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lambo105 chapter 58 . 9/22
In answer to your first question, does not matter to me the w/e, w/d thing, just more please! I really like the Quarian Marines squad, the game makes all Quarians EXCEPT Tali and Kal'Reegar, wimps. This brings a new perspective. One of the major things I like about your story is Rael'Zorah, settling his inattention with Tali, and seeing past John's humanity and realizing his love for his daughter. Too deep? Hope not.
Kellise chapter 58 . 9/19
Loving it, missed this story.

This chapter has a couple of tense breaks randomly switching from past (your normal) to present.

Fav moment? The hotel section
FusRoDerp chapter 58 . 9/18
I swear, as soon as I saw the "Lieutenant Dan" I was expecting to see a leg fly out of nowhere. Really good chapter. In other fanfics recruitment missions are so tedious and dry to read, but you add a nice splash of something differnent to them, keep it up.
Anon chapter 57 . 8/21
Pretty much the only good Tali/Shep fanfic that's still regularly updating. I really love the character interactions and hope you keep going.
Kellise chapter 57 . 8/17
Ace chapter, needs more orgies.


Lol jk.
Oz chapter 56 . 8/14
I really like your AU but I have two major gripes. The first is the skiping/glossing over how quarian immune systems work but I don't expect that to change with where the series is at. The other is the massive mis-portrayal of Jack. While she is a criminal, majority of her murders,if not all, are of mercs, cerberus agents, and or other such scum. Not to mention that cerberus had conditioned her brain to match killing people with euphoria and happiness throughout her childhood. After escaping she had nowhere to go and no one to turn to and ended up in gangs, getting locked up, being raped, being beaten, being used for her power, and getting screwed/sold out. Yes she has a violent past but she's never had or been able to have anything else. Another thing is I just remembered is that the sentance structure for some characters don't line up. Jack but that's from lack of interaction with that character added to your obvious disinterest and disdain for her. Also Garrus. Mostly you do a good job but there are a number of small lines that just don't really fit Garrus. Keep up the good work, I would like to see where you take the story.
Kellise chapter 56 . 7/23
Good chapter :)
Sir william chapter 55 . 7/20
Just want to say keep up the great job. I like how you have set up sentience structure. Makes for easy read. me it dose. When I play I either date talie or jack sweet or salty lol. Is the way I see them. Lol But how you wrote G man broke her. And when she tries to be more normal and socialize with every one she gets pushed around. And shephard has made no effort to get to know her.
Blue Soki chapter 38 . 7/13
38 capítulos para llegar a este momento tan bueno... fue difícil pero llegue, casi pensaba en abandonar esta historia si no llegaba haber un lemon de TaliShepard... ... Nhaaa! XD cada capitulo se pone mejor y vale la pena seguirlo ;D
lambo105 chapter 55 . 7/7
I am liking your story quite a bit here, and am very much looking forward to your next update (hope all is well with you). I'll have to admit, I did not like Jack at all in ME 2, but more likely just didn't like the way she was written. You either had to romance her, or leave her alone except for the loyalty mission. As a Talimancer, she got left alone to stew in all my play throughs. My Shepard would have wanted to befriend her and "fix" her broken way of seeing things, without the romance, but oh well, guess they can only write so much into the characters. I guess they just left it for us to read between the lines when you meet her again in ME 3. Who knows, maybe you can show us something Bioware didn't/couldn't. Again, looking forward to the next update, and love the fact that Adm. Zorah, and John get along, Tali deserves that much. Keep up the good work!
Anonymous chapter 55 . 6/22
4 words: "Not updated often enough". ;-) Love the story and can't wait to see how it all turns out.
Kellise chapter 55 . 6/22
Good chapter, although I'm not sure about the direction your taking jack
Riley1453 chapter 53 . 6/4
just want to say that you have done a great job with this AU. and that Tali & Shepard better be ready for a freak-out from Rael.
Kellise chapter 53 . 6/4
Still around loving this AU
Riley1453 chapter 52 . 5/22
Oh Crap! Also keep up the good work you have made one of the best fanfiction I've had the pleasure to read.
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