Reviews for Sam and Dean and a Mummy Makes Three
SamWin98 chapter 1 . 11/21/2011
just a bookmark..:D
CeCe Away chapter 2 . 8/19/2011
Let me just say...A FREAKIN MUMMY! I love mummies, always have, since I was a little kid. Best monster of the week ever! They don't think. They don't stop. They just keep coming.

Enjoyed this immensely.
SPN Mum chapter 2 . 8/18/2011
What a fun, clever story. Sam held his own for a long time, considering how much damage the mummy did to him. I bet it takes a few days before he's moving around much again. The mummy never stood a chance though. Dean is way to protective of Sam to let a mummy win.

doyleshuny chapter 2 . 8/16/2011
Oh Poor Sammy! I could easily see Sammy being attacked and nearly killed by a freakin mummy and then they get home just in time to see mummies on TV! I'm just glad and relieved to see Dean has the good sense to tur it so it didn't upset his baby brother anymore. I swear only Dean and Sammy can get roughed up by pissy mummies! That only makes you love our boys more! Excellent job!
Jane88 chapter 2 . 8/16/2011
Great story! The mummy was really creepy, thank god Dean got there in time. Loved it, thanks!
Raven19666 chapter 2 . 8/15/2011
The Mummy at the end on TV?It made me laugh!Very nice story;)Lucixx
BranchSuper chapter 2 . 8/15/2011
The mummy is dead (again) though Sam had a bit of a rough time before Dean managed to stab it with the pertinent dagger. I wonder what the museum staff thought the next day, confronting the mess and with the night guard gone? Good story.
kiwimoonelmo chapter 2 . 8/15/2011
Awesome dude.A great touch at the Mummy indeed!xx
zekeschance chapter 2 . 8/15/2011
Great story! Thoroughly enjoyed especially the action scenes and hurt Sam! Thanks!
SupernaturallyEgocentric chapter 2 . 8/15/2011
Wonderful story! Love it!
doyleshuny chapter 1 . 8/15/2011
Sammy may be a bit of a nerd but he's the most SMOKIN HOT nerd ever!No other nerd on this whole planet even comes close. Okay now that I got that out. I had to get that off my chest. LOL! Anyway who totally knows that this isn't going to go smoothly for our awesome and beautiful boys? Mummies can be really nasty! This is so cool! I love nasty mummy storis! I can't wait for an update!
BranchSuper chapter 1 . 8/14/2011
Can't wait to see what happens this night!
zekeschance chapter 1 . 8/14/2011
This is going to be fun! You're doing the boys voices perfectly. Can't wait to see where this leads! Looking forward to more!
Raven19666 chapter 1 . 8/14/2011
Ooh a mummy!This is gonna be 't wait for more.;)
kiwimoonelmo chapter 1 . 8/14/2011
Good 't wait for the next
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