Reviews for Snipe
shanaya chapter 110 . 8/8
ahummingbird chapter 61 . 8/6
Uh oh, George. Angelina is single! Cute valentines day!
ahummingbird chapter 60 . 8/6
Poor George, crushing Angelina who has a bf. I love how you tied in those black noise making, duplicating things, to the list of the twins inventions here!
ahummingbird chapter 59 . 8/6
Oh this was beautifully written! I love that Hermione and N their friendship back! His story is heartbreaking to me.
ahummingbird chapter 57 . 8/5
Cliffhanger! What is happening!?
ahummingbird chapter 56 . 8/5
They can't have a normal year can they? Haha perfect line!
ahummingbird chapter 55 . 8/5
Oh this part is sad. I extremely dislike umbridge. I hope they get some good payback. I wonder if the twins leave soon like they did in canon. If so I'm sad to see Hermione separated from them. Great writing!
ahummingbird chapter 53 . 8/5
Aww its cute to read jealous Fred. They make a cute couple.
ahummingbird chapter 51 . 8/3
Ahhhhh the beginning of umbridgeI can't wait to see what they have in store for her!
ahummingbird chapter 45 . 8/3
I love that you have made Percy not suck so bad lol. He's still his kind of stuck up character, without being overboard though. Great writing!
ahummingbird chapter 41 . 8/3
Oh gosh. Neville. He's going to get punched isn't he? lol
ahummingbird chapter 39 . 8/2
That was a perfect way for him to ask her!
ahummingbird chapter 38 . 8/2
Omgosh, that is exactly how I feel Snape would respond. I've never been a Snape Fred's confession is pretty sweet.
ahummingbird chapter 37 . 8/2
Get him harry! I love the aspects you include that describe harry and Hermiones sibling like love.
ahummingbird chapter 32 . 8/1
Oh I love it! This scene was perfect!
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