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Ibn chapter 44 . 9h
Yeesh! Things got a little heavy on my heart with Echidna. All in all a great chapter. See you again next update.
Guest chapter 44 . 18h
I already had a feeling that Shinji would learn about his lost child eventually but now it looks like that information is coming to light a lot sooner than expected.
Matthew gemm chapter 44 . 18h
Also the reason I'm soo upset about this is because, is because obviously it's the death of a not even born yet child. Who is also Shinji's first legitimate child. Put this in your perspective how would you feel if that happen to Your baby? It would be just too much to bear. Now shinji and echidna won't ever see the babies first walk, his first talk, or see him grow up to be a good person, or even show how to be a petter person than probably shinji himself, by teaching all the wrote thing, that "Gendo" did wrong.

I know I might be taking this a little too seriously, but cmon did you really think that was necessary? I mean there was already one baby death, with Asuka's abortion, but really? This? I'm sorry man. I really am I don't mean to offend you it's just that it does not seem right that after soo much hardships. That bitch Melona won, despite being possibly dead. Next chapter could you have the grand queen of angles, and whatever mystic sorcerer they can find and bring that baby back to life so that shinji and echidna will NOT have to live a life knowing that their first baby died. Yeah it sounds Unrealistc, but you know is half of the stuff here. Seriously, other reviewers and authors , don't you agree with me?

You are a great author, and this is a great story, but after that scene, I just could not focus on anything else. If you don't bring the baby back to life, could you at least redo the chapter so that the baby could be saved at the last second, and echidna disappears to hide him at the castle. Please I know you do t write anything at the beginning or end of chapters to say if you agree to something or not, but please do this don't let that bitch win. The best thing I could think of would be melon as shock at seeing that baby living and her losing epically. Please don't be mad at me, but when you lack back on it, don't know you wish the baby would live?
Guest chapter 44 . 18h
Leina isn't an old lady so why was she acting like one especially considering all that holy milk she's been getting she should have lots of stamina?
Matthew gemm chapter 44 . 19h
Just so you know I wrote, that last review about the baby dying. Everything else was great. I just hope that when shinji enevetbily finds out the whole thing of grief won't be treated as an afterthought, or a short segment.
Matthew gemm chapter 44 . 20h
What the fuck? WHAT IN THE FUCKING HELL!? What were you thinking writing down that bullshit!? That had to be without a doubt the most horrible and assholish thing you have have written down in the story. Ya know I was a HUGE fan of this story, and I liked the chapters with Melona in it. But THIS!? That scene was a horrific abomination that made me want to reach through the screen into the story and rip that slimbbitch apart 100000000000900000000000009000000000000010000000000000000400000000000000000 TIMES so that she could beg and scream for it to stop only for it to continue for the rest of Time. And the worst part is that BITCH is now probably dead forever, and shinji can NEVER get his righteous for all the pain and misery that Satanic. BITCH has done. I will tell this right here right NOW, next chapter when Warbella is captured and in chains she had better use some kind of magical BULLCRAP, to somehow magically bring that baby back to life. Seriously man, where did this come from!? I mean the torture, is one thing, but seriously their is actually something called too far. Please I am sorry for being so rough but could at least somehow let magic bring the baby back to life? Cmon don't you other authors agree.
RoyalTwinFangs chapter 44 . 20h
This isn't bad.
Master of Dragons God chapter 44 . 20h
Nice chapter
Pyromania101 chapter 44 . 5/23
Damn. Shinji's gonna find out sooner or later, and when he does, let's hope he can comfort Echidna. Melona is a complete monster in this story, and her refusal to just die made her a more wretched villainess than Werbellia.
Seeking Professional Help chapter 43 . 5/20
It's a shame that this Eva/Queens blade crossover is winding down.
As there is a wealth of material and characters from queens blade that are perfect for these types of stories you do.

Perhaps you can do another Queens Blade alternate universe story that is about Shinji
ecchi adventures with a different character.

Like an alternate universe Omake, or a character special from those ecchi animes.
The characters I would like are Cattleya and Melpha;)

Thanks for the story.
Himp chapter 43 . 5/4
I’m in the minority here, but I prefer to see the Witch exorcised like in the novels and let her return as a possibility in the future, instead of simply kill her, she is Shinji’s counterpart after all.

Is good to see Hinomoto's group again, at last Tomoe recovered her sight.

Now my point of curiosity is earth, Kaji is sitting in a rough spot with the two hellcats, hopefully we can see what is going in that part.

Thanks for the chapter.
Le Mighty Nooby chapter 7 . 5/4
Damn... this is good. A few good mixture of light limes and an actual plot.

Am I a perv for liking the limes? Hell yes I AM!~
masterart chapter 43 . 4/30
can't wait the next chapter
Poliamida chapter 43 . 4/28
Very, very good. Foreboding at the end and Im eaguer to see more.
An25 chapter 43 . 4/20
Well sir its coming ti a close I see. Well first off I hope things go well for your dad. Family first before a hobby. Just one personal request if it can be worked in, but could shinji in berserk mode be used at some point in the final showdown. Good luck dude.
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