURTHER than canon Naruto did. All canon Naruto said was that he understood loss now. And still the fandom criticized him for it, as they should have. The fandom pointed out that Naruto shouldn't have needed to lose someone to understand Sasuke's feelings. Basic empathy should have clued him in. The fandom also pointed out that the scope and context of Naruto's loss was very different than Sasuke's, so it was in poor taste for him to compare the two situations. You apparently didn't listen to fandom's criticisms because you not only compounded Naruto's mistake, but what's worse, you made Naruto seem like he was right! Sasuke didn't object to a single word Naruto said. This brings me to my second point:

Sasuke's entire story line was about INJUSTICE. Sasuke's clan was murdered and absolutely no one in Konoha cared. (And indeed, as we found out later, they caused it, so they were deliberately sweeping it under the rug.) There was no one in Konoha who wanted to help the dead Uchihas get justice (Konoha actually hated the Uchihas), so the entire burden fell on his shoulders. (Notice that Kakashi told Sasuke to forget about revenge, but he went running the second Shikamaru wanted to avenge Asuma. Ask yourself why the double standards.)

The destruction of an entire race of people is a political act. The lack of justice for said race of people is a political act. And yet, Naruto reduces that entire issue to PERSONAL PROBLEMS. Oh, if Sasuke just got loved enough (Naruto's words), then he'd forget all about a silly little thing like genocide.

What kind of shipping bullshit is this? After the manga ended, the fandom made fun of SasuSaku for claiming that Sasuke was happy now because he had a wife and child. Thanks to them, he no longer cared about the past. One of the most memorable counterarguments pointed out that SasuSaku's logic was akin to telling a Holocaust survivor to get a wife and everything will be fine. Here, in his speech, your Naruto is saying the EXACT SAME THING as those awful SasuSaku stans: all Sasuke needs is love and friendship and he will be fine!

What's worse, your Sasuke doesn't disagree with him. You derail a potentially important conversation about injustice and obsession into shipping nonsense about Naruto not loving Sasuke romantically! How, in the space of a couple of sentences, did we go from obsession and revenge to ROMANCE? It's not only OOC for Sasuke to prioritize romance above justice, but it's pure, undignified fangirlishness that would make you think this was an okay narrative move. Everything reduces down to romance, huh? Even a conversation about mental illness, injustice, and genocide is actually really about romance.

And finally, we have Naruto preaching to Sasuke about his own experiences as though what worked for him would automatically work for Sasuke. Firstly, canon Sasuke most likely had some form of PTSD, and in addition to that, this Sasuke believes he has some form of obsessive compulsive disorder. Love and friendship cannot fucking "save" someone from a mental illness. What an insulting and reductive thing to have your hero say. And again, the fact that Naruto doesn't get contradicted proves you think he was in the right! And secondly, what does Sasuke need to be saved from? From getting justice for the deaths of innocent clan members? Don't the babies that Itachi killed deserve to have justice? Or does that get in the way of shipping? Your Naruto doesn't offer to HELP Sasuke get justice, he wants him to STOP seeking justice. Seeking justice apparently means being in the darkness, which is complete bullshit. Letting injustice stand and embracing the status quo is being in the darkness.
MelissaKS chapter 15 . 5/21
I loved this story. It was so well done and I once I was caught I could hardly put it down.
TheLlamaGaara chapter 7 . 9/1/2016
TheLlamaGaara chapter 5 . 9/1/2016
this story so far has been amazing and deffinately a rollacoster of feels and fluff with a pinch of zest XDD but seriously 10 outa 10 ~
jj chapter 15 . 12/30/2015
nice very nice I likey
Dolium-Praedonum chapter 15 . 12/28/2015
I can't describe to you how much I loved this story, from the first sentence to the last. The metaphors you used and the symbolism of dreams was fantastically done and pulled me in immediately. I loved the evolution of their relationship, you kept them in character extremely well (in my opinion). My only complaint (and I do say complaint, not critque) was the unexpected sexual assault threat from the 'beast'. It was jarring for me, I put the story down for a few days and thought about the motivation behind it, which I ended up coming to terms with and finishing the story. I am so glad that I did! Hands down, one of my favorite fanfictions of all time. I think bringing them together into a world where it is just them was a marvelous choice, as it removed so many problems while maintaining that canonical feel. I just adore you and your writing! I am so glad you have returned to a good enough place that you feel you can write again, updating The Long Way Home. Happy New Year (:
silvimoon chapter 15 . 12/7/2015
Cant be the end...its to good, it shouldn't ever end
silvimoon chapter 13 . 12/6/2015
I knew it, the monster was Sasuke
silvimoon chapter 12 . 12/6/2015
I am loving this story. Thank you for the great sex scene in Chapter 12
silvimoon chapter 1 . 12/6/2015
This is great, you have become one of my favorite writers...can wait to read more
TheFck chapter 15 . 6/18/2015
I love love love this~! I love your writing, character descriptions, and how Itachi is (even in cannon the biggest sasunaru shipper. Please never stop writing! :)
BlakeWarriors chapter 1 . 6/15/2015
I am officially in love with your stories. this one was adooooorable...
Ooey-Gooey Senpai chapter 15 . 4/14/2015
Such a well written story
rayvinfay chapter 15 . 2/12/2015
Kokoroyume chapter 15 . 11/16/2014
And another great story !
This was lighter than the other one and I really liked it (this is my favourite, actually).
Thank you for this wonderful story :)
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