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slydog148 chapter 12 . 12/20/2013
This is a great story, but I've always wondered why you deleted your "Of Aussies and Texans" story. I really liked it!
Bat13SJx chapter 12 . 4/26/2013
YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSS!1 CHAPTER 12! I literally went insane as I tried to turn on my computer and get to this site to read this chapter! oh boy! I'm so excited!
Poor Rango, finding out that Priscilla is gone and now deciding to write his will down. :( I hope Chorizo has at least a shred of mercy inside him.
Haha! I love Waffles! he's so cute! especially when he asks for Rango's hat! :)
Yes! Beans is awesome! Making her boyfriend sit behind her while she steers the roadrunner! Awesome! Thats woman power! Dont let any man tell you what to do! :) I laughed when Rango said that whatever dignity he had left from Jake, was now destroyed by Beans :) hilarious!
ohhh...Stump and his eyes widened as I "listened" to their conversation. Wow, very deep. Stump cant see his younger sister, and he got smacked in the face by his mom.. yeah, he did deserve it :) I liked when he pointed that out, but wow!
AHHHHH! Kinski talked! *flails arms and squees!*
Very cool to get Jake to sniff out Priscilla and Jasper's scents, and I am so excited for their journey to find them! Oh boy! oh boy! oh boy! this is gonna be good :) Yes, Watch out Rango, the outlaws are coming! :) yays!
Aw! so cute! Kinski's comforting smile and his words to Chorizo at the end! :DDDD damn it, im sorry! Everytime you make Kinski say or do something I go squee over. I will keep it under control...if i can :)
Yays! I loved this chapter! This one was very well done!
Cant wait for the next one! Literally! obsession to the max! :)
Bat13SJx chapter 11 . 4/17/2013
Aw, :) and Thank YOU for working on the awesome story again! XD yays! chapter 11! woo!
haha. already i love Priscilla's sarcasm as she steals Rango's bird so she can go back and get some supplies. (PS. Rango's bird's name is Excelsior)
- I understand her spirit for showing everyone that she's as well capable as everyone else, but I am very concerned for her :( She needs to also understand that she's...what, ten? at the most? (in my Banshee story, she's ten, and later on is fifteen or so...i actually dont remember! damn, i need to reread my stuff :P) anyway. I encourage her independance, but hopefully she will find the outlaws and somehow prove to everyone that she is capable without causing any damage toward her :)
aww, Jasper coming to get Priscilla :) that is adorable :) I love Jasper :) being a good friend.
I felt my shoulders tense up when Priscilla saw her bother sleeping on the couch. I cursed in my head too :) Heheh, once you started to mention Chorizo's hair, I instantly thought of our conversation of Stump and Chorizo's hair :) that was fun :)
Yay! Priscilla is rebelling! I love her! :) I support her rebelling against the ways of women having to do women things! She's going badass! :D
Speaking of which...looks like im not the only one who thinks Priscilla's new outfit change was cool... :) *flickers eyebrows up and down* Jasper you dog-er, rabbit :) lol
Yays! love! and chapter 12 coming soon! I cant keep still! :D i cant wait! :)
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior chapter 11 . 4/17/2013
Prissy after criminals? This'll seriously be interesting to read! c: can't wait for next chapter!
Bat13SJx chapter 10 . 4/15/2013
Woo! yes! the thing i have been waiting for! chapter 10! Wow Beans was really ticked off for Priscilla for coming with them to stop a couple outlaws. Of course she is right. Priscilla might get hurt, or even killed, and Chorizo would be very angry and outraged. I was really surprised when the posse started to talk about the time when Chorizo and Priscilla first came to Dirt. It was so sweet when Chorizo wouldnt let anyone see or touch Priscilla when she was a baby. As Priscilla listens to them, I wonder if she's starting to feel a bit guilty, deep down. Yes, Chorizo is an ass sometimes, but thats what siblings are sometimes
I love it how Jasper is becoming independant and wants to go help find his friend. Surprised to hear more of Stump's background and his mom. i feel sad for him and how he was kicked out, but I can see why :( so sad.
Wow, very brilliant chapter! I love it so much! Cant wait for more! :) and thank you for reading and loving my stories! :) have a nice day!
Bat13SJx chapter 9 . 4/14/2013
haha! woo! brilliant! cant wait to see what happens next! so excited :) This chapter was vivid and very detailed, i could see everyone's body language and movements. Perfection to the max! Love so much, cant stop reading! :) Ohh, i can somewhat see what might happen in the next chapter. The gang from the East...oh this is gonna be good! :)
Bat13SJx chapter 8 . 4/13/2013
ah, nevermind. Somewhat answers my question from the other review :) wow, i loved the flashback dream. Very sad, I felt tears come to my eyes. It was so vivid and touching. I could literally see the pained expressions on everyones faces in this. A very sad moment indeed. :( What really surprises me is that right after that horrible flashback dream, Chorizo still goes out with the guys. If it were me, I would be crying my eyes out...but Chorizo's a guy so...yeah :P Anyway, great job again! I love it to death! :)
Bat13SJx chapter 7 . 4/13/2013, very harsh words to hear from Priscilla and actually say that to Chorizo. Wow, I'm shocked, though she was real upset. *Sigh* typical brother and sister wars, but this one was real dark. They both have good arguements, but it just doesnt seem to work for either of them. Sucks to hear that their parents died when they were young and now having to live on their own. I began to wonder what part of 'taking care of sister' is when Chorizo is all the sudden an outlaw? How did he meet them and why did he decide to be part of their group?
Curiosity, but brilliant again as always :)
Bat13SJx chapter 6 . 4/13/2013
aww, hahaha! Priscilla and her cuteness :) always works for Sheriff Rango :) yays! so glad she let her into the posse (even thought i knew he would :)) yays! rereading is fun! especially this story! :)
haha! ok, I have to say, again. When I read the part when Bill slaps Stump upside the head, I loved it and used it (hope its ok, I just got inspired by it and just loved it) The way you gave these characters personalities was genius! It was as if you knew them and used their quirks and put them into the story :)
Oh my gosh! :DDDDDD! I loved it how you made Kinski go into a reverie state with Rango's moving eyes! That was the best thing you ever wrote! Sorry, Kinski is my ultimate favorite favorite character! And reading that little bit of him just made me feel like i was on top of the world! :)
(Oh! speaking of Kinski, I remember you saying something about a little story on him and Stump talking or having a conversation or something. I dont really remember what it was called, but there was going to be three, one with Chorizo and Priscilla,, the one I just told you, and the one you already published on here with Bill and Beans. I kind of would like to ask if you are thinking of writing that one that i asked about? if you cant thats ok, i understand. I was just curious, and would love to read it if you were thinking of it.
-Sorry, anyway, this story makes me love Chorizo too :) if you have read my Rango Fanfic, he is sometimes seen, but in my third one that im working on, he hates my main character, and speaks broken English and slips into Spanish occasionally, also he has good aim and never misses his target :)
-Love the chapter! love the whole story! cant wait for more! :)
Bat13SJx chapter 5 . 4/13/2013
BBBBUUUULLLLL! Girls can be outlaws too! Though its not smart, but Girls can do what guys can too! :( pffft, lessons. You dont need them Priscilla, you can do whatever you want. You'll be better then them. Jasper is so adorable. I wish he could just be with Priscilla and play with her. :(
Poor Priscilla. again, she's not like the other townswomen. I know, this town lives in the 1800's time, but, this is the twenty first century! they should know by know that women can do things guys do too! grrr :(
ooh! that would be cool. Priscilla the lawman-er woman, and Chorizo the outlaw. Brother and sister on opposite sides of the law. that would be awesome! :)
i'm still reading! i'm on an obsession! :)
Bat13SJx chapter 4 . 4/13/2013
ooh! cool! running on all fours! Thats awesome. Haha, natural. Nice :) Makes sense since they are ANIMALS! I have almost forgotten as I have written my Rango fanfics...Oh well, I think i did once for Kinski or, great job :)
oh...i think i remember this chapter, yeah, Jasper was Stump's younger brother, which is very cool. :) I feel bad for Priscilla how she's being told by her brother to play with kids her own age, and now she cant :( Chorizo cares for her, but he needs to see that she's not like the other girls, and should do what she wants to do. She's not going to go the wrong way and become an outlaw like him i know that for a fact (also I dont think Chorizo would like that either, but he's an outlawso...) she's going to be better, i can see something in her future :)
Brilliant job again! love love love! :)
Bat13SJx chapter 3 . 4/13/2013
*sighs happily* reading the air horn scene really brings me back, and brings back the smile on my face. I loved this chapter :) I have to say, I love how you made the two little trouble makers honk the horn at Bill and his gang! I can literally see the looks on their faces! Priceless! :D hahahahahahahaha! I just loved rereading this chapter! brings me back I love bad bill and his gang! and i love how you write this story! brilliant job :)
Bat13SJx chapter 2 . 4/13/2013
oh my gosh YAAAAYYYYSS! I love this story! and reading it again made it all the more better! I have to say, this was the first Rango fanfic story I read when i got into the movie Rango, and i have to admit, it was got me inspired and I started on my own Rango fanfics. You, UniversePepperland, maybe another writer and I are mostly the only ones who have written about Bad Bill and his gang. For me, its Kinski as one of the mains, :)
I loved it how you made Chorizo and Priscilla brother and sister! I just love that, and the conflict between them and how you actually make Chorizo and Priscilla the main characters! Yays! you made my day! i love this story! please continue to the very end! :) (ps, Priscilla is an aye- aye)
Bat13SJx chapter 1 . 6/27/2012
i love this story so much! :)
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior chapter 9 . 9/15/2011
I can't wait ;DDDD

And I think Delilah was Mordecai's mother...
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