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Himp chapter 39 . 9/21
Hope you can sort your problems, maybe a trip to Mexico will help.

Is nice to see Leina and Shinji reunited again, was a lot calmer than expected, but Leina adjusting to the rebellion group could be an interesting experience too.

Another interesting bit, they punished Elina. Is obvious she didn’t learning anything, and relapse quickly, at least Claudette and Leina remove their tinted glasses on their sister acts. And apparently Tomoe and Leina traveled together for a while; maybe they sorted their own feelings around the way.

With the group moving to the capitol we won’t get a chapter with Tomoe and her acolytes, there are two main stops before the castle.

I know that this isn’t going to happen but imagining Shinji living in the palace as the king is a bit funny, big part of it be doing some time healing the troops, making sure Elina isn’t abusing the servants, and trying to avoid those people sucking up to him because they believe he really have any real weight on Claudette decisions.

I’m looking forward to the next chapter.
masterart chapter 39 . 9/20
i hope you can find the promble for your computer soon and write the story soon and i'm happy shinji found leina.
Mingyu chapter 39 . 9/19
And Izumi is harem-blocked...though not from lack of trying. Yay, Leina's back! And she's being reasonable still. Luckily for Shinji. Thanks for the chapter!
Poliamida chapter 39 . 9/18
Yes yes yes! Awesome chapter with Leina back and no Elina or Asuka in sight. Excellent.

Keep it up!
jetslinger333 chapter 39 . 9/18
Awkward, I mean the part when Leina and Shinji Finally meeting together again after so long of separation long with Annelotte and Branwen. The curse is making Shinji even more restless, it's a miracle that he manage to maintain his sanity I kinda like if the Curse change his right arm or if his entire right half change into EVA-01 feature including the teeth it be badass.
What about Aldra Husband It might be Kaworu Nagisa or someone looks like him.
Guest chapter 39 . 9/17
Why did Branwen call Annelotte little sister this chapter when last chapter she called her elder sister?
Non-Euclidean chapter 39 . 9/17
What happened to Tomoe?
Nivek Beldo chapter 39 . 9/17
Finnally, i was missing Leina and yeah like pyroman said, she would have been all over Shinji Inmediatly, a whole chapter for her and ther other girls is necessary, even if claudette is defeated all is not done, the whole curse means what i think(a dark shinji Werbellia will try to control, we're get to cure Tomoe and Risty too and he is when we can use the book exclusive content of going against werbellia one for all) this is not the just the begin.

Amazing History as always, keep going buddy.
ReisFriend chapter 39 . 9/16
Thanks 4 the chapter. I was waiting for this reunion. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Master of Dragons God chapter 39 . 9/16
Nice Chapter
Guest chapter 39 . 9/16
Izumi is nothing like Asuka present or past versions of her.
Guest chapter 39 . 9/16
HOORAY! Leina is back I love her so much.
Pyromania101 chapter 39 . 9/16
Great reunion! I'm actually kinda glad they didn't just fuck for days on end, which is surprising because I tend to like the lemons you write. Looking back, I'm really disgusted that I asked for Melona to rape Shinji. What was I thinking? Anyway, now she's back in her husband's life-though I thought she'd get a whole chapter to herself or something before they reunited-and now it seems everyone's ready for the big battle. As for Izumi...hooray! A woman attracted to Shini that doesn't tower over him, that's a rarity-she's 5'0", while he's, judging by Leina's observation, 5'1" or 5'2". Anyway, I look forward to the next chapter, and I hope you get your personal priorities sorted out. Bye!
Guest chapter 39 . 9/16
I haven't finish reading this chapter yet but I can't ignore your mistakes any longer you keep calling "Yuit" by "Ymir" can you please figure out the difference?
RoyalTwinFangs chapter 39 . 9/16
Not bad.
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