Reviews for Nothing But a List of Names to Mark His Ascension
baud001 chapter 71 . 5/7
It was a cool chapter, even if I'm having difficulties knowing who is each Eldar character.
Van Erik Lucasan chapter 71 . 4/26
Excellently done darkeldar, excellently done indeed... Keep the chapters of this masterpiece of your coming. Well-fleshed out characters, impeccably paced storyline, compelling drama, surprising twists and turns of events as they come... What's not to love about this? Keep them coming please!
CopperCruiser1 chapter 71 . 4/19
Next portion. The title for thos one makes so much sense now! In Chapter 70 we see Amphion's freedom to use the warp restricted. We see the freedom of ignorance stripped away from Diomedes as he must now face the reality of the man he fought for being a traitor since becoming his Chapter Master. Now in Chapter 71 we see Ronahn come to understand the danger of independent action, Kayleth's pride humbled as she must fight for her people rather than her pride. In Augustine we see him enjoying the dangerous steps of independence from a centralized authority, which may lead to full service of Chaos. Last, but certainly not least a glimpse into why Kyras acts is revealed. For his actions characterize one who was abandoned and alone now seeking for anything to free himself of his isolation and drown it in blood. Masterfully crafted drama, action, mystery, and a storyline to follow, this story is one to follow all the way! This is Warhammer 40k, where there is only war.
CopperCruiser1 chapter 71 . 4/19
WELCOME BACK! Try to you word it is April and another chapter has arrived! You managed to beautifully portray this masterful fight on Typhon. The detail of Augustine's viewpoint through the carnage of battle is good and gives a front row example to the ferocity of Gaius and the oddity that are the Dark So far. The masterful depiction of th So far assault is delightfully told with counterattack and fighting desperation. A nice peak into the reuniting of the Imperial Guard show how battered they are and how difficult the fight ahead will be. And finally Kyras. Did you ever put a spin on Him! You just illustrated wondefully how servants of Khorne can fight against socererous powers of the Warp
CopperCruiser1 chapter 70 . 4/6
A reply to Echo1608
It is actually more complicated than it seems. If the Loyalist Blood Ravens assist the Eldar on Typhon it would be regarded as heresy. To quote a phrase " Those who let the alien live shall share in the crime of their existence"
For Nathaniel Augustine or whatever his original name was if he does somehow end up with the 5th company he will have to explain his actions on the Omnis Arcanum.
Simply put this Warhammer 40k at one of its peaks. Where the survival odds are always low and survival in any faction is never guaranteed.
Echo1608 chapter 70 . 3/31
Welp, I just read all 70 chapters and I still want more. This is a breath taking story, I cannot wait to see how everything falls into place. And I really hope now is the time that Nathaniel decides to show his true loyalty to the emperor and fight side by side with Arcadia.
baud001 chapter 70 . 2/25
Thank for this chapter! I had a good time and will continue to follow with great interest
CopperCruiser1 chapter 53 . 2/24
Warning the following will be may be a spoiler for those that have not finished the 1st Aurelian Crusade Arc.

Just occurred to me that we may not have seen the last of Paskal the Slaughterer. Could he still be alive on Aurelia after 10 years? And besides the guy killed a large portion of Endymions squad on Meridian. How could he possibly miss out on the 3rd Aurelia Crusade?! Say on Aurelia or Cyrene. Just a thought.
CopperCruiser1 chapter 35 . 2/12
Hi it's me again just pointing out a couple of things.
1. How is LDD1449 doing? You editor. Not seem him mentioned for a while. Hope he is doing ok.
2. I am current up to chapter 70. I think you should mention the 2 sergeants mention in Cup 35 of the 5th company. I know it's tough to bring in new characters right now,but I think it would help us gain a sense of identity for the 5th company, called "The Fated". Captain Gelden must assume a more commanding role soon. I hope.
SilentReader97 chapter 70 . 2/4
How much before we see Castor and his manly moustache?
Arcsquad12 chapter 1 . 1/24
Glad to see a quick turnaround on the last two chapters.

As for everyone else in the reviews, I'll be clear that both I and DarkEldar have been working on our stories for years now, and we've got an arrangement going with how we handle each other's characters, so don't worry if it looks like we're going over each other's heads.
CopperCruiser1 chapter 70 . 1/21
So good to see an update so soon! I love the way you are incorporating the assault of the Word Bearers. I am curious to see when Zephus Hassan will return. Also don't forget about the other Word Bearers Host on Aurelia.
You had a couple of grammar errors. You have Kippler stand and say to Kippler. Also it got a little confusing who was talking to who and what rank they had on Meridian.
Interesting how a little elder insubordination works. Very excited to see how the Dark Eldar will fight.
PolarDawn chapter 69 . 1/15
Excellent chapter! Glad to see this story making a comeback.
CopperCruiser1 chapter 69 . 1/12
Welcome Back! I worried that you would not continue this epic tale. Now I understand the reason for your absence. You visited the librarium and did quite a bit of research! Nice to see events unfold from their varying perspectives. I have been reading and rereading thos story for the past year and several months. Only point of concern is that chapter 69 seems to be a bit rushed and lacking in character development for new characters. Other than that, impressive work so far!

On a side note I am the first reviewer on this chapter! Take another 3 months of you need to! I will wait! Also make sure to cooperate with Arcsquad to not monopolize the Daredevils and the Vendoland Veteran Guard.
Anon chapter 68 . 10/5/2017
This has been fucking awesome i cant wait for this to continue ive been intending on reviewing since chapter 32 but i kept pressing next chapter instead. On a side note whenever you say theyre doing the sign of the aquila i imagine a dab. If you see a moment in the next chapter would you be to do a quick description what it is? I do not remember seeing it anywhere earlier on. Cheers tho and good luck with the story
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