Reviews for pokemonhtf battles!
Komodoking chapter 1 . 8/21/2011
sounds good.

so, i chooses-

cowardly the infernape (goes after his name- he's a coward. he knows flamethrower, close combat, flame wheel and heat wave)

temper the kirlia (again, goes after her name, very quick tempered. she knows teleport, frustration, shadow ball and hypnosis)

sinisterlyamazingguy- half oshawott half tree friend. highly sadistic, sarcastic and hates people who call him stanley. seeing as he's a part pokemon part htf he doesn't really have moves so he attacks with large knives and shooting schalops.

jackalface: htf oc. usually wears a black tuxedo and a red tie, wears a mask like billy doll from saw. he uses slow torture and saw traps.

noxious: a htf oc. he's a purple and yellow jackal. he loves chocolate and is very simple and quite stupid. for some reason he can breathe fire.

adamangel vincent krueger-voorhees esteban. a wynaut. he hates a lot of people, and he was in the army, so he can handle guns very well. he's very stubborn but brave. he knows mirror coat, destiny bond and charm, what he lacks in social skills he makes up for with his gun, from long-range sniping to point-blank execution.

hope that's okay. looking forward to the next chapter.
angel chapter 1 . 8/15/2011
:D i chouse htf CAUSE I WANNA!

all htf.

must i list all my ocs! fine.i rember that i require moves...ahhhh damnit! i dont know moves :C can you plz try to do that for mec cause i suck? i will submit a freaking HTF whos a trainer do somthing with him. you know what fuck me. i give nice idea, but i suck so...i cant particpate.*explodes into conffetti*