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CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 91 . 9/14/2015
Good for George being there for both Fred and Genny. I heat that every one is in some way or another are is such a state of worry and dismay it just not right no not at all. I'm happy that Hermione had time to write Fred a little message telling him and George that herself, Harry, and Ron are safe as soon as she cold after they left the wedding. I heat that Hermione hasn't been able to wright in the twin book so Fred and George know how she and the other two are other the the one he got a few hours after the disappeared or the two that came wen ever they came do to whatever that is stopping her and sadly that could be anything. I heat saying this but I'm not at all saprize that instead of registering muggle born's like the paper says that they are killing them. I mean come on think about half if not all of them are Death Eastern's and the you have those who are like that devil women Umpbrige (for I believe that she is a part of this. It sounces a hole lot like her.) and those as coweredly and evil as her. Poor Tina I have a sick felling she may be dead.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 90 . 9/14/2015
I live how the boys needed Hermione to tie thier ties I found it aadorable and funny.I know as should as she said both that it would not happen and it didn't she never got a chance to help Fred get rid of eather his jacket or tie neather did he git to unzip her from her dress.
Poor Fred poor Hermione they should have gotten a chance to have said good bye and the same go's for the others. Leave it to the Death Eastern's to make a hard situation even harder. At less the got to dance for a few songs dearing Bill's and Felur's wedding although he did have to share her with Neville, Harry, George, and posabley othters. Fred of course stop Krum from getting ps dance with her. Athough he did offer Hermione a chance to dancestors with Krum which she of course did not do.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 89 . 9/14/2015
Bye bye Moody bye bye it's a shame they lost him I help but things may have been drifferent if he had not I'll gess we'll never know. I'm not saprize that what happened to George had more efficient on Hermione and of course Fred then Moody's deathfor one thing George is Fred's twin/best friend and George is Hermione best fred/bother in law not to manchen that Hermione knew George for nearly eight years.I'm glad that Fred, George, Genny, Hermione, Harry, and Ron got to have at less a few hours of fun before tomorrow were more then likely there be to busy to much 8 any thing with the wedding and I sadly fear the thro leaving before they whated to which means they sadly don't get to say goodbye to Fred, George, and Genny. It is nice of George to live and gave Fred and Hermione the night to be with each other for the exact same reason . I'm glad it was as good as it was they needed it and desuve it too.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 88 . 9/14/2015
I always thought that Fred must have felt that something was completely and horribly worng wen George lost is left ear do to anttacknowledge from Death Eastern's. Gaven how they are so close I don't see how he could not. Eeeeeek
Vodemort I would not bother trying to hide my fear like Hermione was wen she and Kingsley were attack by him it's Vodemort after all. I would how ever try to control it so I cold do what I have too. I wasn't to saprize that Hermione felt Fred's pain wen he felt that George was horrible hurt for Her's and Fred's bound is as strong as Fred's and George's bound...OH wait...No it stronger the his and George's bond not by much though. I happen to think that the joke George gaved wen he answered Fred ask how Molly ask how he was doing was very funny. I hope Ron, Bill and whoever else had not made it back are Ok.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 87 . 9/13/2015
MY STUPID Samsung has like it always does mess up living me to filling stupid and my review's sound just as stupid as I fill wen it happen's I pike up were IT mess up OK?
Just as Genny need to be there for herself.I loved how Hermione did not leather fear of knowing everyonewas waching or how odd it it was having to Harry Potter's kissing and went straight for what her hart was telling her what to do and kiss Fred right there.
Sorry again for the interruption I know it is annoying to have to read it like this? But believe me it us for more annoying for me.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 87 . 9/13/2015
Hermione did not lie to Molly wen she ask what Hermione was doing in Ron room she WAS shorting out hook's it just the resin why that she was ding it that was not same go's for what she said wen Molly found het in Fred's and George's room in bed with Fred for NOTHING HAPPEND. I'm was saprize that Ron and Hermione were not in the plans on so fist get Harry once I found out that they weren't I'm wasn't at all saprize that they were this frist two to volunteer nor am I saprize that Genny tried to. I do fill sorry for Genny for not being aloud to go and get Harry but at the same time I'm happy that she didn'tfor poor Molly is aready a wreak with Arthur, Ron, Bill, Fluer, Fref, George, and Hermione going as well as th others of course. Imagine if Genny was out there with them too? Poor Molly would be...well not good no not at all she need's Genny there and Genny need"sto
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 86 . 9/13/2015
Well it seems like the rest of Fred and Hermione honeymoon went by just as nicely as the frist part of it did. Owww poor Hermione having to erase her parents memories in oder for them to stay safe. I'm glad that Fred and George show that Hermione was keeping somthing from them wen they went to drop her off and had her tell them the truth. I'm even happier that they stead with her wen she did it for it may have not stop it from beginning heard and painful to do but at lest she had some (well two someone's) right there for her. Oh the joy of be back at the Borrow under the never ending wach full eye of Molly Weasley who sadly have oodles and oodles of cleaning for Hermione, Genny and Ron to do. I know the Weasley's are getting ready for a wedding but gees-lu-wees. Can't they have a little break with out her assuming that they are up to no good.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 85 . 9/13/2015
Why am I not saprize that Fred and Hermione are going to by broom to there honeymoon? Oh...ya because it's Fred.
I think it cute that the only way Hermione can/willingly happy ride a broom is wen Fred it on it with her. I wonder what short of lie Harry, Ron, Genny, Neville, Fay, and Luna will tell McGonagall? A very SWEEEEEEEET honeymoon you have here for Fred and Hermione. I love how strong their magical bound is.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 84 . 9/12/2015
So now all the Weasley's...well the yunger Weasley's Hermione, Lee, Fay Harry, and Luna kniw the truth about Percy. I like that for with Dumbledore gone (tear sniff sniff) poor Percy would only had two if they did not. It is sad though for they as ge gave to do to them still have to act like they angrer/heat him wen ever there not really aloe which is A LOT IF THE TIMEl
I LOVED the wedding it was BEAUTIFUL and amazungly WOUNDERFUL . I know Percy was deeply tuch that Fred ask him to merry him and Hermione.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 83 . 9/12/2015
I think once you know her it would be hard not to trust Hermione like Neville deos (and others too of course). I'm glad to know everyone (miness poor Dumbledore) is okay.
Well as will as they can be after their short battle with some Death Eastern's, founding out that Snape had betraid them, and sadly finding out that Dumbledore died. Fred and Hermione are getting merried in just three hours HOLY SMOKE'S. I LOVE who they have chosen for the witnesses all of the arein my list of favorite character's. And them desing to get merried were they first meet is...WELL...UHUM...I don't know how to describe it but I LOVE IT! I LOVE how Hermione choose Neville for bride's mate. I figured you would have had her chosen Gennybut Neville is a much better choice (not that there anythingworng with Genny.) for a few reasons.
1. She knew him longer.
2. Other then the twins he always been their for her.
3. It makes sance.
's cute.
5. It's different (like Hermione)
Hermione dress seems like it is beautiful and the fact that it was her mother's is very sweet and charming. Can't wait to see Fred reactionto wen he see her.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 82 . 9/11/2015
If anyone in thus small battleis thanking that thus is intense (which there is no doubt it is) just wait until the the war truly starts now that that will be in INTENSE, scary,and hart braking. That was a near Hermione had thak God she move as quickly as she did I'm I'm a bit saprize that instead fire a Killing course at the Death Eastern how who attack Hermione ran to him and attack him with his fistthink goodness George wad there to stop him. I wonder what he said to Fred to make him stop. I'm god Terry Boot is OK Ihope Rose got back to the Hufflepuff comin room and wax able to worn the rest of the the Hufflepuff story stay there. Poor Neville Go get Cabb and Goyle Fred Aand George and gave them HELL. I hope all the others are aright,
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 81 . 9/11/2015
So thes screat's are OUT. Fred's screat about Percy and Hermione screat abut Crabb and Goyle. I believe that Hermione had right to be angry but I do think at Fred was right in thinking that she was overreacting for she was. Plus Fred did not lie to her he keept something from her not lied (and it wasn't because he wanted too) it was Hermione who did that and Fred knew. I believe that that is the real reason why Fred got angry with Hermione. Out of the two of them Fred has more right to be angry but NOT at Hermione she had a very good reason why she kept that a screat she just wanting to protect Fred and George (what better resin is there then that) I hope she tells Fred why she kept it a screat I believe he should know
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 80 . 9/11/2015
This chapter make me shout out ...
YEA Fay and Ron are together now and Fred ask Hermione to merry him. I LOVED the idea of him using Snipe's and I LOVED what he said she was to him that was very sweet. I do however think that it is quite cheesy that it was on Velentines day that Fred ask her. I kinda wish that he plans on asking her at Christmas were not interrupted but it was but it was. And Velentines day is a goodCheese yes BUT GOOD. Besides cheese is not always a bad thing.
Aww Harry still alone poor joe.
Hhrh chapter 80 . 9/10/2015
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 79 . 9/10/2015
Everyone gets jealous it was Fred trun in the chapter before the previous. Aparenly it's Hermione's trun in this chapter and just like in the chapter previous it was Hermione trun to reassure Fred thst she love him it is now Fred's trun to do the some and he did as did George. I knew that the Christmas insedent at the Borrow hruted Percy. I HEAT that he had to see the anget, ssdness, and th look of betreail on his love ones Face's as well as Harry's, Hermione's, and Remus's. Awwww Yea Percy is helping Fred in how to ask Hermione to merry him and he mad a joke . That a boy Percy that a boy oh and hang in there once all is revealed your love ones we see just how wonderful you are but for now it's just Dumbledore, Fred, and George at less he has those three.
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