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Yosh chapter 14 . 11/16/2016
3 years later and I still reread it because the story is really good...
The plot is crazier than I expected it to be... Will you still continue this piece of art?
miano53 chapter 2 . 8/17/2015
I wonder what Vanitas' role actually is. Besides being a creeper and a bully.
miano53 chapter 1 . 8/17/2015
After re-reading this, I do have to say, I like how you gave allusions to who and what Terra is early on. If you do update this soon, I would like to know where exactly you'll take this fic.
maize is not craze chapter 14 . 3/1/2015
Hey :D
This is a really interesting Terraqua/Xemnaqua story! I can wait for the next update!(if u plan on continuing it ._. , I hope u are)
Anyway, thanks for coming up with such an interesting story!
MizGlazses chapter 9 . 6/19/2013
That weird... I learned long division when I was in 5th grade...
MizGlazses chapter 5 . 6/17/2013
You almost made me cry. Keep writing this or I'll be even sadder.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/8/2013
So Aqua and Ventus are siblings huh? That's kinda interesting, I might continue reading...

XemnasForceXIII chapter 14 . 4/8/2013
Yay! You've updated! Its felt like forever since you last posted the next chapter into this very interesting series. :P

I very much liked the talk between Terra and Aqua at the dance, it all seems so genuine.

Poor Shio, hope it can come back or something. :( And Nami too.

I understand how life can get in the way of writing, I only recently returned with a couple one-shots so... :/

Hope you update soon though. :D
RoxasLemonadeStand chapter 14 . 4/8/2013
I missed this story, its one of few stories recently that has some fresh interesting ideas and creative writing, I'm glad I alerted it when I did back then in a time which I can't remember. LOL X)

Aqua's familiars are pretty well done, its an interesting way on intoducing your own characters without scarying off your readers. (Since whenever a story includes OCs, all readers hiss and runaway)

The middle part of the chapter was well done, especially the conversation between Terra and Aqua. Their dialogue, reactions, and the way they play off each other is brilliant. :D Terra's reaction to Aqua's sudden departure was great too, he understands when he has to let you go into her secret life without meddling into it.

Oh no, Shio! Poor thing, and Nami too. :(

Great chapter, I enjoyed reading this still interesting tall. :P
odette115 chapter 14 . 4/8/2013
Yes Yes YES! I was sooo happy to get that email notification for this story! :)

I'm not a hugely devoted fanfic reader, but I can honestly say that I am devoted and stuck to this story!
This chapter was a great comeback from the break- and also really sad to see Nami go... :( I definitely didn't expect either of Aqua's familiars to be harmed... but I guess anything could happen. And poor Zack at the dance... though I can't say I wasn't rooting for Terqua the entire time. :P Terra is so sweet and understanding, and I love the roles you give Tifa in the story, too.
As always, your descriptions are amazing with just enough detail to visualize everything, and really get a feel of all the scenes and situations. Keep it up!

Glad you were able to get this chapter up, and hope everything with college/apps are going well for you. I understand that those months can be really stressful. Too bad there's never a "last time" in having to deal with stressful applications. xD
miano53 chapter 14 . 4/7/2013
Yay! You update after nearly a year! I think!
MonMonCandie chapter 14 . 4/7/2013
Oh my gosh, you have NO idea how happy I was to see that this was actually updated! LOL I honestly wasn't expecting it. xD Anyways, it's nice to see this picked up again; even though you are still busy. :) Hopefully when summer comes around, you might have more time.

I actually had to check back last chapter to remember why Terra and Aqua were awkward around each other, but now that I have, all I can say is I'm glad they made up! They really do seem to understand one another despite the fact that neither knows the whole story about the other. I love how Terra was so hesitant in asking Aqua for one dance. He had to curse under his breath for that? LOL I'm pretty sure Zack didn't have that problem. XD Ooooh, I would've loved to see them dance, but then Shio! :(

Poor familiar... I felt so bad for Nami because now they aren't a set. D: I honestly thought it was going to be fine when Aqua got there to find them. -sad face- Hmm, I can't remember if Aqua's ever been this anger. That monster totally did not see that coming. Haha.

Great update! I really missed this story! Patiently waiting for the next one! :)
Child Of The West Wind chapter 13 . 1/25/2013
i wanted to read everything before i left a review, so here goes!
i'm really enjoying this story - i like what you've done with the plot and the characters; its really interesting and flows really well, and i can't wait to read more! :) looking forward to it xxx
robyn little chapter 13 . 12/13/2012
my advice for this fic is after the zack/aqua date zack gives up realising she loves terra they remain friends and she helps him in chasing his next crush coughaerithcough cause i really dont like the zack/aqua/terra love triangle youve set up stick to the terra/xemnas/aqua triangle its more dramatic
Saxzer chapter 12 . 8/23/2012
Nice! Your english..what can I say...fantastic!
Wouldn't be suprised for a foreigner like me would be amazed in a great english fanfic..
This is so good and the words you use are really awesome... I love your fanfic and also the artworks in your deviantart... Hope to read more of your fics in the future..
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