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CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 37 . 8/25
Hermione was right Fred and George ( Lee too) ageing potion did not work. I heat that Ferd it mad at Hermione. And for what I ask you. WHAY is mad ir upset with Hermione? Because she was right? I'm sorr but ...Fed HELLO Hermione is always right. Or is it because she lough wen it did not work? Well sorry again Frdddy... but but she was not the only one in fact and Lee did too So why just her and not them? Or is it because of something else? And is so then what? Port Harry no one believing him that he did not put his name in the cup other the Hermione of course I hope Harry is thankful for her (I hve not forgavin Harry for the broom yet) And as you aready know but I'll say it anyhow tMalfoy and is gang are gits.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 36 . 8/25
Frist of all let me say that I am still with Hermione by the right of House elvis or she is RIGHT there are House elvis that are treated poorly I doubt that they are at Hogwarts but that doesn't mean that their not anywhere else I can name two right here that awere treated poorly very poorly indeed Dobby and Winkey bother were treated like scum if not less then. And back wen Vodemort was in power that hiw it was it was ok and no one cared they were just House elvis. I think that there are still quite a few who are being treated quite poorly to thus day other the Winkey (Dobby is working at Hogwarts is he not?) it's just no one another then Hermione seem to care. With that being said I do think that Hogwarts treat the House Elves fairly will prohaps Fred ND George should take her to the kitchen so she can see it with her own eye's .I Fred's saprize for Hermione's birthday it was ver sweet.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 35 . 8/24
I hadn't any doubt that Molly would be as happy as she was wen she found out about Fred and Hermione. I think that she may have been a little saprize that it is Fred and not Ron that the is closer to and is dating . Although I believe that Genny her talent of observant-ness from Molly so prohaps she knew something was going on between them like Genny did.I found it funny wen Moll, Bill, and Charlie were teasing Fred, George, Ron, Genny, Hermione, and Harry abut what is going on at Hogwarts with out telling them a thing. After reading that I knew that Molly Weasley had a funny maybe prohaps even a prankin sid to her after all. I said it once and I say it again Malfoy is is a git and so are his two apes (thinks Fred thinks George)the name quite fits them both (although real apes are by far cuter) I hope Fred know how lucky he is to have Hermione who worry's about him so don't get me wrong I know that he love and know that he is lucky to have someone love her and I know he knows she care forbhim. But wen he get ecstatic like he is now I think he may for get. I hop he doesn'ask for her help to get in. Aha I was right Neville does have a crush on Hermione. Please don't have him cause trouble for Fred and Hermione I know Krum may wen he comes in to this story again do please don't have Neville be also. I get why he has a crush on her she a good friend to him she nice she kind and even though many can't see it she it beautiful both inside and out.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 34 . 8/24
Um okay so Charlie was injured as well and their weren't little cut (except for Percy) they were kinda big nasty cuts but they are OK. I agree with Hermione about what she thinks about how House Elf's (it one if many reasons why she is my favorite character) should be treated. She is right how Mr,Crunch treated Winkey was horrible. I disagree with Percy hole hartedly. I like that Hermione stick to what she believes in no matter everone thinks about it like wen she started S-P-E-W everone gaved her hard time for that (except for prohaps Neville) even Harry and Ron yes I know they help her with S-P-E-W but they did still they gave her a hard time about it.(I know we have not came to the S-P-E-W part yet but I had to put that down) It mad me said wen started talking aboutLord Vodemort mark and what it ment. I wonder what he was thinking about wen he was talking about it. I believe that he was thinking about Molly twins bothers the ones that Fred and George middle names were name after. I know that Bill, Charlie, and Percy were old enough to know about Fabian and Gideon being killed by Death Eastern's. I thought that Fred and George were to young to remember that. Mabe they weren't or they were told about it so many times or something else happened. I like how after all the sirius talk was over and wen't to bead Charlie ask Fred and Hermione were together and the funny and sweet moment that came after it I loved how Fred and George were hugtight by Molly.
I did not like that tphey yeled at Fred and George for haveing so few OWLS. I do however understand why she was so mad that they were not doing well in school for I think that she knew that theyare so much smarter tthen what they apered to be in school. I think that she but they didn'tnor did they try. I don't understand why she dislikes Fred and George wen ting to open up a joke shop but them doing bad bad in school wan they were smart enough to do very well I understand quite will.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 33 . 8/24
Those stupid pathetic coweredly Death Eastern's sure do love to ruin a good time don't they. I feel sorry for the muggle's that were hanging upside simply for the coweredly pathetic Death Eastern's enjoyment. Did I manchen that Ithat I think Draco is a gigantic antonyms git? If I didn't then I'm telling you now. It pisid me off the way he thanks he his family and those of other prue blood that believe the same as him are so much better than everyone else. And the way he acted wen the muggle's were running around scared like it was cool and funny made me want to do the same thing to him that the Death Eastern's did to see muggle's which I have no doubt that his father is one of them and maybe his mother (I'm not sure about her)are apart of and see what he thinks then. I bet you any thing that he to would be scared and screaming just like those muggle's. Which in my opinion (I know thus is not nice but it how a I feel and I really don't care that it is any how) make him more easily to scare then the muggle for he is a wizard and his father is a Death Eastern which means of course that he his that he is us to stuff like this un like the muggle's who only seen this kind of magic in fanasty move or read them in fsntasty books. I bet you any thing that he would be singing a different melody pathetic coweredly git. And don't get me started what he acted to the thrio in the woods that would take forever let's just say that I did not like it. I'm happy that t Ron, Harry, and Hermione were found by too and not just the Minsterey and that they were able to go back to their tent with him. I just as happy the other the the fewcuts and that Bill and Percy got and prohaps Charlie too that the rest of the Weasley's who t back to the tent and were okay. Lik how Fred and Hermione were so happy to see that the other one was okay that they did not think twice about going to eacher and kissing. It sure saprize the Weasley's miness (George of course although may he would be saprize that they did do it in front of everyone then again maybe not) and Harry.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 32 . 8/23
I really LIKED the first kiss but the worried thought that came to Fred were sad. I did not like him thanking that he may have scared Hermione off or that Hermione did not like him that way or that she may stop being friends with him. Neather did like Hermione's thought of worry that cam to Hermione like her woring that he did not like the kiss as much as she di or that she was a bad kisser or that he did not like her the way that she like him. But luckily after Fred and George (are you having it were Benjamin gave them that leprechaun gold?)while Fred and Her were getting water the kiss again a ter experiencing they felling's to one another. I lIke the resin that Fred told Hermione about how he fells for her was very sweet and I'm for one am happy that he doesn't have to hide or pratend any more and plus it also gave Hermione the courage to tell him how she felt and now thier both happy. I like how George found out about Fred and Hermione are now together. It was just so Fred and George moment.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 31 . 8/23
5:15am 5:15 is the time I have to get up wen I work in the summer time. I HEAT having to get up at that time it's worng it's just worng I'll tell you. If Hermione, Harry, , the twins, Ron, and Genny had to get up at that time or erlyer then I do agree it should be illegal. I liked camping it was fun whenmy family use to do it. I was saprize to find out that Hermione use to camp with her family in the seventh book I like that she di it just I'm a little saprize is all. It a good thing she did for there was no way in the world that Dursley's would have taken Harry even if they were not the gits that they were. Even if they were as good as a loving family to Harry I still don't think they would take Harry to go camping they just not the camping type. So it's a good thing that Hermione did for it was easyer to help the Weasley's put the tents. I like how in the move wen Harry was standing outside of the boys the tent and haveing the look like there is no way all of us can fit in here comfortably
and then wen he actually wen in and he look sundenly became like holy cow magic is ALSOME I can not help but agree.I like how was having fun with the matches it mad me laugh. It was nice of Hermione to help him with them once she and George hot back I to wounder what Fred and were talking about I'm sure George is right about it being a bottle her but I still like to did kin of make it awkward to say no wen he ask Arthur if he wanted to make a beat on the Quidditch match I did not thank about it that way until I read this chapter. I thought for sure that the twins would have lost the bet betting the way they did but thy didn't thank Merlin for not only would they have been brok but they also would have been murdered them both. The hole Malfoy family are total GIT'S and pathetic bully's no more no less. The Quidditch World Cup is my favorite Quidditch game to read and to have wach. Awww Fred kissing Hermione how sweet and in front of a stadium full if people too I know that the crowd was not paying attention to them but still. It mad me happy don't get me worng Im just saprize that their first kiss happen to be in a stadium full of people is all.
Gingerweirdo111 chapter 113 . 8/22
Loved this story so much! I read it in a day because I couldn't wait to get to the next chapter (much to the annoyance of my mother). I have also read many of your other fanfictions but this one is by far my favourite! I nearly cried when I read the end but I'm so happy it was a happy ending! Thank you for being amazing! Xxx
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 30 . 8/21
Ha I knew Genny would know that Fred did not like Angelina like that but somone else entirely. I believe she knows thst girl is Hermione for she is very observant like that. Fred was just waching out for Angelina because of that Slytherine creep Flint is unhappy that Angelina trun him down for a date. Can you blame her? I know I can't glad that Fred (and George too) are there to wach out for her not that she needs protecting she is so totally capable of taking care of herself. But still it is nice to have friends/team mate's to you wach your back. YES Hermione saved the twins pranksand the way you describe Fred reaction to wenHermione reach into his pocket was funny. I really like the flying part with Fred and Hermione that was super sweet. Percy is quite right they really Fred George and Hermione should eather come clean that they knew each other sance before the twins started Hogwarts or come up with a good story as to why the three of them are such good friends. It nice that he is keeping that a screat and keeping the three out if truble. I like how you have Percy in this story so far.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 29 . 8/20
I heat it that Hermione had to lie to Neville, George, and Fred. I get why she had to do it but I still heat it. The three of them still believe that Sirius is a mad man (well ok he is but he not a bad and he inis not a murderer) and that he was twas the cause of Hermione and Ron being injured whic is again true as well as him using Ron to lure her and Harry (but not at all for th reson they think). I happy that wen Fred seen the nast cut on Hermione yell for Poppy. And even though he was very upset with her for not telling Poppy herself and knowing that she is not telling the full truth and is somewhat lieing to the three of them he doesn't fuss nor yell at he like some others might.I lik how wen Fred, George,
and Neville show the shape that Ron And Hermione were in and Ron being unconscious how George went to Ron's bed felling his he while sitting on Ron's bed it something that us so much like Molly as was him singin Genny to sleep a few chapters back (ment to t put that down in the chapter that it happened) I think it was nice of Neville to tell Poppy that Hermione forgot to tell her about her nasty cut. I believe that he fell the same way Fred does wen he found out that Hermione did not manchen her cut to Poppy. Am I worng or does Neville have a small crush on Hermione? Because I have a feeling that he just may. I loved meeting Bill and Charlie they both sound cool Bill may bee a tad cooler but then again Charlie dose work with dragon's and that is pretty cool. I love how happyFred and George are about seeing Hermione. Genny knows somthing up it time for girl talk. Hang in there Fred Hermione feels the some way she juju st needs a gentel push and Genny is more then happy to do that.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 28 . 8/20
I really don't blame Hermione for not talking (more then was necessary that is) neather Harry or Ron for nearly two months. I LOVED IT wen Hermione punch Malfoy it was so SIDAFACTORY, to wach. We actually Guy's standing up on clapping wen she di that it our theater (LOVED IT) I believe that that is my favorite part in the book and Slytherine's Quidditch player's sure are dirty rotten player's. It serves them right Griffendor wining by so many points after there lousy cheating scum ways and not by a little eather. What was the score was before Harry got the snitc? Eighty-twenty to Griffendor was it? Well that plus the 150 Harry got from caching the snitch will have it ge 230-20 to Giffendor. WHAY TO GO GIFFENDOR. YEE-PEE GO GO GIFFENDOR GO GO Hermione likes Fred. Exams time poor students (and teachers) Hermione probably had it worst the a lot with all to see classes she is taking. Thank Merlin she walk out entirely pom Divination's know that is one less exam she have to do. That was sure one right nasty boggart that Hermione was right for gaving her full points she did not gave up, she really truly tred, and she prove that the know to fight them. I think that Remus would DIFFFINTELY Hermione's pain. I mean the thought of seeing loved ones dead or dying that happen to him with James and Lilly and Peter (or so he thought) and Sirius was the one the one who did it (again or so he thought) You know what I really dislike boggart's they are downright nastythey are.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 27 . 8/19
You had me crying at frist for I felt so sorry for Hermione for many reasons (hopefully my computer will be nice so you get it all this time) oh and these are NOT in older.
on other then Neville talking to her.
2 All the amount of homework.
3. Finding a way to save Haggard Hippogriff fomer death.
killing Scabbers.
she lost Fred and George friendship.
6. Thinking everyone heats her.
7. All the sterss she has on her to be the best she can.
8. Tiredness.
9. Ron heating her.
ThenI was happy for Fred tell Ron to knock it off for enugh was enugh Going up to the girls 4 floor door room to comfort Hermione. Let in Hermione tell him all her truble's. Hermione kiss him on the cheek for his kind words and his reaction to it. He and George help in out with some of her homeworkand living her a butter bear and a sweet funny note. Plus I'm sorry for Neville and for Ron scear. I also sorry that Sirius is still believe to be th bad guy.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 26 . 8/19
I LOVE reading McGonagall and Trelawney coversation. For it is be on FUNNY and I love me some funny which is why I LOVE Fred and George so much. I absolutely patativly HEATED Harry and Ron in the way they treated Hermione wen McGonagall took away Harry's Firebolt McGonagall resin for taking it were completely honestlyrics heartfelt not to manchen it was the only right thing to do as we're Hermione resins for telling McGonagall about the Firebolt . And it was not like McGonagall was mean wen she took it or did not tell him why or even what they were going to do with it No he was told all those thinks plus McGonagall said that she would keep him informed. But still they treated her like we'll very very badly not at all like a true fred would act. How Ron and Harry treated Hermione in both this story the Harry Potter and the chamber of screat's (move and book) is something I don't think I am willing or can forgave them for I cred for Hermione wen I got to this part in Harry Potter and the chamber of screat's and mad too. And the rest of the Giffendor's are not much better minus of course Fred George and Neville . I glad that in that she had someone oo her side then just Neville who is truly WOUNDERFULY AMAZING and I truly believe was a friend to her wen no one else was wen it came to this part in Harry Potter and the Chamber of screat's. But now it this one it is him plus Fred and George who are also WOUNDERFULY AMAZING . And that is what Hermione deserves so DAM Harry and Ron. I'm not mad about Ron being mad about Scabbers and Crookshanks yhat is understandablebut hiw he and Harry Sacred about the Firebolt was SO TOLDALY NOT especially wen then been told if not everything then most of it.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 25 . 8/19
I believe George is quite right wen he said. "They are going about this the wrong way. All this secrecy is making everyone more frightened (I know I would be if it were me). They should havetold us what was happening, and then sent us in here (he reall is right about that you know).Maybe disrupted us with a few games or questions (who would not like a good game or two or three. And as for the question's I find that they can be very helpful too). Gave us some extra house point's (I know I would feel better if I manage to get a point or two for my house). I think it really shitey of Percy of being so bossy and in sympathetic to those wasmay have been fightened. For that is what he was as soon as Dumbledore and the rest of the staff left. Well instead of trying to see if any of them needed anything or if they were alrit or scared or any thing , he yells at every one to go to sleep to stop talking with out so much as a please or a it will be okay don't worry (He is really hopelessly a gigantic GIT.) I believe that this was my favorite Quidditch game to eather read or wach in the books at Hogwarts. I bet the Giffendor Quidditch team area happy that Hermione in in ther house know if they were not beforehand after what she did for Harry with his glasses and Fred and George with thier beater batts. It's a great same what happened to Harry's Nimbus 2000 but it better it then Harry think Merlin for Dumbledore. I think it was very nobul of Diggory to try and get a rematch after he found out what happened.
CRAZY Ragdoll chapter 24 . 8/19
Poor Hermione her semester is waring her out she really should drop at less two classesto have at less somewhat of a normal schedule and a less stressful semester. I like thatwen Fred seen tried she was he just put it a pond himself and with out gaving the poor girl any woring at all. I find it funny and sweet how Hermione reacted. It sweet that even though it not really her she ask about Fred's, George's, and Lee's new ideas for pranks and other thing's. I love how you describe how each Fred, George, and Lee reacted differently wen she as them what they were up to. I reallylike how each one of them were really happly telling Hermione very thing but it be so different from each other.
It was nice of Hermione, Ron, and Neville to all get Harry something from Hogsmade because for him not being able to go. So Sirius strikes and now there is fear in the Hogwarts castle. If only they knew the truth before hand it would have made things so much simpler and saved a hole lot of trouble and pain. Which is of course why it did not happen that way. I'm getting that this chapter and the one affter it is going to be hard on the trio especially Hermione . Well I best read quickly so I can get back to it being happy.
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