Reviews for Kitsune of Fairy Tail
anon chapter 16 . 6/19
naruto's brand of requip should be called the ronin
just one of my opinions though.
Orario chapter 19 . 5/10
I like the story and I somewhat agree with your decision of not letting Naruto become a Toad Sage because he would be too OP.

I'll say it again, I like the story.
But there are few things that are not that great. First, Rasegan shouldn't have been stoped by a mere spining wind breeze. It just doesn't make sense since it's an A-rank jutsu and that says something.
The other thing is that you also cut down the power of the one-tailed chakra cloak. It would be acceptable to say that Gajeel's and Naruto's one-tailed form might have the same raw power, but you have forgotten what and amazing speed he desplays while in that form.

I think yoy should have made Naruto stick to being a Ninja. Not only you have diminished his abilities as a Ninja but you also gave him some useless magic...

Seriously, Transformation and Reequip Magic? What's the point when he already had Henge and seals to store away his weapons?
The whole speed advantage of the reequip magic is a load of crap. It takes just an instant for any ninja to remove something from a seal.
Let's also not forget that Reequip Magic actually tires him out and consume his magic.

I have a it even possible for you to give him some magic abilities more useless than the ones you have already gave him? -_-
So you basically made Naruto an even shittier fighter than he already was in canon and then you made him work his ass out to gain magic, only to show up in the end that he worked like an idiot for some abilities that he already had.
Were you trying to troll him from the beginning?
Well...despite that you made a crappy fighter out of Naruto, the storyline and his role in it is good (until now)
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 25 . 5/3
Good story, you're pretty good at writing romance.
kanjichibi chapter 4 . 4/17
great chapter.
kanjichibi chapter 5 . 4/17
Good chapter.
kanjichibi chapter 1 . 4/17
Interseting story line and good chapter, but it had a lot of grammatical mistakes.
Lee chapter 16 . 3/9
I totally agree, while i'm not against people who go for herems. I'm under the opinion that a guy who dates more than one girl is spreading himself to thin. Btw awsome story, always been a fan for struggle for power.
Guest chapter 8 . 2/20
This story is so good! I can't wait to read more!
dragonfox123 chapter 2 . 2/4
Great plot and chapter
Tsuyoi Naegi chapter 6 . 2/2
Great story, but I feel like you do too much "telling" as opposed to "showing". The exposition is cut-and-cry, and all the characters feel like they're the same person, barring one or two quirks each.

Naruto feels incredibly stale. Every once in a while he'll revert to his bright personality- being virtually unstoppable once he gets his determination on something- but you've toned down his personality by a factor of 100. He's not Naruto if he doesn't get everyone to love him, or beat the badness out of them.

I do like how you use his subterfuge to fight. Normal Naruto is an outgoing brawler and tank in battle, but does use cunning (and quite ingenious) plans that get his enemies to underestimate him before he defeats them.

You do that, and I can see it. But please, don't give us a narrative exposition of why he does it. One of your biggest flaws is that you have people know things they shouldn't- or they go against what they were told directly.

For instance, you had Mirajane call him Uzumaki Naruto despite the fact he never told her his name. You also had Naruto tell everyone he was a shinobi when Makarov told him not to say it. You also have Naruto using the Kyuubi's chakra despite the fact that at this point in his development, he hates it and would not want to use it.

Despite all of my nitpicking, I see a great shadow that the story casts. Describe the setting more, let us into Naruto's mind while he experiences everything. Color the background- tell us the sounds, the smells, the experiences, the pains and tribulations that Naruto et al. go through. Tell us how he's adjusting to a world where magic and lacrima run rampant.

Naruto may not be a pervert, but any 14 almost 15 year old boy can appreciate a woman's body- puberty plays a huuuuuge role at this age. Being surrounded by bombshells has to have some impact on anyone.
nenopip chapter 6 . 1/30
you failed in this story. if i wanted to see a week naruto i would of just watched the anime
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 4 . 1/14
i lost interest in this because its clear he could have won... the replacement jutsu is simply to good against someone like Erza and a Rasengan would trash her armor
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 2 . 1/14
not to bad, but Naruto should know what a train is... he seen them in the 1st movie (Snow/Spring country has them)
Guest chapter 4 . 12/23/2014
After all, Erza is like Sasuke on how they seem to look like Gods in terms of strenght. Ugh.
Lerris chapter 1 . 11/4/2014
Minor spoiler to new readers: In it, Naruto eventually gains his own magic, which basically makes Naruto an OC, more or less..
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