Reviews for Crooked Teeth
Mikitsukami chapter 190 . 8/15
Sesshomaru was just TOO shocked! It was great!
Pterokitty chapter 420 . 7/27
Reading all 420 chapters was an effort but worth it. I think I spent more time waiting on the next chapter to load overall then actually reading them xD
His Lady of the West chapter 158 . 6/29
I keep trying to draw a mental picture of "The green collar and red tie, the tiny green skirt, and...his fine gold sash tied around her..." Does she still have her shirt on under the sash? Or is it just the collar and tie? I think it sounds cute but I'm still trying to imaging the sash around her.
shadow miko chapter 420 . 6/6
I loved this drabble! :D
Megingjoro chapter 257 . 5/2
Jesus... in the pursuit of knowledge?

He wants her so bad he's making up terrible excuses just to be with her.

(official fanfic account: aryaputra)
Tek Sonay chapter 420 . 2/17
Amazing. I know a simple, short review can't even begin to applaud the hard work that went into those 420 chapters, but I want to say Bravo. Thank you for this beautiful, hilarious, entertaining fanfic that was full of deep and valuable life lessons (both obvious and subtle).
Tek Sonay chapter 340 . 2/17
Koga and Naraku might be friends in another life.
Tek Sonay chapter 336 . 2/17
Oh he truly does care for her. Such mercy!
Tek Sonay chapter 334 . 2/16
Oh snap! If this ain't truth, whooo-weee! I have so much respect for him right now.
Tek Sonay chapter 297 . 2/16
I love this. There's nothing like a mother's love and advice! If only more romances had this element...things would be so much simpler, lol
Tek Sonay chapter 285 . 2/16
Oh yeah! xD
Tek Sonay chapter 283 . 2/16
Mmm yes, please.
Tek Sonay chapter 240 . 2/16
...or not. Nope, not clueless.
Tek Sonay chapter 238 . 2/16
Ahahaha she's so clueless.
Tek Sonay chapter 231 . 2/16
Your story is so brilliantly paced! The dialogue, the actions, I'm so impressed and inspired! :)
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