Reviews for Harry Potter and the Forests of Valbonë
Fred Everly chapter 34 . 6/14
Hello Enembee. I would just like to say that I called it in regard to the Voldemort angle. Don't feel so clever now for trying your bamboozlement on me and my mate Trent, yeah? And so that we don't give you more reviews than necessary, Trent'd like to ask why you took away the girl Anna. Not nice, yeah? Wanna make us mad, yeah? Not kool, mate. I bet Giovani was disappointed, yeah?
Trent Foley chapter 31 . 6/13
Hello Enembee love! I ship Harry/the girl. Make it happen or else. Damsel love is the best kind of love, yeah?
Fred Everly chapter 28 . 6/13
Hello Enembee, I think it means he will be going to face Lord Voldeort the Great again. Not a basilisque. If you could make him face Lord Voldemrot the Great instead of a basilisque I think it'd be great. I bet 100 on that it was Lord Voldemort the Great and not a basilisque.
Trent Foley chapter 26 . 6/13
This story ought be Harry/gschetta little Enembee. If it isn't I'll be mad again yeah? Bet Taure really loves this story and has had it inside you since you are starcrossed lovers underneath the covers. I'm mad again, yeah? At least if this story don't pan out the way it oughta, and Harry and Gschetta go back to England and set Dumbledore straight yeah?
KitkatMoon chapter 49 . 4/23
amazing story
orion0905 chapter 49 . 4/17
This is a great story, I've read a few summer adventure fics and this one tops bungle in the jungle.

It was great and funny as hell I look forward to the last chapter and I'm rather sad to have missed out on the building blocks.
orion0905 chapter 39 . 4/17
Let's talk war hat.

I still can't stop laughing. I typically wait until I'm done reading a new story but that line. You've had some great one liners here and this is perhaps the most original story I've read in a while.

I love it and can't wait to keep reading so back to it.
00300303 chapter 11 . 3/29
You're one of the best Fanfiction writers I've ever read a story from. Often totally AU, but still a very believable description of the characters (taking in account the circumstances in your AU).

I've read your previous stories yesterday and now beginning in FoV. I really like it until now!
Tobalerone chapter 49 . 3/21
This story is fantastic! I love your descriptions, and the plot is interesting! I love your use of foreshadow and I love your creativity! He won't ever get his hand back?! Will he at least get a fake on?! I love how badass Harry was, and how intense, yet pleasantly humorous, your action scenes were! How is this almost over? So much is unresolved! Will there at least be a sequel?! Amazing story! Update soon please!
Malix2 chapter 49 . 2/12
This is an interesting story. A bit sad you haven't updated in over a year and a half. I do wonder what the rest of the story would be about since you said something about this being the end of Harry's story. So who would the sequel be about? Does harry every manage to replace his hand? Maybe using enchanting to make himself one, I don't know. Though if the binds for the car were complex I can only imagine the binds needed to animate a hand.
xvector chapter 49 . 12/15/2014
Truly AMAZING fic, enembee. I stayed up all night before my finals because this was too awesome to atop reading.

I line Harry's character development and growth, the mix of humor and darkness, it was all perfect. Incredible!
Tregonsee chapter 49 . 12/11/2014
Is this long interruption temporary?
Kythorian chapter 49 . 12/9/2014
Well...This story started out absolutely great. It was interesting, unique, and well written. Harry got great character development, both in his personality and in his skills. He developed into a more interesting and powerful character than canon (but not ridiculously over the top sudden power-ups that make no sense like too much fanfiction does). The Sorting Hat ended up being a very interesting character too. And all the way through Harry's escape from the goblin army/Albanian wizards out of the Forest of Valbone, the story was basically perfect.

Then it went There was effectively no further character development of any kind, and certainly no further development of his skills. The plot appeared to be basically completely random and without any real direction. Harry never even used any of the interesting magical skills he developed in the first part, and his skill with a sword varied from scene to scene to an absolutely ridiculous degree(which even the whole 'sorting hat is a horcrux' explanation definitely doesn't actually explain. Five year olds who have never touched a sword are not as incompetent as Harry was in almost all of his fight against Malfoy. Literally over a dozen attacks against a totally unprepared Malfoy missed? really? After having successfully ambushed almost a dozen goblins, who HAVE to have much more melee skill than Malfoy...That isn't Malfoy being lucky, its him having ridiculous story-destroying levels of plot armor because you decided you wanted to take Harry's hand for some reason). And the ending was just abrupt and disjointed. So...basically you had a story of incredible potential that was almost totally wasted. Which was extremely disappointing.

I will still follow the story because I have some hope that you might possibly recover some of what you had in the first part of this story in the sequel. I'm hopeful, but please do not continue as the second half of this story went. I'm not sure exactly where all the obvious skill as a writer went in the second half, but hopefully you will recover it as you continue the story(assuming you do so at some point, I guess).
Kythorian chapter 37 . 12/9/2014 was the most spectacularly pathetic fight Harry has managed in the entire story. Exactly what happened to all the skill he has shown literally every other time he has swung a sword? It seems like you just randomly decided to remove absolutely all of Harry's combat ability (except for in one brief moment) for this fight just because you wanted him to get heavily injured, rather than because it made any kind of sense. This was pathetic...which was disappointing as he'll because every other fight in the entire story so far has been great. Seriously...why?
Guest chapter 1 . 10/20/2014
Wow your descriptions are beautiful
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