Reviews for The End of Dawn
Guest chapter 66 . 7/21
Wow..what an amazing job! Love this chapter.
BulgarianBarbarian chapter 66 . 7/19
This chapter was great! Well done once again. I love the dialog and how you describe emotion.
lambo105 chapter 66 . 7/18
Ahhh, the shakes are receding. Ouch! I hope Juel and Talukh make it, and it sounds like they all have a very tough fight on their hands! I know all of them are going through this, but I really feel for Olasie. Needless to say, but very well done! Eagerly awaiting the next update!
Kellise chapter 66 . 7/18
Of course I'm still here. Awesome chapter! Although you switch into present tense a few times, might want to edit that :)
zealot24 chapter 65 . 6/28
1: english is not my first language (cheers from hellholecalled brazil)
2: sometimes i'm very lazy with punctuation like the last review...
3: i dont know if any other ME FanFic writter did this (*i only read T/S fics*) but...could you make 2 different pods for horizon? since husks are just there and we dont see our beloved Dragon teeth impaling the unnamed colonist i cant bring miself enough to care ( lol ), the first would contain the usual husk the second pod would work for the other 2 husks types or maybe show the dragon teeth doing its work?
4: and as for Tali and her friends with human language can point a rifle at me when i say "not exposed enough to human culture etc"
5: and thank you for writing this fic i miself want to write T/S fic but cant find the right piece of the puzzle and i hope you can finish this fic (so many fics i have read and are unfinished leave me with a broken heart)
6: and while i have not played ME3 but i know how it ends...can you make an end without Emperor Palpatine talking non-sense? (being a while so i dont remenber the notes)
7: stopping here before i say anything ridiculous and good luck!
FusRoDerp chapter 65 . 6/8
Nice chapter. The way you use multiple character perspectives is really nice and good difference from a lot of other fics. Keep up the good work.
Koriander.K chapter 65 . 6/7
I concur with Kellise, if the game is as good as what you've written, it'll make it 10 times better, more narrative, more depth to the characters.. You really don't wanna go write the script for a ME game? D:
Koriander.K chapter 65 . 6/7
O.M.G. AN UPDATE HDJXHDHIEJCKSKSHBDJEJS Great work there, I enjoyed how you put Olasie on the spot and showed us her vulnerable side, makes her more 'human'.. I should say? and yeah. great update as usual and for that mistake i pointed out.. yeahhhh I forgot where it was BUT I'll find it, promise. As for not replying to you...SORRY but i only use Fanfiction's app PM feature, so you have to reply me from there. And don't worry, I wont forget bout ya ;D, i did say that you have one of the best fanfics on the TalixShep
ship didn't I? Even told my friends about ya. Another great addition to a great masterpiece.
Keep it up and let the updates roll :D Sincerely,
lambo105 chapter 65 . 6/7
Very glad to see another update, awesome job getting into many of the character's thoughts! As always, very much looking forward to the next update.
Kellise chapter 65 . 6/7
No problem, and another awesome chapter. Wish the game was this in depth.
Koriander.K chapter 64 . 5/27
Where are you nowwcmon dude/dudette where are you... updates pleaseee
zealot24 chapter 64 . 5/4
first: a long pretty long fanfic counting the other 2 Fics in your profile

Second:Tali sounds very human with *holy shit*and*Oh my god* i can take it,its like exposure to a different *culture* she could potentially have on the Normandy but i'm somewhat missing the traditional *ohh Kelaah* and Tali its not very shy...but like they say in Society of dead poets "carpem diem" seize the day...

Third:no ME1 fic in this series wich in my mind... its quite a mandatory its like skipping ME1 and using an advanced save Editor for ME2 and setting the choices for ME1,its quite strange like sleeping for 2 days and ask miself *what i missed lol*

Final note: 4.6 of 5.0 because of the time you invested here

this old zealot would write more but it lacks more brain power and other things and i wish thee good luck
BulgarianBarbarian chapter 64 . 4/20
I was so happy to see this update. Great chapter as always! Thank you!
ivandundalov7 chapter 64 . 4/20
WOHOOO. Thank you for this update!

I imagine Juel with a red and white suit while Olasie with a dark suit. Its hard for me to picture what their faces might look like though.
Koriander.K chapter 64 . 4/20
F.I.N.A.L.L.Y AN UPDATE! WOOHOO GAIS. And we started off with some smut too! What a great time to be alive and well. ;D Even though I enjoyed the smutty goodness you bring to us for our leisure...i still think you need to hasten Juel and Olasie's relationship, other than TalixShepard, these two are important too
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