Reviews for The Days That Changed Everything
redfletcher chapter 17 . 4/16
just.. everything. the ending, especially! the middle, the beginning, the details - I delighted in every little thing and I'm so glad this masterpiece exists, it's creative and un-cliche, every bit of dialogue was fantastically woven, and just ugh - a spectacularly breathtaking gem.
CapNicholls chapter 17 . 3/6
"Do you trust me, Ponyboy?"
"Not really!" XD I love the Curtis clan. :)

That ending though- you seriously always have the best endings ever, you know that? I've got mad respect for you. Fantastically phenomenally awesome job, as always! :)
CapNicholls chapter 16 . 3/6
"You should use your mouth to shut up." XD Rock on, Darrel.
CapNicholls chapter 15 . 3/6
Yay! Now let's keep everyone happy for a little while!
CapNicholls chapter 14 . 3/6
OH great now they'll be wanted for murder just like Johnny and the whole book will repeat itself! Which will die this time, hmmm?! Both Darry AND Sodapop?!

Sorry, think I'm a little out of it...
CapNicholls chapter 13 . 3/6
No words. No words.
CapNicholls chapter 12 . 3/6
"Why not? I have the number." XD I love Two-Bit :)
CapNicholls chapter 11 . 3/6
I am physically unable to read fast enough at this point
CapNicholls chapter 10 . 3/6
"Ok". "OK"?! THAT'S ALL?!
CapNicholls chapter 9 . 3/6
Aw, he thought he ruined Gone With the Wind... :)
CapNicholls chapter 8 . 3/6
CapNicholls chapter 7 . 3/6
Please, PLEASE become an author of like a YA novel. PLEASE.
CapNicholls chapter 6 . 3/6
I can't cry right now because I'm in a public library but I want to so bad.
How can- Why are people so mean? Abusive? I can't-
CapNicholls chapter 5 . 3/6
:( You just love torturing them [and me], don't you?
CapNicholls chapter 4 . 3/6
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