Reviews for Summer Magic
Nakita Singh chapter 25 . 6/3
Great fanfic
Anonymous chapter 1 . 5/19
I'm sorry but the only thing I could think of was Shawn Mendes' Mercy because the words are so James in this story that I can't even stop.
Anonymous chapter 25 . 5/3
Tbh, I kind of hate this... but I absolutely loved the rest of the story, You're a wonderful, talented, amazing writer
Fred's fanatic chapter 24 . 4/20
I'll read anything you write as I'm now a bonafide fan
Of yours forever it this will remain my favourite jilly
Love story as their schooldays were so magical yet
Never boring they're arguing was so much a big part
Of whom they were young and in love,there wasn't
Anything to be improved on ever although maybe
Less petunia next time she's vicious and vindictive
Could you please write any love stories on Molly
Weasleys identical twin brothers Gideon and Fabian
Preset there's none yet plus they knew James and
Lily Sirius regulus etcmarlene was engaged to Fabian
Prewett before death eaters murdered
You so wry much and congratulations please take
A lovely relaxing holiday you deserve
Fred's fanatic chapter 23 . 4/20
Well I could never hate you nor think your rude or selfish
Because anyone whom loves this genre is totally
Awe inspiring and ought to only have positive accolades
Right next to her name in solid loving this but
You've got alive outside of it so enjoy your life family
Hopes and dreams I'm hoping they all come true in
Glorious technicolor. I've got the books and DVDs if
I need to relive Harry Potter although I couldn't care
Less about the death eater sit was Fred's death I cried
Over for months what an incredibly sensationally
Great god bless you and yours with lots
Of love great times laughter good friends thanking
You so very much a trillion times wishing a very
Happy life for a truly remarkable writer..all my love
Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 22 . 4/20
Firstly you never have to say sorry for taking some
Time away every brilliant writer needs a break in
Order to keep their creative ideas coming and
Yours are exceptionally marvellous,neither do you
Have to pay attention to ludicrous snippy reviews
They're just jealous because you've got a incredibly
Unique gift for writing this perfect wonderful story
With great characters that were given voices by the
Way jk Rowling would call you remarkably inspirational
As do been a potter expert fanatic since I turned
Forty in always read your potter stories I'm
Not a quitter your stories won't lose me ever your
Stuck with chapter surpassed excellence it
Went above and beyond the universe then returned
To earth smiling happily congratulations your family
Must be very proud .im Australian and also very proud
Of you imloving this story thoroughly
Fred's fanatical chapter 21 . 4/20
I'm looking forward to the non marauder entering this
Exceptionally gripping heart warming story plus there's
No way Marlene would've thought that lily couldn't
Give James a go he's wonderful and going through
Absolute hell so please no temper tantrums
At all it's time to let bygones be bygones finally.
Your fine to take all the time needed to update this
Sensationally epic story there's no rush nor would
You drag out an incredibly great love saga it's not in you
Anyhow though I'd love thoroughly inspirational
Plus very exciting novel should be made into a movie
No quarter asked its totally mind blowing .elizabeth
Fred's fanatic chapter 20 . 4/20
I'm very impressed by such an amazingly great story
That reminds potter fans that arguments were a part
Of James and Lily's relationship throughout their lives
It made them utterly unique and very memorable unlike
Some, never be nervous it's not needed as you're
Truly wonderfully gifted at storytelling which puts
You in the same league as Jane Austen andcharles
Dickens plus jk Rowling also,I don't need a sequel
It's not really necessary as I love James and lily in
Love and married with a tremendously
Great descriptive knowledgable fun filled gifted
Writer who is utterly unique .all my love and admiration
From skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 19 . 4/19
Well I absolutely agree with you a tale of two cities is
The perfect book that relates to the potters life more
So than pride and prejudice and I love austens books
However nothing compares to seeing the look on
Lily's face when she finds out James knows dickens
That will teach her his family's library was as massive
As hog warts one I love libraries as much as hermione
Does plus lives were cut short its true but
As James just said if she was the loveofhislife there
Wasn't any choice he wouldn't have wanted to live
Without lily by his side so strangely I'm happy yet
your really horrible writing this absolutely
Fantastically exceptional brilliant fun filled humorous
Love story I've loved every single chapter I've read
These two have no rivals ever so congratulations
As you've equaled jk Rowling honest
Fred's fanatic chapter 18 . 4/19
Don't worry about anything I'm love Ng the story about
The relationship they have the soppy fluff can wait for
Awhile and I'm not certain yet I'm thinking the terms
Ate the same your not a freak although if you can get
Either chases quiz shows they should
That Claire contacted the death eaters about jilly
Being there she'd make a terrible Sherlock not
Intelligen his friends should throw a wake
In his fathers honor his last names Irish anyhow its
Not disrespectful plus it would help've
Done such a truly magnificent fan fiction I'll return
To it as I often do to my my love
Elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 17 . 4/19
I'm positive neither James or his mum will return to
See out the summer I wouldn't expect them to after
What happened its way to soon yet they'll meet at
Hog warts very soon though heaven help anyone
Whom trashes lily James will punch their lights
Out while has been very exciting to read
For myself I cannot put it down at all every chapter
Holds my attention even the bad guys ugh though I'm
Wishing the death eaters would kill petunia Nate and
Maybe Claire as you a very merry joyous
Christmas surrounded by loved ones singing beautiful
Carols .all my love from Australia Elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 16 . 4/19
Well her ions would've consigned petty petunia right
To the devil to take cafe of with a magical swish of
Her brilliant wand and told her to go to hell and
Stay there whereas lily turns into this pathetic
Wishy washy loser without a backbone as its gone
I'm thinking James should move on with someone
Else whom would kill petunia he'd love to do it.
I'm really missing James he's a truly wonderful
Wizard and his father was luck
With your exams and I'm hoping you pass with
Extra credits just think like her ions and you'll
Do absolutely magnificently well congratulations
On this very successful excitingly fabulous love
Story however James might need a major snogging
From lily about now thank you for
Fred's fanatic chapter 15 . 4/19
You've done brilliantly at portraying a teenage Sirius
Black so no worries there although I've always thought
That he really loved regulus despite how he talked
And acted like a bully to him although he doesn't
Like Claire so why not have him and James work out
A plan to discredit her as those two death eaters found
Lily and James to fast without prior knowledge via very satisfied with your excellent writing it's totally outstandingly marvellous the only thing missimg
Though is a major snog fest with lily and James
Orchestrated by Marlene and Sirius not as a
Couple yet still just the hint of better things to come
For lily and James ,could you bring some mention of
Regulus into it as the cave was mentioned except
Only gentle kind words an amazingly
Wonderful insightful writer doing brilliantly with
Amazing grace under fire thank skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 14 . 4/19
Lily can be very very stupid regarding some people as
Claire's a muggle like the twisted evil sadistic bellatrix
Black it's very annoying actually I'd kick Claire to the
Kerb and have a showdown with her then hex her
Into oblivion.i agree with Karen Gillan but what about
James macavoy for James potter or Ben Buckley could
Be hi as those two look similar to Daniel Radcliffe in
Real got the correct attitude for miss
Smarmy trashy Claire whom James cannot stand at
All he's just snogging her until lily wakes up to the
Fact that she's in love with him then Claire's going to
Be kicked out is totally awesome and more
Exciting with every single event both good and bad
Which occurs with such heart warming ly great writing
From an inspirational brilliant lily please
Get a wake up call over callous Claire
Fred's fanatic chapter 13 . 4/19
Your right of course the marauders are brothers apart
From the ratting plus lily doesn't need to know everything about James a bit of mystery is great and
Fumbles is playing matchmaker putting two crazy
Young stubborn pig headed teens together in a dorm
For a read that fanfic yet their relationship
Wasn't cute and adorable life's tougher than that plus
She's a redhead cute and fluffy socks not our cup of tea
We're quite confrontational it's still a favourite hilly
Fanfic still love to see those three friends
Come into it as Marlene could stand up to Claire when
Lily's somewhere else and inform her that James is a
Total goner over lily and Marlene's his
Not worried about the terrific chapter titles as I'm having
So much great fun reading the over and over with so
Much enthusiasm your writing is highly addictive in the
Most magnificent way through this magically wonderful
Love story that enchants everyone whom love Harry's
Parents finding skinner
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