Reviews for Te Amo Romano
sorellanutella chapter 1 . 9/22/2011
I read your story and I love the introduction a lot, keeping with the characters. Also how many times and how appropriate Lovino says CHIGI! w I love that. That said, *que dramatic music* I want to help you out.

I must bring to your attention that your Spanish in one part is incorrect. Sure it could be said that way in the heat of passion, but the Spain I know would speak correctly, considering everywhere else not from Spain doesn't speak true "Spanish" (I personally hate that... but that's what they say. 3; I'll let Lovino continue to punch him for me)

"Mmmm...muy bien espanol Romano." is not grammatically correct.

You could say: "muy bien en Español, Romano." (very good in Spanish)

or "Mmm, que bien en Español Romano" (How "well/good" in Spanish" (trust me this makes sense in spanish)

"Muy bien estas tu Español, Romano" is the proper way of saying it, but in the situation may be too wordy, unless he's saying it in his sensual slow Spanish that makes your ears burn... (lol), but its up to you if you even want to take my advice or not. Please do not be offended!

~Con Amor~
Jazzy chapter 1 . 8/17/2011
sequel! sequel! sequel! you're such a good writer! i love your stories!