Reviews for Snipe
Rhaenyss chapter 113 . 6/30
Que hermosa historia. Me encantó tanto, es la primera vez que leo un Fred/Hermione y estoy tan enamorada de esta pareja. Sin duda disfrute mucho Snipe.
Aphrael9 chapter 100 . 6/20
Episkey is for broken bones, try some pepperup potion!
Tametiger chapter 1 . 5/17
I read this story once every few months . I love it!
Mary chapter 113 . 5/6
Okay, I don’t even know If you look here anymore or what but I just... Well. I spend last three days (or more likely nights ‚cause this little man of mine wouldn’t let me read at days. Like, he doesn’t understand that his mother found a perfect ff!) and needed tego wrote it. It’s such a Good story. I was crying, I was laughing, I was worried... it has been a rollercoaster, really! And I needed to Thank you for that. Now, however, I’m gonna look for your other stories and I’m sure that I will fall in love all over again.
See ya!
(Also sorry for any mistakes but english is not my first language).
(Also... Ugh, If I just had the time and laptop I would ask you for permission to translate it into Polish. But, Well, I don’t. Not with this little toddler of mine. But I would love to. You Can’t find such a great Fremione written in Polish.)
My real name is Aya Potter chapter 2 . 4/11
I'd like to say that this is by far my favorite fanfiction I've ever read
Guest chapter 80 . 3/31
She never said no in the chapter she only thought it I looked
Guest chapter 113 . 3/29
I had been hoping for a rewritten cursed child at the end but I am SUPER happy that I found this story and it was great!
Orrery chapter 1 . 2/6
I really wanted to like this and read 10 chapters but found myself skipping huge chunks of text as you have basically rehashed the original books and randomly added in Fred and George every so often. I know the canon story and don't want to reread it with so little changes.
Beccax95 chapter 16 . 2/5
I love this story so much. I've read it so many times over the years and find myself reading it again. It's definitely one of the best stories I have ever read.
R1vana chapter 113 . 1/30
Great story. From the beginning till the end!
maipigen chapter 21 . 1/25
Great tale so far
Pahan chapter 10 . 12/28/2019
The good: A generally well-written fic, with good technicals and dialogue. Hermione's interactions with Fred and George are realistic, endearing, and feel natural.

The bad: The writing style uses a tad too many adverbs and superlatives, but it's a minor thing. At least as of this chapter, the fic is a canon rehash. We are given some glimmers of hope for a potential divergence (Will Hermione be sorted into Ravenclaw or even Slytherin in Chapter 6? Will she successfully manipulate Peeves in Chapter 9? Will she avoid the troll because she actually *does* have friends in this chapter?) but then we are invariably disappointed when it's back on the canon rails, often with word-for-word identical dialogue.

The verdict: This fic is shaping up to be a canon plot rehash from Hermione's perspective, with an occasional interlude in which Fred and George grab Hermione and show off their latest prank, and romantic outcomes might be different. I will skim the fic for a few more chapters in the hope that I am wrong, but I am not optimistic.
AEdmo13 chapter 36 . 12/20/2019
Ugh...SPEW is my least favorite part of the book. 1 abused Dobby, 1 Winky let go for Crouch to save face and 1 Kreacher who belonged to Walburga (who as a picture is horrible) does not ALL the house elves and their lives make.
idon'tedit chapter 80 . 11/24/2019
You turkey! I really believed she was gonna day no.
Queen of Duct Tape chapter 25 . 11/23/2019
I love this story so far! Although I keep seeing your note saying "a kiss from George" for your beta and for a split second I think that's the summary and I'm like "whoa, plot twist!
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